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  • "Charmin" toilet paper commercials featured cartoon bears. Left entirely unsaid is they're all about bears shitting in the woods.
  • Doesn't seem to be on YouTube anymore, but there's a UK advert that features a lonely man fantasizing about a random, if beautiful woman on the same train as him. The advert, fittingly, is for Virgin Trains.
  • An advert airing in the UK has an angry bear in the middle of a cubicle farm, who turns back into a flustered office worker when given a painkiller. Implying, of course, that she's acting like a bear with a sore head.
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  • Boost Mobile has a commercial with Danica Patrick racing and going into the pit where her pit crew are a bunch of men dressed in outfits similar to the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders, one even has tan lines for a bikini. So it features drag racing.
  • In the 1980s, noted football/baseball player Bo Jackson appeared in a series of ads under the concept "Bo knows". Inevitably, there would be a sport he didn't know, often leading to the response "Bo don't know diddley!" The stealth was later removed and lampshaded when several ads featured the noted guitarist.
    • In fact, he was trying and failing to play a guitar when the famed performer himself said, "Bo, you don't know Diddley."
      • And featured an extra layer of lampshading in a followup commercial that aired six months later. The commercial was otherwise identical except that Bo demonstrated that he could play the guitar quite well, prompting the famed performer to acknowledge "Bo, I guess you do know Diddley."
    • In another commercial of the same type, Sonny Bono showed up, saying "I thought it was another 'Bo Knows' commercial."
  • There's an advertisement for Sharp Quattron Pixel Technology, which features George Takei promoting the four-color TV in question. It would seem that Takei is only in the commercial for his hammitude, but some careful thought reveals a dastardly hidden pun. Watch:
    • George Takei is very, very gay.
    • He is also very, very Asian.
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    • The new Quattron technology adds yellow to the standard RGB array of colors in a TV's pixels.
    • So, what is George Takei describing? He's describing adding YELLOW to the RAINBOW. Now, the reason why the pun in question needed to be made seems to lie in Takei's fondness for all kinds of stupid puns, as evidenced by his facebook wall. It might be hard to understand for many a good folks, but it's a sneaky one regardless.
  • This commercial begins with a driver placing a CD in a car stereo. A familiar song plays. The driver turns up the volume and rocks out, while the passenger is clearly uncomfortable. As they drive along, other drivers sound their horns, give the thumbs up and whatnot. Finally, the vehicle is shown and before they reach the chorus, they cut away. The song is Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" and the car is a hearse leading a funeral procession.
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  • A UK advert for children's shoes showed kids the size of tower blocks running around a city. And the music? "Birdhouse In Your Soul". Because they might be...
  • The font used to write the original Cooper Tire logo is actually called Cooper Black. They redesigned the logo in a way so its name is written in a different font all because of this.
    • Similarly, the font used to write the word "Optima" on a Slim Fast Optima bottle is actually called Optima.
    • And the older logo for the University Inn in Seattle, WA was originally written using University Roman.
  • This Orangina commercial manages to Get Crap Past The Radar by virtue of distracting us with Interspecies Romance and Ho Yay. Its ending involves a man who shows interest in an anthropomorphic cougar who's just finished shaving. Looks like he likes a shaved pussy.
  • A TBS ad featured Conan O'Brien walking onto the ad set in a suit made entirely of small screens before arguing with the director of the commercial regarding the tagline "any device on Conan", followed by a note that the viewer can watch Conan and other TBS shows wherever and whenever they want. Presumably, the director misread a memo regarding the ability to watch Conan on any device.
  • This Falcon Beer commercial is about Fishermen arguing on whose beard is the thickest. The person with the thinnest beard has the thinnest accent, while the person with the Thickest beard has the thickest accent.
  • An advertisement for the UFC's Ultimate Ultimate 1995 event, which took place near Christmas, featured a clip of Keith Hackney repeatedly punching Joe Son in the crotch set to music from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.
  • During the 2010 Winter Olympics, a VISA ad played on TV showing various people carrying the torch through several biomes while music from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly played in the background. The song? "The Ecstasy of Gold", of course!
  • Why does Little Caesar say "Pizza! Pizza!"? Because he et two. To be precise, the real answer is because Little Caesar used to have a deal about buying 2 pizzas.
  • In GEICO's "Pig In a Blanket" Ad, the blanket being worn is an actual tartan. Cunningham, to be precise.
  • An ad for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups uses Anna Kendrick's version of "When I'm Gone". The main conceit of the ad is that they package their candies in twos because you'll want another after you finish the first one, so the Repurposed Pop Song choice makes sense on that level... But also, that particular arrangement of the song has the Non-Appearing Title "Cups".
  • One commercial for Halos, a brand of Mandarin orange, has a girl encounter a witch in the forest who offers her an apple. (Think Snow White.) After realizing the apple is poisoned, the girl has the witch arrested and continues eating the orange. So basically, the commercial compares apples to oranges.

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