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Sliding Scale / Too Dumb to Live

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  • -5: I've discovered a cure for death!
  • -4: I know my way out of ANYTHING.
  • -3: I've outsmarted people before.
  • -2: I know what you're going to do. I'm out of here.
  • -1: I know when something's wrong.
  • 0: This is very suspicious...
  • 1: Look at this fork! I wonder what happens when you stuff it up your nose...
  • 2: I wonder what this knife feels like...
  • 3: I want to see what a moving car looks like from below!
  • 4: Hi! What's with all that red stuff on your hands?
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  • 5: Who wants to see me jump off this building?
  • XXX: Nuke me up!


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