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  • Evil vs. Evil version, The Undertaker, involved in a feud with his his Kayfabe brother, Kane. Undertaker is considered one of the greatest at psychological warfare in wrestling, and in fourteen years of feuding on and off, Kane's never defeated him. Kane's finally started getting the upper hand on Taker, however, and countered his hannibal lecture.
    Undertaker: You have never been worthy and you never will be. You are not worthy to carry that championship. You are not worthy of the power you steal with the fear you inspire. And most of all, you are unworthy of being my brother. Now you listen, and you listen good. I taught you everything you know about evil, but I didn't teach you everything I know. So when the mood strikes you, I'll be waiting. And when the fight starts, its always going to end the same way.
    Kane: NOT THIS TIME! Because I know, and you know that this time, it ends the same way it did at Summer Slam; with you sprawled helpless at my feet. I promise — no, I vow — on the grave of our mother, that you will never rest in peace.
  • As both a villain and a hero, the Rock did this over and over, baiting his victims into it. One example is of his epic feud with Hollywood Hogan. Rocky asks Hulk if he really believed the fans didn't deserve him, and while Hulk answers...
    • The infamous Catchphrase actually originated from his promo involving Billy Gunn, where he narrates the latter's conversation with "God":
    Rock (as "God"): Bob?
    Rock (as "Billy"): (whimpering) But my name's Billy-

    • He even did it to Chris Jericho during the latter's debut appearance:
      Jericho: "I already told you, my name is-"
    • Gave a really epic one to Michael Cole when he returned from retirement. Twice.
  • Michael Cole, the night after the Elimination Chamber PPV where Jerry Lawler lost to The Miz, Michael crosses a line by telling Jerry he let his recently deceased mother down by losing. Jerry finally snaps and grabs Cole by the shirt and pulling him in close. He proceeds to tell Cole to never mention his mother again and then proceeds to challenge Cole to put his money where his mouth is and face him at WrestleMania. Cole quickly shows his true colors and flees the arena.
    • On May 16th, he starts again on Jerry after signing for a match with Lawler. Lawler replies with this trope...and masterfully turns it into a Batman Gambit to alienate Cole from his own Dragon.
  • On SmackDown!'s Sept. 16, 2011 episode, Edge makes a guest appearance. Cody Rhodes comes out and does his usual mockery and speeches about ugliness and so forth, until Edge declares he doesn't have to take this and walks to the back, leaving Cody in the ring furiously ranting that he wasn't done.
  • If you try to give Shawn Michaels a Break Them by Talking, he'll just get fed up and kick you in the face.
  • During their 2010 feud, CM Punk asks Rey Mysterio Jr. why Rey is opposing him when Punk is on a mission against drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Rey replies that it's simple: while Rey agrees that Drugs Are Bad, Punk is an obnoxious jerk who keeps forcing his message down people's throats, assaulting people from behind, and subjecting them to 3-on-1 beatdowns.
    • Worth noting, may or may not have been the same week, that Rey also at one point challenges Punk on his ideals and suggests he shave his own head to lead by example. Naturally, Punk's response is an arrogant tirade about his hair being pure and him being better than everyone, allowing Mysterio to sum up that Punk only cares about his own ego.
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  • John Cena pulls these a lot. Enemy wrestlers like to echo the feelings of Cena's real-life detractors; they call him bland, a kiss-ass, or (most often) a shameless marketing ploy among other things. Cena's response is usually along the lines of "You're giving me crap for appealing to the people who pay money to see us every week? That's smart."
  • Big Show calls Sheamus a "gingersnap" after an argument. Sheamus merely says "Have you ever SEEN a ginger snap?" and proceeds to kick his butt with White Noise.
  • Stephanie McMahon, of all people, called out AJ Lee after AJ said that she was an inspiration to women and better than all the other Divas. She started by asking AJ why she kept perpetuating the stereotype that women are vicious, vindictive, ruthless, lacking compassion and prone to stabbing everyone, including their friends, in the back, and when AJ responded with insults, Stephanie bluntly told her that AJ might well be the Champion, but when it comes down to it, Stephanie's the boss, and she would be perfectly happy to take AJ's title away and sack her if AJ kept pushing her. And then Kaitlyn came out with a bunch of other Divas.

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