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Shut Up Hannibal / Music

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  • Occurs in the title track of Oingo Boingo's Only A Lad, in response to Johnny's excuses for the crimes he committed in his life:
    Hey there Johnny you really don't fool me
    You get away with murder and you think it's funny
    You don't give a damn if we live or if we die
    Hey there Johnny boy, I hope you fry!
  • The Megas: Mega Man's first encounter with Proto Man in History Repeating, Pt. 2 (One Last Time) has Proto Man give him a little song and dance about the insignificance of their actions and the shaky morality of Mega Man's fight. Mega Man, who is in the middle of an emotional upswing at this point, tells him to rack off.
    Proto Man: Why do you fight? How can you say you know what's right? What if we win? What if we fall? Will any choice that we make matter at all?
    Mega Man: I know I can win, I've done it before! Get out of my way! I gotta settle the score!

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