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  • In Classic Alice, Ewan McBay turns into the smuggiest of snakes. He talks down not only to his friends, but to Alice and even the audience!
  • Dreamscape: Boy is Ethan cocky! His holier-than-thou attitude pairs surprisingly well with his Affably Evil facade.
  • Edward Salinas, the evil politician in lonelygirl15.
  • The Game Genie from The New Adventures of Captain S. Pretentious use of the Royal "We"? Check. Unseemly obsession with squirrels? Check. Annoying Laugh? Check. Having to be rescued by NES after finding out the hard way that he isn't all-powerful outside of Videoland? Check. And finally, meeting an undignified end (being trapped in a cartridge, then being drowned inside said cartridge by a can of soda)? Check.
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  • Red vs. Blue has Felix, in the Chorus Trilogy. He genuinely is a good soldier and a talented manipulator, but he has a very bad habit of running his mouth whenever he thinks his opponent is at his mercy, and severely underestimates the Reds and Blues.


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