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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • A rather popular clichè in Hungary/Prussia fanfiction is to have them being separated when she becomes one half of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, but still having feelings for each other that they must hide for obvious reasons. (Bonus if Hungary's canon husband Austria is subjected to Die for Our Ship and Ron the Death Eater treatments to make Prussia look as a better option).
  • Conversely, Austria/Hungary fics set in the Cold War has them fulfilling this trope as she's a member of the Eastern Bloc while he's on the other side of it. They remain separated until the fall of communism.
    • And then there's also Prussia/Austria fanfics set during the Cold War where Prussia (now East Germany) is kept behind the Berlin Wall and Austria, who is not governed by the Soviet reach of Communism, is separated from him for years. There is also the interpretation that Prussia "dies" after his country is dissolved after WW2 and Austria is again separated from him in "death". Grouped with the aforementioned are fics where Austria is married to Hungary (either in canon or AU) and carries on a heated affair/romance with Prussia - poor Hungary is often subject to Ron the Death Eater treatment in these. And finally, there are those fanfictions set during the second world war where Austria (Roderich) is Jewish and Prussia (Gilbert) is either a civilian or a Nazi who is obsessed with him. Needless to say, things often don't end too well.
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  • There's also France and Joan of Arc in fanon, crossing to Mayfly–December Romance.

Blue Exorcist

  • In the fanfic Memories of You, the back story of the first major arc reveals that the Kamiki family got its start from a pair of them. The ultimate grandmother of the family met and helped a Kitsune when she was a little girl. The Kitsune later turned into a human and ended up marrying her when she was older. They had a daughter and managed to live happily for a time, but a zealous ex-suitor of the woman killed her and framed her Kitsune husband for it, before killing him. This resulted in the Kitsune cursing the family, driven to possess the eldest daughter of the family every generation in his quest for revenge. The only way to halt it is for one of the people closest to the eldest daughter must kill her to halt the possession. This resulted in another Star-Crossed Lovers in the past, as one of the victims of the curse had to convince her lover to kill her, which eventually let to him committing suicide. Aside from that Rin and Izumo know very well that there are a lot of people out there determined to turn them into this, starting with the Vatican; all because Rin happens to be the Son of Satan and thus they don't want him to have a relationship with a girl that could result in a child. [[spoiler: And now Yukio and Paku might very well join them in that struggle, as, like his brother, the Vatican don't want Yukio to breed.


  • The somewhat famous Dragon Ball Z/'Sailor Moon Crossover Boy Meets Girls'' has Future Trunks accidentally stranded on the Sailor Moon universe while traveling to the past, and he spends some time there while he fixes his time machine. He and Makoto/Sailor Jupiter fall in love with each other, but of course they cannot be together because Trunks has to leave to complete his mission. The author eventually wrote a sequel where they're reunited, but it was Left Hanging and it's unknown what will become of them.
  • ILLUMINATED milks the Space Opera tone of Treasure Planet by making Amelia and Jane's romance into this. Jane joined Captain Amelia's crew to escape her abusive lover Thrax. The two fell in love, but Thrax chased after Jane. He ends up killing Amelia but, before he can kill Jane, Jane shoots nearby bombs and kills them both. Jane and Amelia at least end up Together in Death in the afterlife.

Death Note

  • In I Love Thee, L says this to Misa. And with good reason. They fall in love, and have a wonderfully blissful relationship... only to have L be killed. The summary of the story gives it away: "As the quote stated, the hottest love usually has the coldest end."

Dragon Ball

  • Any Dragon Ball Z fanfiction that features Trunks and Pan as the main pairing.

Final Fantasy

  • A common plotline in the fairly obscure Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 1 fandom is that if the Tipa (default name for the player's hometown) caravan includes a female Selkie, she will bond with the Selkie researcher De Nam during the Tipa caravan's first visit to the Yuke citadel of Shella and be the caravanner who replies to his letters, only to suffer a broken heart a few years later when De Nam's effort to adapt to the miasma ends in her caravan coming to Conall Curach for a drop of myrrh at the bidding of De Nam's final letter, only to find that one of the monsters that the caravan kills drops De Nam's bandana, thus revealing that he has been killed by monsters in-between his last letter and the Tipa caravan's arrival.


  • Broken Mirror, a Frozen one-shot, replaces Gerda and Kai in the original story with Elsa and Hans, respectively. Both of them met as children, fell in love as adolescents, and felt a mutual connection in the fact that both had been treated as the odd one out within their respective families - Hans for being the youngest of thirteen sons and Elsa for having ice powers. But a mirror with the power of erasing memories tore the two apart. Years later, when the two meet again, things are not same, because she is now a queen and he is now a frozen-hearted prince (partly because some of the mirror's magical shards pierced Hans' heart, turning him into a cold and cynical man), thus setting the events of Frozen. Elsa even felt sad as to how he didn't recognize her and even wondered if Hans remembered the friendship they had when they were children. And though both reconcile in the end, it results in a Downer Ending with both Hans and Elsa wondering if they'll ever meet again and rekindle their tragic and failed love for each other.

Harry Potter

  • There's a fanfic But You Alone which is based on Tristan and Isolde, featuring a star-crossed love that destroys the lives of everyone involved. The author pulled the story from the internet, so it's now quite hard to find. Harry and Hermione are engaged, but she has doubts. A chance encounter leads to Hermione and Snape falling madly in love with each other, but he then harshly rejects her, thinking that she deserves better. She returns to her fiance. Just before the wedding, Snape realises he can't live without her and tries to rush to her side to explain, only to be attacked by a rogue Death Eater and end up in a coma until after she's already married (and she now hates him and thinks he hates her). Finally they realise their mistakes and start having an affair... the suspicion of which begins to drive Harry insane with paranoia and jealousy. Things get worse from there. If you're familiar with the story of Tristan and Isolde you can already tell how this is going to end.

Hotel Transylvania

  • The fic How to Zing has Dracula and Martha. He's a Vampire, she's a Human. They play this trope straight until the very end, when they decide they love each other too much to let their differences get in the way. It works better when Martha becomes a Vampire like him. But of course, anyone who's seen the film will know that things didn't end too well for them...

The Hunger Games

  • This trope pops up (rather inevitably) in the fanfic Some Semblance of Meaning with Vale and Obsidian. Both really wish that they could have met outside of the context of the Hunger Games and realize that their relationship is bound to end in tragedy. It does.

The Legend of Zelda

  • In Sotto Voce:
    • Zelda and Impa are in a Secret Relationship. Their romance is forbidden both because it's a same-gender romance and because Zelda is the heir to the Hylian throne. Hylians are homophobic, while Sheikah forbid romances between Sheikah and the queen because it poses a threat to their throne (as in, there might not be a heir). It's unknown what will happen to Zelda and Impa's romance in the end.
    • Zelda and Impa's mothers learned this trope the hard way when they fell in love. They were split apart as a result. The previous Zelda was forced into an Arranged Marriage, but it didn't work out and she was Driven to Suicide when her daughter was still very young. Tikala never loved anyone after Zelda, and conceived her child through a fling, but eventually everything came back to haunt her when Zelda's jealous former bodyguard Kishla killed her years later.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Several fanfics pairing Twilight and Trixie makes use of this trope: Trixie cannot give up her itinerant lifestyle (because being a traveling performer is her destiny) in order to stay in Ponyville, and Twilight cannot possibly leave her friends in Ponyville behind to go with her.
  • Daughter Of Discordnote  has one between the titular daughter of Discord (and Fluttershy) Screwball and Mothball, the son of Queen Chrysalis.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

  • Done interestingly in the fanfiction The End of the Affair. Although it is pretty much stated that Hachiman and Yukino have feelings for each other what keeps them apart isn't so much the external problems as each of their respective cynicism and way of living that prevents either from even admitting an attraction to each other. Of course there are plenty of external problems such as Yukino already being married (albeit a loveless one) but it's generally made clear that the only reason those problems even occurred was because the both of them refused to act on their feelings from the beginning and even then it's implied that they could work through those problems if the both of them were willing to try but ultimately their internal issues prove to be every bit as effective at keeping them apart as the external ones. Hachiman himself refuses to consider him and Yukino to be this due to the fact that they never actually got involved at all despite their mutual attraction.

One Piece

  • One Piece: Parallel Works:
    • Aki and Heathcliffe. Although they are both from wealthy families, Heathcliffe's parents kicked Heathcliffe out of his own house and forced him to become a Street Urchin and Aki's aunt and father keep putting her in one Arranged Marriage after another so the Chung-Feng family could obtain more power and wealth.
    • Yuki-Rin (the daughter of a Tenryuubito) and Kazuma (the son of a dojo master) started out as this because of Roscoe, but it looks like their love isn't endangered anymore.


  • Pikachu and Pichi in A Pikachu Inlove have shades of this. Both of them are owned by different trainers who plan on leaving the forest they met in and going there seprate ways in three days. Though it doesn't end in death like most victums of this Trope, in the end Pikachu is forced to part ways with Pichi so he can continue his adventures with Ash.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sweet Sorrow depicts Sonic and Elise as this. They can't remember one another anymore, but Sonic still subconsciously recalls Elise.

Star Trek


  • The Warden and the Mistress almost become this in Extended Stay until the revelation that Mistress is pregnant is revealed, allowing her to stay and thus, allowing them to be together. The reason this is is because of the plot, which goes something like this: Ultraprison is running low on fuel and needs to stop someplace to refuel. Conveniently, the nearest spot for them is Superjail. Once they have enough fuel to leave, this trope comes up.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Not A Monster: Peach finds herself attracted to Bowser, but she realizes it can't work out between them. Everyone sees Bowser as a giant brute and a monster. She doesn't want him to change his ways, either, as she feels he wouldn't be "Bowser" then.

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