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Status Quo Is God in comic strips.

  • Possibly the most brutal example of this trope in action was in Curtis. Curtis' mom got pregnant with a third child, only to have a miscarriage due to gang violence. After a few days of mourning, no family member ever mentioned it again.
    • Word of God said in an interview that this was planned from the start. He never intended to introduce the third child in the strip.
  • Invoked in an Over the Hedge story arc in which Verne is made over by RJ in an attempt to humiliate him, but ends up making him popular with the ladies (or as RJ puts it, turned him into Hugh Heffner). This somehow upsets nature, and the Nature Police arrest him, but he gives Hammy an energy drink, enabling him to go back and stop the makeover from happening, but it not only has the present day have two Hammys, but also has them, Verne, and RJ speak backwards (represented by backwards text).
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  • Dennis the Menace (US) celebrated his fifth birthday every year.
  • Peanuts:
    • Charlie Brown never succeeded in kicking that football. Schulz refused to break the status quo even when requests were made after he announced his retirement.
    • It looked like Charlie Brown would never truly win a baseball game for the same reason. (One time, he did win, and it seemed such a big event that Walter Cronkite himself congratulated Charlie Brown on the CBS Evening News; unfortunately, Charlie Brown had to forfeit the game because Rerun had gambled on it, so Cronkite regrettably rescinded what he said.) However, Schulz broke the status quo in 1993, by having him win two games fairly (against the same team, no less, a team run by a spacy girl who believed she was Roy Hobbs granddaughter.) And even this was subverted as she eventually says she let him win.
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  • FoxTrot slipped into this - at first it actually did have a bit of continuity (Jason's teacher retiring, Andy's hairstyle changing, Andy's job being established as a columnist, the Summer Camp arc, Peter and Denise getting together) but it quickly fell into this, as with every story arc the status quo would be reset. This made the time when Phoebe and Eugene visited seem somewhat odd.

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