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  • In Attack on Titan, the Survey Corps end up being branded as criminals for refusing to hand over Eren Yeager, and are framed for murder, thus resulting in many of the protagonists becoming fugitives. When Levi captures a member of the Military Police, the man smugly says that unless Levi and the others surrender, the government will execute all the captured Survey Corps members, starting with their commander. Levi fires back that the Survey Corps only consists of those who believe some lives are worth more than others, and that he doesn't believe for a moment that the government will spare the Survey Corps members who turn themselves in.
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  • Baccano!!: Preemptively done by Victor Talbot, who cuts off the recently arrested Huey Laforet every time he so much as looks like he's going to talk before just having him shipped off to Alcatraz without Perp Sweating.
    Huey: I must admit, I was hoping to have a somewhat more logical conversation.
    Victor: Keep hoping, then. I know you can talk circles around me when it comes to logic. Good thing for me that I caught you, so I don't have to convince you of anything. I don't want to hear anything from you, either. In other words I'm refusing to talk with you at all and imprisoning you without fair trial.
  • In Berserk the man who tortures Griffith locks the door on Guts and company, then rants about how much he'll enjoy torturing them. Guts responds by stabbing him through the door, causing it to explode. He then falls down a bottomless pit.
    • Guts also does this to the Godhand during the Eclipse. "I said shut up!"
  • Black Lagoon's Balalaika gives three words and a sound effect to deal with one of the creepiest Ax-Crazy little psychos you'll ever meet.
    Balalaika: I said KNEEL! * BANG*
  • Bleach:
    • Ulquiorra attempts to brow-beat Orihime over why she hesitated before protecting Ichigo. Ichigo interrupts, tells him to shut up, states it doesn't matter and thanks Orihime for her help. Then he carries on fighting Ulquiorra.
    • Barragan's gives an epic Break Them by Talking speech about the absolute nature of his power over time and aging and how it makes him a god. Hacchi simply teleports his own rotting arm that Barragan severed into Barragan's body, pointing out that if his power is absolute that means Barragan himself is vulnerable to his own power and that it's the shinigami who are the real "gods of death".
    • In fake Karakura Town, while Aizen is going on about having supposedly engineered Ichigo's entire life, dating to before he was even born, he gets interrupted by Ichigo's goofball dad Isshin ambushing him from behind, flicking him through a building with one finger and telling Aizen "you talk too much."
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    • When Ichigo and Aizen fight again in the real Karakura Town, Aizen launches into his usual grandiose speeches about how everything is going according to plan and how he is therefore in control of anything Ichigo might try. Instead of listening, Ichigo interrupts with a stunning delivery. He proves his huge power up by grabbing Aizen's face with the palm of his hand, dragging Aizen away from the town and slamming him into the ground at a location of his choosing. Aizen is stunned.
    • The Arc Villain of the Lost Agent Arc delivers a shocking revelation to Ichigo, revealing that Ichigo's been fighting on the wrong side all along and explaining exactly why he needs to revisit everything he thought he knew about himself and his purpose. Ginjou's shocking revelation is that Ukitake created the Substitute Shinigami badge as a means of control and surveillance and even as an execution device should Ichigo go rogue. However, Ichigo knocks the wind out of Ginjou's sails by admitting he's already worked that out, that he further realised Ukitake wanted him to figure it out, and that his choice to help the Shinigami has been made with this knowledge, not because he lacks it.
      • Initially, Ichigo had just said "Shut up!" After this, Ginjou mocked him for not being able to dispute his arguments, but Ichigo says he was telling Uryu (who had urged him to just ignore Ginjou) to shut up.
    • Giriko's boasts about the true nature of his time ability and the extent to which it can power him up for a fight is interrupted when Kenpachi cuts him in half with the simple comment, "Boring".
    • In one of the latest chapters, Aizen, of all people, delivers one to Yhwach after being taunted by the latter for taking his former enemies' side in the final battle. Aizen merely responds to that by unleashing Hadō #99: Goryūtenmetsu from right under their feet.
  • In the earlier parts of the first Captain Tsubasa series, then-Jerkass Hyuuga harshly bitches Tsubasa out and tells him that he's a Spoiled Brat who's got no business into soccer. What is Tsubasa's reply?
    Tsubasa: You're wrong, Hyuuga-kun! Because soccer is MY DREAM!
    • Tsubasa's girlfriend Sanae pulls one on her Hopeless Suitor Kanda. When he tells her that Tsubasa doesn't care about her and that's why he hasn't come to talk to both of them upon Kanda's own request, she immediately says "That's a lie, so shut it!" And right after that, Tsubasa shows up.
  • A Certain Magical Index: Touma Kamijou does this. A lot. At the climax of almost every arc he plays a major role in. He always comes up with an idealistic, heartfelt, understandable, and awesome response to every villain's Evil Speech Of Evil and Motive Rant. Keep in mind that whenever he isn't up against an Omnicidal Maniac, Magnificent Bastard, or something of the like, he's up against a Well-Intentioned Extremist, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Anti-Hero, or someone with a backstory that makes their actions at least somewhat understandable and sympathetic. And Touma always manages to sound like the one that's right. ALWAYS.
    • Of note was his response to Vento of the Front's Motive Rant and Freudian Excuse. While he was sympathetic to her, Touma basically went, "If you think that justifies you trying to kill a bunch of people (including children) who had absolutely nothing to do with your tragedy, you're stupid! Time for me to kick your ass!"
  • Code Geass: In the first season finale, Suzaku gives one of these to Lelouch, who is in his Zero persona, after Zero!Lelouch calls out Suzaku for standing by Euphemia, who had been implicated in the SAZ massacre.
    Suzaku: Your Geass power is quite convenient, isn't it? You get to hide in the shadows while others take all the blame for doing your dirty work. You're just an arrogant coward. That's your true nature, the real you.
    • Lelouch also delivered a fairly epic one in Episode 16 of Season 1, against Mao, telling him to "Never speak again!" via Geass after he messed with Suzaku. Arguably the ultimate "Shut Up, Hannibal!" since he forced Mao to shut up forever. Or it would have been, if not for C.C. delivering a Mercy Kill just seconds later.
    • Again in Episode 21 of R2, when he rejects his parents' plan to remake the world as a utopia without lies.
    • In Nightmare of Nunnally, after Mao claims to be saving people by allowing them to die happily with her "The Refrain" Geass, and wants to take control of Nemo from Nunnally in order to prevent herself from being consumed by C.C.'s cells. Alice responds "I have no idea what you're talking about. From my point of view, you're nothing more than a murderer who tried to take Nunnally's life."
  • During the final battle in Dancougar Nova, the Big Bad Moon Will seemingly has Aoi at his mercy, and is explaining that, having acknowledged humans as a dangerous species, he has decided to wipe them out for the good of all and for maintaining the balance of the universe. Despite having taken grievous injuries earlier in the episode, Aoi stands up again and boldly challenges the evil computer. "So what? You think we're gonna keel over and die just because you said so?". And then she literally punches out the godlike computer, killing him on the spot.
  • Death Note: When Light Yagami delivers his Motive Rant at the end of the anime about how his actions have reduced the crime rate and stopped all wars, how does his nemesis respond?
    Near: No. You're just a murderer, Light Yagami. And this notebook is the deadliest weapon in the history of mankind. If you had been a normal person and had used this notebook once out of curiosity, you would have been surprised and scared of what had happened, regretted what you had done, and never used this notebook again. To speak of extremes, I can actually understand those who would use this notebook for their personal interests and kill a couple of people, and even think that they're normal. But you yielded to the power of the notebook and the Shinigami and have confused yourself with a god. In the end, you're nothing more than a crazy serial killer. That's all you are. Nothing more and nothing less.
    • In the same episode, Matsuda's response to the same rant was to shoot Light five times. Okay, that was actually his response to Light's last-ditch attempt to kill Near, but considering that Matsuda was the closest person on the task force to supporting Kira, not to mention someone who genuinely seemed to like and admire Light, it was pretty impressive. In retrospect, it probably was a bad idea for Light to refer to his late father Soichirou, who was Matsuda's mentor and idol, as a fool during the rant.
      Matsuda: You drove your own father to his death... and now you're saying he's the fool?!?!
  • Shinichi-Conan of Detective Conan has little patience for Motive Rants. He rejects each and every Motive Rant — even ones the audience might find sympathetic.
  • D.Gray-Man: Cross has a rather hilarious and extremely awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! moment, here.
    • Chapter 193; paraphrased:
      Alma: This torment will never end, and I want us to die together as friends.
      Kanda: Sorry, Alma. You may be my only friend, but I want to live! * SLICE-SLICE-SLICE*
    • Also Chapter 204 (complete with a genuine Slasher Smile delivered by Allen himself:
      Allen: I'm Cross Marian's pupil. It makes me wanna puke, the very thought of uniting with you!!!
  • In Digimon Tamers, the D-Reaper has built itself up into an Eldritch Abomination hell-bent on wiping out humanity on the grounds that Humans Are the Real Monsters. It has been swatting down every attempt to stop or even harm it with minimal effort, mind-raping Juri for some time, and, in an incredible Tear Jerker, has struck down Beelzemon after he went all-out in an attempt to rescue her. Takato and Guilmon, fused into Gallantmon, are one of the last lines of defense keeping the thing contained and holding it off from annihilating humanity while the other heroes try a last-ditch plan to stop it. The D-Reaper howls at them "YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO EXIST!". Stuck in the void, Guilmon asks his partner whether they do or not, to which Takato replies that they do "AND IT'S ABOUT TIME WE PROVED IT!" after which Gallantmon responds to the Break Them by Talking by ramming his fist into an area roughly equivalent to the D-reaper's throat and yelling back "WE DO DESERVE TO EXIST! YOU DON'T."
  • Doki Doki Pre Cure does this with style. Bel's captured the Precure and trapped them in another dimension without their fairy partners. He confronts them and delivers a Break Them by Talking speech followed by an Evil Laugh... until Mana returns it with a mocking Evil Laugh, then throwing it right back at him, telling him that they're gonna get out one way or another.
  • Happens in Dragon Ball Z when Goku hits Jeice/Jeese right in the face just before he launches into his taunting speech.
    Goku: I saw an opening that seemed to scream out, "attack"! So... I did.
  • Dragon Ball Super: In the Future Trunks Saga, Zamasu spends most of his confrontations with the Z-Fighters going off on Evil Gloating sessions and A God Am I rants. This leads to several of these moments from the heroes:
    • After listening to Future Zamasu's Motive Rant about why he wants to kill humans and the Saiyans in particular, Future Trunks tells him that he has no right to decide that before beating him up and firing a Final Flash at him.
    • Later, Goku Black and Future Zamasu accuses Future Trunks of everything that has happened. Since he saved Goku from the heart virus instead of letting him die naturally, it allowed Zamasu to take over Goku's body and began his plan to wipe out humanity. According to them, all the bad stuff that has happened is because he broke the taboo of time-travel, which only the gods are allowed to do. Trunks basically tells them to shut up and he doesn't care if it's a sin, just as he transforms into a new form of Super Saiyan.
    • Both Future Trunks and Mai get one on Future Zamasu after trapping him in the Evil Containment Wave.
      Trunks: I said you'd pay Zamasu! And now you've been introduced to the true power of mortals!
      Future Zamasu: The power of mortals!? Is that a joke!? I'll show you what happens when worthless beings speak down to a god!
      Mai: How can we be worthless if we've got you trapped!? You have no idea what we can accomplish!
      Trunks: That's right! You underestimate mortals, you pay the price!
      Trunks/Mai: So say goodbye!!
    • Subsequently, Goku Black and Future Zamasu fuse, and Goku and Vegeta form Vegito to even the odds. Merged Zamasu begins yet another speech, declaring that mortals always copy gods and that something done by the gods is good and beautiful, but when done by mortals it's evil and ugly. Almost immediately, Vegito punches him out and kicks him aside, telling him point-blank that he's sick of listening to his speeches.
    Vegito: Sorry to be rude, but you left yourself completely open. Now come on and give me your best shot; I'm tired of listening to you preach. If you want me bowed at your feet, you'll have to do it by force.
    • After running Merged Zamasu through with his spirit sword, he asked if Trunks was really going to stand in the way of justice. Trunks responses by slicing him in two from the crotch up:
      Trunks: I don't give a damn about you! OR YOUR SO-CALLED JUSTICE!!
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Chapter 108, Dai's decisive battle against Dragon Army Captain Baran, who also happened to be his father and the original Dragon Knight as he unleashes all his power:
    Dai: ... so what's your point? I can fight seriously, too.
  • Done in a non-verbal way in Drifters. When the Black King's army proceeds invade Orte's captial, Rasputin takes the time to taunt Toyohisa by mocking his decision to spare Joan. Toyohisa, however, ignores him and proceeds to stomp the living hell out of the man he took control over, rendering him speechless. Nobunaga mocks him to add salt to the wound.
  • In Fairy Tail:
    • Natsu gives one to Jellal by punching him after he mocked Simon's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Jellal starts boasting that Natsu cannot possibly defeat him, and soon the Tower of Heaven will activate. Natsu responds by punching the tower and shattering it.
    • Brain grabs a weakened Natsu and boasts that he will turn him into his servant, then Natsu bites his arm.
    • When Yuka of the Wave starts bragging about how he's a former member of Lamia Scale, Natsu attacks him. Yuka dodges and incredulously asks why he interrupted his speech. Natsu says he doesn't care about where he's from, Yuka's hurting people so he's going to stop him.
    • Erza Knightwalker justifies murdering countless people just to get magic by explaining that everything needs magic, and her world will die without it. Erza Scarlet dismantles Knightwalker's argument by pointing out that in their battle, they've both used up so much magic that they've both been Brought Down to Normal, and they are still alive.
    • And later Gray gives one to Ultear by punching her in the middle of her speech.
  • Fate/stay night: How does Shiro respond to the end of the Big Bad Kotomine's long Motive Rant? "Oh I get it now, you're just insane." At first Shiro thought he might have some weird reason for the terrible things he did to all those people, but in the end it was just him explaining through a convoluted, wordy speech that he likes to see people suffer.
  • Food Wars!: At the final bout of the Regiment de Cuisine, Azami Nakiri suffers a Villainous Breakdown when he refuses to acknowledge that the menu made by Soma and Erina is superior to the one made by Eishi and Rindo, going on a Motive Rant about how the culinary world is cruel and caused his idol Joichiro Saiba (Soma's father) to hit a breakdown due to pressure, and how he intented to remake it so chefs could be happy. Soma then tells him "Stop trying to decide people's happiness", adding that Joichiro had long moved on from that stage of his life.
  • In Chapter 46 of Freezing, Kazuya delivers one to Louise for claiming his sister was his personal property.
  • In Fruits Basket, Tohru's stuck-up relatives get two of these for slutshaming Tohru after they find out she was living with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo. First the grandfather slaps a male cousin when he and others call Tohru a whore, and then Yuki and Kyo arrive and Yuki hears said cousin refer to them as "the guys the little tramp was shacking up with", Yuki gets right in the cousin's face and stuns both him and his equally jerkish parents speechless with a single sentence without even raising his voice:
    Yuki: Don't you ever talk about Miss Honda that way again, you lowlife.
  • Envy of Fullmetal Alchemist keeps trying to lecture Mustang, but...
    Envy: Pathetic? Lemme ask you something. Don't you humans enjoy watching others suffer, watching fools dance around like puppets? That's why you start wars isn't it?
    Mustang: I do enjoy watching foolish creatures dance around like puppets on a string. Especially you homunculii.
    Envy: Oh! So you torched an innocent woman then? Man, that's brutal! How'd you break it to her family? Were you in tears? Or were you too angry with yourself to even—
    Mustang: For the love of God, shut up, idiot.
    • And Mustang keeps on shutting him up all through the battle with him while kicking his ass.
      • Mustang had two crowning moments when it came to this trope. The first was when he incinerated Envy's tongue mid-speech and the second was when Envy tried to go One-Winged Angel and, as Envy mockingly claimed he couldn't hold back, Mustang incinerated his eyes.
    • And the one who put nail on his coffin? Ed, of all people, by giving a heartwarming talk about Envy's motive.
    • A little later on, as Ed fights Pride, the latter breaks out into a rant about how Ed isn't prepared to fight an enemy who's shorter than him. Ed's response? After pointing out that Ed knows how short people fight, he headbutts Pride and proceeds to curb stomp him.
    • When Edward confronts Shou Tucker over his use of his wife and daughter as subjects in his experiments, Tucker says Edward is just like him, because Edward used alchemy to try to bring his mother back. Edward proceeds to beat Tucker repeatedly while upset and screaming "I'M NOT LIKE YOU! I'M NOT! I'M NOT!"
    • When they first fight Scar notes that both he and Edward use their arms for destruction. Edward answers "Don't you start! We're nothing alike!"
  • The ever-stoic Sousuke Sagara does this in reverse order in the first season of Full Metal Panic!: he first hands the villain's ass right back to him and then proceeds to use some... uncharacteristically strong language to tell the world what he thinks of him and his views.
  • Played with in Gate Keepers. After Big Bad Kageyama makes his big speech about humanity being full of maggots and what has to be done to properly cleanse the world, Ukiya skips past his use of "sophisticated arguments" and says he's going overboard. This actually seems to throw him a little off-balance. Then the end of the episode happens. Kageyama personally meets with Megumi, who sees through the rhetoric and denounces his claims as the words of a big, fat liar... then sticks around to finalize her Face–Heel Turn anyway.
    • Used again in the last episode, with more of an outright "shut up" feel. Kageyama sets a new personal record for nihilism with a rant about how all of humanity's hopes for peace never had a chance, to which Ukiya responds, "Is that all you have to say?!" while throwing a monster of a roundhouse punch. Then the punch misses...
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami's Ashtaroth has been scheming not only to conquer the cosmos and eradicate the gods, but reset ''everything'' and rebuild it according to his much-preferable will. Mikami found that out while in the galaxy egg. As a result, she's able to Shut Up Hannibal him just before his Motive Rant.
    Mikami: You're no different from an immature child who hates school and thus decides to burn down his school!
  • Gintama, Bansai made "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gintoki fighting when he already failed to protect the samurai country and that there is no longer anything for him to protect. Gintoki's response when he had Bansai trapped in his own strings:
    Gintoki: Clean out your ears and listen up! I've never once fought for the sake of this cheap country. I couldn't care less if the country or the samurai fell. I have always... Then and now... ! What I protect... has never changed! *sends Bansai crashing into the ground*
  • Great Teacher Onizuka cares not for your Freudian Excuse, even if a genuinely horrible thing happened in your past. His answer, if not Talk to the Fist, is usually something along the lines of: "So what? Then make your life not suck from now on, you idiot!"
  • Heart Catch Pretty Cure: Cure Marine delivers a good one to Kumojacky. "Let me have some fun! Cure Marine!" *gets punched*
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, when the Master of Synapse orders Astraea to kill Ikaros, gloating that she is nothing but an Angeloid and must obey, Astraea screams, "SHUT UP!" and breaks the chain allowing him to control her with her bare hands. When Chaos gives her usual "What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?" speech, Astraea answers, "I don't know what love is! I'm stupid!" and proceeds to kick some ass. Later, when Ikaros is about to throw Chaos into the sea, Chaos turns into Tomoki and begs her to stop. Ikaros replies that Tomoki is an excellent swimmer and thus would not be worried.
  • In the second OVA of Hellsing , Jan Valentine has spent an hour of screentime basically massacring people and insulting the survivors, insulting the Roundtable Conference in general and Integra in particular over the radio. At the end of the episode, Jan has finally been cornered, when Integra walks up, leading to this classic exchange:
    Jan: What up, bitch!
    Integra: That's quite enough of that. I'm pissed off.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, the villain (Miyo Takano) might have had a gun pointed at Rena as she explained to her about how she's going to kill the entire village and become "God" but that didn't stop Rena from laughing at her and replying "No, you can't become God, because GOD EXISTS!".
  • Inuyasha:
    • At the end, Big Bad Naraku explains how his crumbling body is over Kaede's village, and if they cut him down, he will fall onto the village destroying it. Sesshoumaru's response? He charges right up to Naraku, says "So what?" then proceeds to go straight through him with his sword Bakusaiga, causing the entire body to start falling towards the ground. That is pure freaking ownage.
    • Kagome deals one to Akago (the infamous demon baby) that's combined with an Anguished Declaration of Love to Inuyasha. Suits well, since Akago's recent Breaking Lectures were centered on how her feelings for Inuyasha would never be reciprocated, how she only was second to Kikyou in Inuyasha's mind according to Akago himself, etc. And then, Kagome gathers her act and tell him: "Yes, maybe I am. Maybe I'm jealous of Kikyou, and I know Inuyasha will never forget her. But you know, jealousy is just an emotion, and even when I'm jealous... I still love Inuyasha, and my feelings for him are not YOUR business! SO SHUT UP!" Definitely a huge Moment of Awesome.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood: When Dio tries to use his abusive father as an excuse for his actions after being exposed for poisoning George Joestar, Speedwagon steps in and completely tears his argument apart, declaring that he can smell Dio's malice and that he was born evil. Notably, upon hearing this, Dio actually agrees with Speedwagon's assessment and fully embraces being evil, no longer trying to justify himself.
    Speedwagon: This fellow reeks of brimstone and blood worse than anyone I've ever laid eyes on! He is pure evil, right down to his very bones! Is he a victim of circumstance, you're wondering? Not on your life! He's been evil since he drew his first breath!
  • In the final episode of Kill la Kill, Greater-Scope Villain Ragyo rants about the life cycle of the universe and the role the life fibers have in that cycle, and Ryuko, who at this point is sick of listening to Ragyo try to justify anything, screams "When are you going to just SHUT THE HELL UP?!"
  • The Kindaichi Case Files is a tad more sympathetic towards a Motive Rant (unless the suspect was a Jerkass), but Kindaichi's response to many a subsequent suicide attempt has been pretty blunt.
  • The first major climax in Kotoura-san involves Manabe confronting Moritani over the abuse that Moritani organized against Kotoura (which included thinking such vile things that it nearly overwhelmed Kotoura's telepathy and organizing a rumor campaign to ostracize Kotoura). Moritani tries to deflect or outright deny her involvement, but Manabe just shuts her down as succinctly as possible, ending with him yelling "Because I like her! You got a problem with that?"
  • Letter Bee
    • During the Blue Notes Blues arc, Lag and Niche meet the latter's older sister, who tries to kill Niche for becoming attached to a human. After she insults Niche as "foolish" for forgetting everything humans did to the two of them, Lag counters that someone who hurts her own sister is foolish, and he can't think of a living creature that isn't foolish. He then goes on to say that he won't let her get away with hurting her sister.
    • Late in the anime, Lawrence tries to prey on Lag's doubts in order to convince him that the government is his enemy and get him to use The Power of Hate. Lag then says, "That isn't the heart I want to deliver!" and successfully fires a Shindan with Gauche's Shindnanjuu.
  • During the final showdown with Dr. Scalietti in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Fate is overwhelmed by his Break Them by Talking (and a couple of painful reveals). Then her adopted kids interfere and tell her just how awesome she actually is. Her next action? Take down the Doctor's superpowered bodyguards, smash the Doctor himself into a wall, and calmly declare "You are under arrest".
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has Fate taunting Negi about his weakness, how he's unable to protect his friends, how his newly acquired powers won't help him at all, and how he'll never be powerful to put up a real fight... Negi's response is to sock Fate in the gut, and toss off a one-liner:
    Negi: Are you sure it's not you who needs to train a little harder?
    • And Negi does it again in Chapter 272, calling Godel on his Fantastic Racism and basically telling Godel that he's full of crap.
      • And quite a while later, it turns out the SUH has more or less worked, since Godel pulls a Heel–Face Turn and joins Negi's case.
  • In Mai Hime, there are a few.
    • In the anime, Nao justifies her use of her powers to hunt perverts by saying that they can do what they want with them. Natsuki agrees, but then draws her Element and says it is also her right to dislike how Nao uses her power.
    • In the manga, after the Big Bad, the Obsidian Lord (a.k.a. Mai's brother Takumi), gives a Motive Rant about how the world does not deserve to exist as it is, Yuuichi tells him that he shouldn't make his sister cry.
  • Maken-ki! inverts it by having the protagonist be on the receiving end. Takeru firmly believes that women shouldn't fight and rants to that effect whenever he thinks a girl's being "bullied". And remains adamant about it, even though the girls he's worrying about are stronger than he is. But when he makes the mistake of saying it in front of Yan-Min, during her battle with Azuki, she shuts him up grabbing him by the throat and nearly strangling him to death:
    Yan-Min: (indignant) "Girls? I've heard about this, but it's worse than the rumors ne. You should make your misunderstandings average as well, Oyama Takeru!"
    Takeru: (choking) "I'm... just.. GHAAH!!"
    Yan-Min: "It doesn't matter who it is. The ones on the battlefield fight, risking their lives for many different reasons: Azuki does it for her friends. I do it for where I am and for my pride. You, who insult by saying "such things". I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!!"
  • Mazinger Z Kouji Kabuto is a Hot-Blooded, impulsive hero is more liable to punch the villain than explain to him why he or she sucks, but he got some good throughout the years.
    • In the original manga:
    Count Brocken: Damn you! How dare the righteous protagonist do something so dirty! You sure about this? The fans will cry, you know.
    Kouji: Shut up! Take it like a man! Don't try to play innocent with me!
    Kouji: Are you stupid? I would never join you!
    Scirocco: By averting that Colony Drop, you wasted a good chance of getting rid of all those fools whose souls are bound by gravity.
    Kouji: Oh, don't give us that crap! We won't let you even touch the Earth we live in!
    Char Aznable: But, if things continue this way, people's hatred will consume the very Earth itself. That's why I'm cutting through to the source of the problem.
    Kouji: Don't feed me that crap!! I've been listening to this from the start and all you've done is giving a bunch of complicated justifications!!
  • In Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, The Dragon is explaining to the heroines how their defeat will help her gaining rank among the Big Bad servants. The heroines end yelling in perfect synchronization how much they don't care about her life.
  • Kira Yamato of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED sucks at this. "No! You are wrong!" does not convey the proper machismo. To be fair though he was kind of meant to be like this: despite being an All-Loving Hero he was never much of a talker. And he somewhat makes up for this by making his opponents' defeats look easy.
    • To be honest, he did get sightly better in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, during the last episode when he threw Durandal's argument for the Destiny Plan back in his face.
    Durandal: But between your world and the world I've been describing, which one do you think people will prefer? Say you shoot me now. What will you do when the world is thrown into chaos again?
    Kira: I'm ready for that. *lines up to shoot Durandal* I will fight!
    • Domon Kasshu from G Gundam has a habit of doing this. Mostly because, as a Hot-Blooded De Terminator, he has no interest in talking to his enemies when he can fight. The final villain didn't get further than a single line into his rant before Domon just said "Shut it."
    • In Gundam Wing, Heero does this to both the Big Bad of the TV series (Zechs Merquise) and The Dragon in Endless Waltz (Chang Wu Fei). In both cases, his opponent is arguing that humans are bastards and/or sheep who need to be guided down the right path, while Heero argues that all humans, including himself and his opponent, are just as weak, and that they need to have faith that people will be able to make a worthy future on their own. In particular, he gets a suitably epic line in EW:
    "Even if the world goes mad, I can fight on by believing in myself!"
    • Treize meanwhile gets one of the most effective and hilarious examples in history. During his final climactic battle, Wufei rhetorically asks how many people have died for Treize's version of justice. Treize responds with an exact number. He then indicates that he knows the names and faces of everyone ever killed for his dreams.
    • After War Gundam X Garrod Ran absolutely excels at this trope, in fact this is his most common response to a Motive Rant.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 returns to long speeches; Setsuna makes three in the Season 1 finale. And in the second season, when Bring Stability tells his fellow Innovator Tieria Erde that he can't kill him in battle because they're both Innovators, Tieria screams "I'M A HUMAN!" and kills him.
    • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam even gets in on it, having Tobia Arronax deliver the following rebuttal to The Social Darwinist Karas:
      Tobia: "That... is... BULLSHIT! I'm not letting you kill anyone else!" *proceeds to destroy Karas' entire Newtype squad*
  • Monster: Lunge's response to Roberto's speech about Johan's plan is to shove his gun right into Roberto's mouth.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, as Teeki, confident in having won after Julio puts the heroes under a curse that will kill them if they move, goes on about how people are unable to go against their fate and how Enchu learned that for himself when his mother died. Roji declares that it is a lie, states that Enchu couldn't bear his grief, and then dispels the curse.
  • My Hero Academia: Despite being the #2 ranked Hero, Endeavor is a terrible person who, in his obsession to raise someone who can surpass All Might and become the greatest hero, put his son Shoto and other three children through a terrible childhood, indirectly causing the former to get a huge burn scar on his face. As a result, Shoto comes to hate Endeavor and refuses to use the fire quirk he inherited from him, until Midoriya manages to push him into doing so in their match at the Sports Festival. After Shoto wins, Endeavor smugly congratulates Shoto for giving up his "childish rebellion," only for Shoto to shoot back that he hasn't given up anything — he merely managed to forget about Endeavor for a little while.
  • Naruto: Neji gets two of these after his rants about fate and destiny. One from Hinata, and another from Naruto.
    • Also, after Kabuto gives Naruto a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and tries to kill him Naruto's response is to tell him that he refuses to die until he becomes Hokage and drives a Rasengan into Kabuto's stomach.
    • Chapter 495 has the Shut Up, Hannibal! to beat almost everything else: what Naruto's autograph would have looked like, reading "No. 1 Hokage Candidate: Naruto" and said he has faith in himself the man who his village has faith in which defeated Naruto's Evil Twin (actually, his manifested hatred) who reminded Naruto how horribly the village treated them and maintained he was the only one who could understand good!Naruto.
    • Naruto gave two of these to Pain right at the beginning of their fight: "I already told you, SHUT THE HELL UP!" He then proceeds to throw a Rasen-Shuriken at the group.
      • The titular character is practically this trope personified. If any villain tries a Break Them by Talking odds are his response will be to attempt to hit them with something that will hurt.
    • Kin gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sakura as she's keeping her restrained by the hair. "My my, what soft and shiny hair. But you know what? If you spent a little less time shampooing, and a little more time practicing your jutsu, you might not be in this fix! Hey Zaku, I know what would be fun. Let's make Ms. Beauty Queen watch while you finish off that Sasuke guy!" Sakura's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment shortly thereafter, where she cuts her own hair off to free herself, is thereby made much more awesome.
    • Chapter 538: Its revealed that the Nine-Tails has almost gotten its full form back from feeding from Naruto's chakra and begins Break Them by Talking to show how gullible and foolish Naruto is becoming about the War and Sasuke. However, Naruto retaliates, after the flashback he asks "Are you done yet?" walks right into the seal and slams Nine-Tails down by the Torii so they could talk face to face. He then tells the fox that he's the fool, and that he'd find something to do about the war and Sasuke.
    • Chapter 576: After multiple pages of Madara insulting her skills as a Senju, medic-nin, and kunoichi, Tsunade gives him a Shut Up, Hannibal! by telling him that even if she can't use the Wood Release or heal herself without medical ninjutsu, if he thinks she's just a weak kunoichi, he's got another thing coming.
    • Chapter 577: Madara gets another Shut Up, Hannibal! from Tsunade. She smashes through his Susanoo on her own and Onoki and A hit the other side. Even Madara said her Super Strength is greater than A's.
    • In Chapter 581 Kabuto says he and Sasuke are not so different because they both wish for the destruction of the Leaf Village and says that he should join him. In response, Sasuke says he's doing it for himself alone. When Kabuto tries a sympathetic angle about his life as a spy discarded by Konoha, Itachi points out all that means is that Kabuto's a superb liar.
    • Kakashi finally gave one of these to Obito, by saying that the only thing worse than abandoning your comrades is ignoring their feelings, something Obito seems to excel at: the girl he loved died to prevent a bijuu getting unleashed on Konoha. What does Obito do for revenge? He unleashes a bijuu on Konoha. Jeez, well done Obito
    • Naruto gives Obito another one. After giving Minato and (the Hokage in general) a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. First, Naruto tells him to shut up because he didn't become a Hokage. Which is immediately followed by a little assist from Tobirama, Naruto then slams a Sage-powered Rasengan in Tobi's back.
    • In Chapter 690, after Kaguya is defeated, Zetsu calls Naruto just another part of the shinobi history that he created. Naruto then declares that "The shinobi history... was created by all the ninjas... how they lived... and how they died!! Don't you dare compare the likes of them to one snot-nosed brat who's too afraid to leave his mother's side!" before sealing Zetsu away.
  • In the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga version, the Angel Armisael attempts to defeat Rei by demotivating her. It speaks to Rei in a vision using her body and voice, telling her that her heart is evil and that she wants to keep Shinji for herself and hates the currently comatose Asuka for diverting Shinji's attention away. In Rei's form, Armisael goes to "be with Shinji", as is Rei's selfish desire (in this case, "being with him" would kill him.) But, after a moment of crying, Rei snaps out of it and reverses her Eva's AT field, pulling the screaming Rei-Armisael away from Shinji. Then, as a way of saying "You are not me and you do not control my heart!", Rei self-destructs, taking Armisael with her.
  • One Piece
    • This trope is Luffy's hat, besides the straw one. The Big Bad of whatever arc will be ranting about how powerful he is, how Luffy is just one clueless pirate, etc., etc., and Luffy just won't care. He's going to kick ass, and no one can talk him out of it. Pretty famously when in response to Crocodile's list of reasons why he was fighting a losing battle, and being naive for trying to save everyone, Luffy subverts this trope slightly by agreeing with him. Having effectively shocked Hannibal into shutting up, he proceeds to beat the shit out of him while explaining that Vivi was his friend, and since if he didn't help she was gonna kill herself trying to save the country, he would try to render that unnecessary. This is actually lampshaded on Punk Hazard; Caesar Clown brags about how much protection his underworld connections brings, and that Luffy attacking him means becoming the enemy of those connections. Luffy just decks him and retorts that he's always fighting guys like that.
    • When the Straw Hats face the leader of a secret government agency. His attempt to intimidate them fails miserably; rather, Luffy declares war on the entire world by destroying their flag in public; the threat that they are now marked for death is answered with a "Bring it on!" by Luffy:
      Spandam: "Look at that symbol, pirates! *point to the flag of the World Government* That mark represents the unity of over 170 nations! This is the world! Do you understand how insignificant you are to stand against us!!?"
      Luffy: "I understand very well. Sogeking, shoot that flag."
    • Toward the climax of "3D2Y", the Big Bad, Byrnndi World, tells Luffy that because he couldn't save his brother, he has no hope of defeating him. Luffy declares that he won't lose to someone who sees his companions as tools.
    • Doflamingo tells Trafalgar Law that he's nothing compared to his associate Vergo, since Vergo can take any of his attacks thanks to his Haki. Law then swings his sword once. Just once. That one swing bisects Vergo, the room that the two are in, the building that the two are in, and the mountain outside the building that the two are in and the surrounding landscape; in short, THE ENTIRE ISLAND!
    • Doflamingo gets this twice during the Dressrosa arc, once from Law and once from Luffy.
      • He tries to guilt trip Law by stating that Dressrosa was the country his brother tried to save and that it was Law's fault it ended up under Doffy's rule — only for Law to point out that even if the Marines had found out about his plans, Doffy would've found another way to take over this country. Doflamingo pauses, laughs, and agrees.
      • He attempts guilt tripping again, this time with Luffy, calling him a pain in the ass for disrupting the "peace" of Dressrosa, and how the citizens of the country will curse Luffy's name for it as they die by the Bird Cage. Luffy shuts him up by pointing out that the "peace" and "happiness" he ruined weren't real, and that Doflamingo's the real pain in the ass for hurting Law, making his friends cry, and enraging his nakama. So, he'll shoulder all the responsibility and let not a single person die by taking down Doflamingo here and now. Immediately followed by "Gear... FOURTH!".
    • In the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy, face to face with Big Mom as her prisoner hears her talk about how Lola, by running out on an Arranged Marriage intended to ally herself with the giants, one that Big Mom believes would have given her enough power to destroy the rest of the Four Emperors and become Pirate King. Luffy isn't impressed, and mixes this with "The Reason You Suck" Speech and Badass Boast.
    Luffy: This is a stupid story, Big Mom! It was Lola who didn't get married, and it's you who failed to become king of the pirates! Here I am picking another fight with you! I'm not backing down just because you're one of the Four Emperors! I'm gonna take Sanji back... and at the end of the day... WE'RE GONNA WIN!
  • One-Punch Man: Quite a few of the Mysterious Beasts spend a fair bit of time declaring who they are, how they came to be, and why they do what they do. With a very few notable exceptions, Saitama responds by punching them... Once. Same goes for the less-glorious heroes, who Saitama feel are either boring (so he ignores them and walks away) or annoying (so he just yells at them to shut up and then walks away.) He has absolutely no motivation to listen to someone's Motive Rant.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • In Chapter 8, the Will of the Abyss angrily demands to know why Oz cares about Alice and wants to save her, even though he doesn't really know her, and also demands that he love her [Will of the Abyss] instead. Oz laughs, says he doesn't know why he cares about Alice, he just does, and shoots Will of the Abyss in the head.
    • He does it again in Retrace 82 when Jack is "reminding" him that everything he has is "fake". He tells Jack to cut it out, calling Alice back to the world at the same time.
  • Persona 4: The Animation has a brilliant one in the fight against Shadow Mitsuo. Earlier on, the villain had trapped protagonist Yu Narukami in a Lotus-Eater Machine, taunting him by saying that Yu is "empty" and that he has no true bonds of friendship with other people. Fortunately for Yu, his oldest friend on the team physically pulls him out of the illusion, and as the rest of the team creates an opening, Yu defiantly states "I... am not empty!" before he systematically breaks down the Shadow's defenses and pulls a No-Sell on each and every one of its attacks. Even better, he accomplishes this with each of the various Persona he had obtained so far, all of them being from a different arcana of the tarot representing a bond he had made with another person, then finishing the battle with Izanagi, his own Persona, proving that unlike the truly empty Mitsuo, he does have friends and they are the source of his strength.
  • It happens in Pokémon, too. Just before the big fight towards the end of the first movie, Mewtwo is giving his big Motive Rant about how he and his genetically engineered Pokémon are going to exterminate all other life on the planet. Up comes Ash Ketchum, with a horde of "normal" Pokémon and spitefully declares, "You can't do this. I won't let you." He then tries to punch out Mewtwo. It doesn't go too well for Ash, and he actually dies. But the tears and love from the Pokémon he led against Mewtwo revive him, and Mewtwo himself has a change of heart.
    • Another example of this trope happens during Episode 35 (never shown outside of Japan). While Team Rocket is in the middle of their motto, Kaiser starts shooting at them repeatedly , leading to a Bullet Dance performed by the trio.
    • In one Diamond and Pearl episode, Paul cuts Team Rocket off mid-motto (to their outrage).
    • In the pilot of XY and Z, One of Team Flare's scientists attempts to talk down to Ash and his friends in regards to the Zygarde Core being theirs. To say Ash will have none of it would be putting it mildly.
    • Done again in the Grand Finale of the Team Flare Crisis arc. When Lysandre tries to justify his actions for the sake of his beautiful world, the combined might of Ash, Alain, the Kalos gym leaders and Zygarde Complete Form unleash their attacks with Lysandre left screaming incoherently as his megalith is rendered a lifeless husk and is obliterated.
    • In Pokémon Adventures, N says that he can't be beaten because he can hear the voices of Pokemon, and that the Pokedex is evil because many Pokemon were captured for the sake of its research. Black tells him to shut up, saying that the Pokedex is a tool to better understand the Pokemon he loves and that he's damn proud to own one. Not to mention that he declares that even if he can't hear his Pokemon's "voices", he still knows what they want.
  • Haru does this in Rave Master when Lucia points out that, technically, they're both kings, and goes on to say they need no friends, only men with the mental capacity to kneel.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena gets many a Breaking Speech from those around her, either about someone's emotional problem or about what they desire to gain. This trope is her usual response, getting to a point that she refuses to accept the fact that someone like her best friend Wakaba might have a problem that she wants to deal with. Utena's constant "shutting up" winds up backfiring on her in the final duel, when Anthy, under Akio's control, stabs her in the back and refuses to be "saved" by her.
  • Joker became quite fond of Breaking Lectures during R.O.D the TV, and since most of his opponents are such sweet women who always want to see the best in everybody, he always seems to make a lot of headway. Then, Anita makes a pretty clever realization: "Don't be tricked, you idiot! He's the bad guy!"
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • In Episode 13, during the climax, Kuyou is charging at Tsukune and Inner Moka, ranting about how he "preserves order and protects the peace" at Yokai Academy and asking if Moka really thinks she can take him on... only for Gin to physically restrain him while declaring, "Damn right she can, you prick!" Moka proceeds to give Kuyou a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he and his Security Committee are just a bunch of corrupt thugs before jump-kicking him through the floor.
    • In the manga, Kurumu gives one to Kiria after she saves Moka's life, Kiria having expected her to let Moka die so she could have Tsukune to herself; as Kurumu makes sure to let Kiria know, just because she's competing with Moka for Tsukune does not mean she hates Moka or wants her dead.
  • Sakura Shinguji delivers one to Brent Furlong in the Sakura Wars movie.
    Brent Furlong: *Evil Laugh* Your so called "Imperial Capital of Flowers" will be no more as of today. I will crush it under my feet! Proclaiming it to be a mighty imperial capital doesn't change the fact that it's completely fragile. It's nothing more than a speck of dust compared to my Japhkiel!
    Sakura: You're wrong! This place may seem like nothing more than an insignificant town to you. But there are thousands of people's lives at stake who thrive in the city. Passionate people who spend their days here, people who feel joy and sorrow, and anger and sadness. They all go about living their lives as best as they can! How dare you! How dare you dismiss all of this as something trivial! As long as there are good citizens and people that we love to defend in this great city, we will NOT be defeated!
  • Yuu of Seraph of the End does this a couple times in his fight against vampires with the vampires ranting about how they're going to kill humans or make them into livestock. Yuu usually responds something to the effect that "No, it's you who are going to die vampire" before laying the smackdown on it. Guren and Shinya have also done this to Crowley.
  • SD Gundam Force gives us two, one from each of the main heroes;
    • In "Neotopia's Moment of Truth", Commander Sazabi lectures Shute that there only two kinds of people; the rulers and the ruled, and claims that Captain Gundam is no better because he used his Soul Drive to put the robots of Neotopia under his control (When in fact, Captain did so to save the robots from Mind Control). Shute insists that the Soul Drive is used to help, not control
    Shute: We never rule or are ruled by anyone, not ever! We're all friends! Friends living together!
    • In "Gerbera's Invitation", Professor Gerbera is trying to get Captain to join the Dark Axis, claiming Humans Are Bastards, they built the Dark Axis, and their evil turned Sazabi's Soul Drive black. But Captain (Who has no reason to trust Gerbera anyway) has his own theory; Soul Drives require interaction from humans to grow normally, but since there are no humans in the Dark Axis, Sazabi's Soul Drive turned evil.
    Captain: Those of us with Soul Drives are meant to live with human beings!
  • In Soul Eater, Kishin Asura monologues that life is meaningless and that human imagination is the source of all fear. Lord Death keeps attacking him and saying "So what?" or "I don't care!"
  • In Soul Hunter, this was done rather brilliantly by Taikoubou (when he changed back to being Fukki) after his fight with Jyoka. Jyoka started giving him the the breaking speech about how the reason he revealed to the humans that they were being manipulated by her wasn't because he didn't like the idea of her being in power — it was because he wanted them to have "free will", and his response? "No. You're wrong idiot, die." It doesn't get more blunt than that.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: What do you tell the god-like Anti-Spiral King who has been revealed to only be doing it to prevent the universe from imploding? "You suck, and we aren't going to blow up the universe". The final conclusion to the debate after his defeat? "Seriously, dude, don't blow up the universe." "Of course we won't; Who the hell do you think were are, a bunch of idiots?" Then explosions happen.
  • Texhnolyze: Ichise sharply disagrees with Kano's nihilism. This is expressed by punching Kano's head clean off.
  • In Episode 4 of Togainu no Chi Shiki attacks Akira and tries to strangle him to death while telling him that he should bark like the dog that he is and beg for his life. In response Akira knocks him away and says "As if I'd be a dog" while pointing his knife at Shiki.
  • A villainous version happens in Transformers Cybertron; when Starscream attempts to take the Omega Lock from Galvatron, Galvatron starts up with a speech about how weak Starscream is, only for Starscream to interrupt with a lecture of his own.
  • In Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, Kurogane earns a Moment of Awesome by telling Fei Wang Reed to "shut your freaking trap." He and Fai then happily argue over who gets first dibs to fight him. Sadly subverted in that it wasn't FWR after all, but Dr. Kyle, and it's R!Syaoran who kills him. Then reinvoked in Chapter 230 when it looks like Fei Wang Reed died from both Fai's and Kurogane's repeated attacks. Then again, this being TRC, it might not be that easy after all...
  • 20th Century Boys has a particularly epic one when Kenji is confronted by a Card-Carrying Villain laughing about all the murders he's carried out. After he's done ranting, Kenji spends two whole issues deconstructing the man's entire worldview, and leaves him weeping and suicidal.
  • Umineko: When They Cry, third arc: Kyrie's counter-speech to Leviathan of Envy. To summarize: "I see your envious childhood and raise you being cheated on by my husband, who had a now-18-year-old son with the woman who replaced me!" Then while Leviathan is shocked at the one-upping of her envy, a sin that she's supposed to be the embodiment of, Kyrie shoots her dead. When Beatrice didn't understand why Battler wasn't enjoying watching the murders. While she's talking, Battler slaps her, and calls her a monster. Beatrice counters it, however, by lying to Battler saying that she had turned good.
  • The Grand Finale to Vandread has the lead characters do this to the Evil Counterpart of the sentient Applied Phlebotinum the crew has befriended.
  • In the Duelist Kingdom arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anzu (Téa) comforts Yugi, who has just entered a Heroic BSoD after having just stopped Atemu (Yami) from calling a game-winning attack that would have led to Kaiba to make good on a suicide threat if he were to lose, leading to the latter winning instead. She tells him that his grandfather would not have wanted to be saved that way. Kaiba then interjects saying that Yugi should have went through with the attack. (In the manga, Kaiba even says that had the roles been reversed, Kaiba would have made the attack). Anzu retorts by saying that he showed him compassion by sparing his life. From here, it becomes a case of Alternative Character Interpretation, when Anzu goes into friendship rant mode, and you also consider that Kaiba has been doing this to save his little brother Mokuba. Naturally, given Anzu's reputation, some people have sided with Kaiba. Objectively though, it can be agreed that instead of taunting Yugi/Yami, Kaiba shouldn't have been so secretive there and that berating Yugi for sparing his life was a bad move. To be fair, at that point Anzu did NOT know about Mokuba being a hostage, and neither did the rest. They only came to know that quite a while later, and Yugi even cries when he sees this.
    • When Dinosaur Ryuzaki ("Rex Raptor") joins the side of the Orichalcos and gives a Motive Rant about why he did and why he's trying to kill Jonouchi ("Joey"), he basically retorts, "You sold out the Human race just because I beat you at a CHILDREN'S CARD GAME."
    • In Kaiba's second duel with Alister, Alister boasts that Kaiba couldn't possibly win in time to stop the plane from crashing, even if he ended his turn right now. Kaiba's simple reply: "Then end it already!" Similar to Joey, Kaiba is unfazed by Alister's Motive Rant about wanting to save the world from humanity's evil, retorting they just want to destroy everyone not part of their cult.
    • In the DOMA Arc, the Pharaoh's response to Haga's Evil Gloating after he rips up a card that he claims holds Yugi's soul is "Wash your neck and wait." (To American viewers, this is what they told a condemned man in Feudal Japan before he was hanged. Haga's Oh, Crap! reaction is hardly unexpected.)
    • Also Doma Arc, when the Pharaoh, Kaiba and Dartz duel, inevitably only the Pharaoh is left to stop him. Dartz delivers a debilitating breaking speech to Atemu / Yami, who finally realises Dartz was wrong about him with the help of his friends. When Dartz attempts to go for round two of his speech, the Pharaoh simply tells him 'Believe what you wish' and goes into his own epic friendship speech.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, the Big Bad of Season 1 briefly tries to persuade JACK ATLAS to join him. Jack replies that he will never join him because he caused the death of his girlfriend.


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