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  • A minor character in Men in Hats was called Ramath the first and only time he appeared, and called Ramas in the only other strip to refer to him.
  • The Order of the Stick: A spirit involved in Vaarsuvius's Soul Splice has been referred to in the comic as both "Haera Bloodsoak" and "Haerta Bloodsoak". There has been no indication of which of these is supposed to be correct.
    • For some strange reason, some forum goers tend to misspell Haley's name as Hayley.
  • The Aeris/Aerith controversy from the Video Games subpage is mentioned in this Loserz strip.
  • The Blobby minion in Building 12 has had his name written as both Slauf and Slough.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Pete Abrams himself is not good at spelling the (often punny) names of his minor characters consistently. As pointed out in the reaction forums:
    "[One character] was Grammer Gorilla through 2005, then in 2007 he became Grammar gorilla. Pete never remembers how to spell his secondary characters, etc. e.g., Weaselo became Weaslo, the ship Barranca became the Baranca, Lara Kroft-Macaroni-and-Cheese became Lara Croft-Macaroni-and-Cheese, Hoggelrynth became Hoggelryth became Hogglerynth, Homnigrits became Homnygrits, Homogenize became Homogenized, Gandledorf became Gandeldorf, Feder became Fedder, Gennaro became Genarro... is it deadels or deadles?... ...shall I go on?"
    • In the case of Bun-bun, what people have problem with is the capitalisation. Most dialogue in the comic is written in caps, so it's not normally visible. It seems more common to assume it's "Bun-Bun", and this has even appeared in the Sluggy Store. But when it has come up in the comic itself so that you can see the difference, it has been "Bun-bun" several times.
  • Drow Tales: Is it Snadhya'runes or Snadhya'rune? Ven'nedia or Ven'ndia? No one knows...
  • Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening: Aeris/Aerith again, parodied in this exchange:
    Aerith: I'm Aerith Gainsborough, pleased to meet you.
    Cloud: ...Ahem.
    Aeris: Hmm? ...Oh geez, fine, I mean AERIS.
    Cloud: Good, I don't care if it's a play on "Earth", I don't want to sound like I have a lisp whenever I say your name.
  • In Girl Genius, the surname of the family which has served the Heterodynes for generations as seneschals is variously rendered within the comic as "Von Mekkhan", "Von Mekkan", and "Von Mekkahn".
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  • Tower of God: In the official translation, the main character's name is spelled both "Baam" and "Bam".
  • The main character of The Gamer has been named Han Jee-Han, Han Ji-han, Han Jae-Han... and then there's Kwon Shi-Yun being named "Sheyon" and Kim Joo-Yin "Jugin" and "President" or "Prez" (even though she explicitly requests not to be called that). This is owed (mostly) to the fact that there's been several Korean-to-English translator teams working on it, each of which has considered a different translation - although at least once it has happened with the same team.

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