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  • The Eagleman! We have no clue how the Eagleman can lay an egg.
  • The Bush's Homestyle Chili advertisement featuring the Chili Changer had a pan across bowls of chili near the end, with some cans of the product tossed in for good measure. Sounds pedestrian in itself, but once you actually see this moment in the commercial, you'll notice that the cans are actually photos added to the shot in an unconvincing matter. It seemed like they wasted most of their budget making Duke the dog's mouth move (which they always do in these commercials). Just watch the failure in action. This was done to make the ads modular, so they could change the label and instantly come up with an alternate version of the ad (example). This is quite common (look how many late-night infomercials use the same payment info screen, with just different text, art and video slotted into the same space), but this ad did it really, really cheaply.
  • A commercial for TurboTax online software got the point across about its free service with one example at a gas station. The scrolling numbers for the pump rolled up for the gallons, and "rolled" up to zero for the price. Problem was, the numbers were also digital.
    • All gas station displays are digital these days (meaning they display values using a series of digits rather than a needle pointing to value on a scale). The display in this commercial was a seven-segment display.
  • Sleep Centers of the Southwest advertised its services using this abomination of a van flipping onto its roof with ridiculous smoke effects.
  • Pops up frequently with supermodel Carolyn Murphy. Murphy has a large tattoo of a Koi fish on her right hip. If she's facing the camera or turned with that hip facing it, they airbrush the tattoo away, in most cases. However, if she's turned in the other direction however slightly, they don't bother, even if the tattoo is still visible. This makes her very large tattoo disappear and reappear several times in the same photoshoot.
  • Cracked has a list of 8 political ads filled with these.
  • This McDonald's commercial from Pakistan advertising Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meal toys from 2004. What have they done to Rouge? Granted, Pakistani censorship laws necessitated the removal of her, ahem, assets, but...
    • They made her a mouse too.
  • Max from BlueTax, who falls straight into the Uncanny Valley. The other people in the ad don't fare much better, coming off as models from the PlayStation One era.
    • The General's commercials aren't much better than the abovenote . And while the animation has gone through some hefty Art Evolution as of late, it's debatable how much better that makes the effects.
  • In this Budweiser commercial, while there's nothing wrong with the tortoises, the beer bottles being thrown are obviously (quite poorly) composited.
  • Done intentionally in this Dr. Pepper TEN commercial with an obviously robotic snake.
  • In the infamous ad for Ojai Valley Taxidermy (of Chuck Testa fame), there is absolutely no way anyone could mistake any of those animals for being alive, no matter what Chuck Testa would have you believe. The first time the pheasant appeared, you can very clearly see the hand holding the rod supporting it as it "flies," the deer is clearly just a mounted head, and the coyote is just being pushed around.
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  • The live-action commercial for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds had the kid merge into walls in an unconvincing matter, namely that the framerate of the kid as a painting clashes with the rest of the footage.
  • This Wallet Pix commercial makes no attempt at hiding that the photos on the device are obviously superimposed over the live-action footage.
  • The Beast Wars Transquito and Baboom commercial makes no attempt to hide the hand that knocks Transquito back when he's hit by a missle from B'Boom.
    • The ad for Inferno and Cybershark feature greatly contrasting animation quality for the two, with Inferno (as depicted from the show) poorly edited into a more primitive looking background and Cybershark looking more like he'd be at home in the G2 commercials.
  • This Mountain Dew "Get That Barefoot Feeling" commercial includes a policeman with an obviously latex or rubber "bare" foot; even with the primitive video quality, the ankle overlapping his pants leg weakens the realism.
  • This really cheap real estate ad manages to have the voice of the CGI character not match the mouth movements at all. Oddly, the upload of the ad on YouTube does not seem to have this issue so much, but when aired on TV it is jarringly bad.


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