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These voice actors and actresses made their names in the anime scene. Due to its nature, there is sometimes some overlap with video games (or Western Animation, in the case of a few English-language voice actors).

Japanese Voice Actors (Seiyuu)

English Voice Actors

Mexican Voice Actors

Venezuelan Voice Actors

Chilean Voice Actors

Argentinian Voice Actors

Spaniard Voice Actors

Brazilian Voice Actors

  • Hermes Baroli, Letícia Quinto, Leonardo Camilo, Élcio Sodré, Ulisses Bezerra, and Francisco Brêtas in Saint Seiya as Seiya, Athena, Ikki, Shiryu, Shun, and Hyoga
  • Fábio Lucindo in Pokémon as Ash Ketchum

European French Voice Actors

  • Aurélien Ringelheim in Pokémon as Ash Ketchum.
  • Carole Baillien as Naruto.

Arabic Voice Actors

  • Virtually all of the talent working on the dubs for Venus Centre in Syria (for example: Detective Conan), as the studio wasn't well known before they became the go-to dubbing studio for Spacetoon.

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