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Soundtrack Dissonance / Professional Wrestling

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  • According to Mick Foley's first autobiography, Have a Nice Day!, when he was brought into the WWF as the deranged monster Mankind, he requested a beautiful piano sonata as his exit music, specifically for the Soundtrack Dissonance when compared to the match that had preceded it. He cited a scene from The Silence of the Lambs as his inspiration to do so.
  • The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Garbage Wrestler Sabu's theme in Impact Championship Wrestling? Madonna's Like A Virgin.
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  • The Young Bucks, because nothing says "arrogant kung fu guy" than a slow, soothing tune accompanied by a woman scatting in the happiest manner possible and also singing about being nice. (Doesn't apply to their Ring of Honor or Bullet Club themes however)
  • Santino Marella's WWE theme is loud, boastful, even regal. Santino Marella is a clown that makes up for what he lacks in makeup with a unibrow.
  • Tiffany's WWECW theme, opened with the lyrics "I'm insatiable, I can't get enough! I need to find a boy!" The thing was, she was the show's general manager, the boss. And that's exactly how she acted, with no hint that she was a love crazy maniac.
  • AJ Lee had her "Let's Light It Up!" theme song long after she was a Hollywood Nerd, and became a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Kevin Steen's theme "Unsettling Differences" is seemingly about how professional wrestling is a rough sport, a rougher business, how he wants to make the best of it and will be a decent guy so long as you don't cross him but will mess you up if you do. Steen is of course, an irrationally hateful brute who attacks people have done nothing to him just to spite people he has perceived gripes against.
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  • Sami Zayn had a punk rock theme, "Lower the Boom," that didn't suit his pure Nice Guy babyface character at all. Although, the theme did reflect Zayn's love for punk rock music.
  • Brittany's TNA theme, is instantly recognizable, powerful and appropriately dramatic for a champion. Thing is, Brittany's just a manager who has done the job all but one of the times she actually wrestled, and that victory was thanks to Lei'D Tapa's mistake.
  • The trope was used on purpose by The Authority, when live on RAW they announced the firing of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan and tell them to thank John Cena for losing their job... while "Stars and Stripes Forever" plays along a rain of confetti and balloons. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Many fans have pointed out that Nia Jax's theme "Force of Greatness" does not fit a Wrestling Monster Heel—despite the title, it's a preppy pop tune.
    • That said, the lyrics do fit Nia's character (and role in the Women's division) to a T. "I'm not like most girls/That only take just what they're given/Like a plastic little princess/Lucky for me..."
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  • The wild, psychotic "Macho Man" Randy Savage used Pomp and Circumstance (a slow regal, classical song) as his entrance music throughout most of his career.

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