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  • Averted in Schlock Mercenary, where the company's fortunes have shifted up and down, their having gone through multiple ships, and having lost and gained secondary characters on many occasions. On the other hand, they remain essentially the same mid-sized mercenary company, despite their intermittent involvement in galactic politics and engineering megaprojects on the same scale.
  • Sexy Losers had a rule, declared early on by its creator in his annotations: "Everyone is locked into their sexual perversion of choice." This meant, unfortunately, that his characters had little wiggle room — the storyline quickly "The Seduction of Madame X" cuts off; by the 17th time he's recycling jokes. Eventually, the series came to an abrupt halt, which may have been the writer realizing he was out of things he could do with the characters without breaking his rule.
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  • Ménage à 3 looked like an example of this trope, with (among other things) Gary the geeky virgin, who never even had a girlfriend, being repeatedly sexually frustrated. But then, Gary got laid (despite the increasingly clear evidence that his problem wasn't being in this comic, it was being Gary), various other characters lost their supposed "Karma Houdini" statuses or underwent character development, and the story sailed on regardless. It wasn't so much that the trope was subverted as that the writers turned out to be playing a long game.
  • Treading Ground: In 2003, strip #6 establishes the main plot: Rose has the hots for Nate, but the 21-year-old guy doesn't want to have sex with the 16 year-old-girl until she's of legal age. After eight years (about one year in Comic-Book Time), in which both characters have plenty of sex (just not with each other), they finally realise they are victims of SoCalization; 16 is legal age in their state. So in 2011, strip #251 concludes the series with them holding hands... And still not having had sex together yet.
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  • Insecticomics goes out of its way to show that it won't do this, particularly in the areas of Thrust's change to female and the disbanding of the Brigade.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Bob's roof will always, somehow, get repaired after having been destroyed earlier in the story. Lampshaded by the fact that it is unapologetically a Running Gag.
  • The cast of Sore Thumbs was missing Cecania's special ability to sell games when she went off to Romania, so Harmony got a ridiculous boob job. Once they brought Cecania back, Harmony had them removed.
  • Lampshaded and averted in PvP when Robbie wins the lottery.
    Cole: Trust me, Robbie is going to walk through that door and inform us that everything has returned to the status quo.
    * beat*
    Cole: Any minute now...
  • Played straight with Welcome to the Convenience Store. There isn't a story-line.
  • Bob and George: X gets George to help restore it.
  • Mocked in this Men in Hats strip.
  • Sonichu often does this.

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