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Spiritual Successor / Web Comics

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  • In John Allison's own words: Bad Machinery "is son of Scary Go Round in the same way that Scary Go Round was son of Bobbins''."
  • Shaenon Garrity's Skin Horse is a bit of an odd duck here— it was the spiritual successor to Narbonic. A group of misfits providing each other with emotional support; one or two non-human sentients trying to find a way to fit into the world; and a dash of UST. Now, however, a Narbonic character has made an appearance in Skin Horse, promoting it (retroactively?) to actual sequel.
    • It's been confirmed by Word of God that UNITY is what the military did with the samples of Mell's DNA that Helen sold them. If that wasn't planned from the start it fits together very neatly.
  • Girly by Josh Lesnick is... kind of a Spiritual Successor to his previous webcomic Cute Wendy. The two main characters from Cute Wendy are the mother and father/mother of Winter from Girly, but the stories are separate and unique enough to be considered a league of its own.
  • Three Panel Soul is the Spiritual Successor to Mac Hall. The relationship between the two comics is not dissimilar to the relationship of one's life during college, and one's life after college (and not without good reason, either, since that's what they're about with regards to Matt and Ian).
  • The webcomic Quantum Vibe is believed to be a spiritual successor of Red Dwarf.
  • Darths & Droids was directly inspired by DM of the Rings.
  • Anti-Heroes openly acknowledges right at the top of the page that it was inspired by Rich Burlew's The Order of the Stick, and uses a similar stick-figure style as well as medium-aware gags, and even a few breaking-the-fourth-wall-references to Burlew's style. The overall plot and universe differ significantly, though.
  • The characters of Precocious share a lot of traits with Ozy and Millie - as do the adults, who generally seem content to leave them to their own devices as long as the damage is kept at a minimum.
  • We Are The Wyrecats is technically a sequel to Ruby Nation, but it focuses on an (almost) entirely new cast of characters. What the two comics share is the same setting and the same set of themes.