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  • Stick to the Foaluma is this trope Played for Drama in a terrifying fashion. Silver Spoon begins to realize how her and Diamond's lives seem to revolve around torturing the CMC and tries to change it...only for the computer controlling the show to literally press the Reset Button and Ret-Gone it completely.
  • Interestingly played with in The Infinite Loops. Since the whole plot is an episodic collection of time loops that various universes are forced into while the Admins repair the Multiverse, a lot of things are constantly reset to "normal" and there is no end in sight for the repairs. But the characters that are aware of the time loops grow and develop....
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  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, this is Played for Drama. In episodes 5 and 9, ProtoMan's Heel–Face Turn and promotion are temporary, but have lasting effects on him and other characters. ProtoMan even leaves episode 9 in worse shape than when he started.
  • Averted in the rewrite of Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea
  • A major theme of Sonic X: Dark Chaos. Sure Sonic and his friends stopped Dark Tails and saved the galaxy... but the endless conflict between Maledict and Allysion continues, they both got what they wanted in the end, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them. Until the Cruel Twist Ending.
  • A common complaint with That Look is that Naruto never manages to grow as a character. Every time he appears to be a Dumbass No More, he does something mind-numbingly stupid (such as not understanding the point of attacking a reservoir that supplies seventy percent of Suna's water, despite knowing Suna is in a desert). Furthermore, characters will comment on his growth only to insist he's still just a dumb kid a few chapters later. Combined with this is the fact his relationship with Anko never either moves forward or actually ends.
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  • At the conclusion of Doctor Who and the Rambaldi Enigma, the Third Doctor acquires the Master’s TARDIS to take Sydney Bristow back to her time, but explicitly states that he will return to 1496 to reacquire his own ship because he doesn’t like the atmosphere of the Master’s TARDIS, even if his old ship is still virtually immobilised by the Time Lords so that he would have to return to his exile in the 1970s.
  • In-Universe example in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines. In their first encounter, MissingNo basically suggests to Ash this was the case in the old timeline, saying he and his friends lived in near eternal joy and happiness, yet no matter how hard they tried, their dreams were always above them as if through an impenetrable glass ceiling.
    • The story also deconstructs the idea of breaking Ash and the others from this trope. While Ash is frustrated by not being able to win a league, MissingNo points out that the Status Quo prevents things from getting too dark, and now that things have changed, all of them paid an Equivalent Exchange for the chance to fulfill their dreams, even though none of them chose to. In short, breaking the Status Quo means they have to face issues none of them ever had to deal with, none of which are pretty.
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  • Explicitly defied in The Web Of The Spider Man. The author has explicitly stated that he does not want to use "Parker luck" as a Hand Wave for keeping Peter in Perpetual Poverty. He'll instead be at the mercy of the choices he (and the readers) make and however the dice roll.
  • The Danny Phantom: Lost Episodes Series are set during season 3, and don't make any big changes to the canon events.

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