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Sliding Scale / SNK Boss

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Sliding Scale of Joke Character to SNK Boss

  • -4: has no attacks, dies in two hits.
  • -3: Has bad attacks and low health
  • -2: Is below average all around
  • -1: Has below average attacks, but average Hp
  • 0: An average fighting game character
  • 1: Above average attacks, but average HP
  • 2: Great stats all around
  • 3: Has many crazy attacks, Enormous health, and is very fast
  • 4: Has Marathon Boss levels of health, attacks that can wipe out 75% of even the bulkiest character's health bar, has teleportation and unblockable attacks, and zips around at hyperspeed.
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  • XXX: You can not win, no matter how many attacks you unleash.

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