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Status Quo Is God / Web Original

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  • At the end of the Angry Video Game Nerd Christmas Carol, the Nerd decides to only play good games after what he saw of the future... and not ten seconds later, decides to keep on playing shitty games.
  • The end of H2K9.
  • GoAnimate: The troublemakers in the "X Gets Grounded" videos never stop doing things that will inevitably ground them, even if they receive more than one Punishment Day.
    • Likewise, in 'X Gets Ungrounded' videos, expect the protagonist to become ungrounded at the end of the video, only for them to be inexplicably grounded (or already ungrounded) again by the start of the new video, so they can get ungrounded again.
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  • James of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life holds this belief. For the most part, he's wrong.
  • Completely averted, and possibly subverted, in the Whateley Universe. While it is played with using Jade, by later in the series, Don Sebastaino of the Alphas is in the hospital, Tansy is running the Alphas, and Jade now has breasts and gender reconstructive surgery that works!
  • Utterly and thoroughly averted in Worm. Over the course of the narrative, the main character goes from being a scared, bullied teenager, to a superpowered warlord running half the city, to a superhero, just like she always wanted to be, to ... well, just read the story.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie plays with this trope, the characters mention how many powerful cards they have that they will never use again, and how they will never mention the events that happened in the film again.
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  • Plumbing the Death Star: One of the reasons Duscher can get away with picking Soapland Christmas (now merged into Twisted Christmas) in "Exploiting Television Tropes for Financial and Personal Gain" is by pointing out because the writers will want to get back to a comfortable status quo by the next season, so they'll just write him out of whatever trouble he finds during his holiday horrors.

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