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  • Rhoda of El Goonish Shive is a near-literal example, a petite girl whose perception of her own size actually shrinks when she feels intimidated. She appeared early on in the background of one single strip, and became a bit of a fan favorite despite the fact that she hadn't done anything at that point.
  • Punned and subverted in Everyday Heroes
  • Male example: Doug from Fletcher Apts, especially when it comes to women. Also a Hollywood Nerd and Butt-Monkey when Bill is involved.
  • Clementine in Frivolesque definitely qualifies. She has no confidence, considering herself too tall and forgettable, and blushes everytime someone talks to her.
  • Faen in Drowtales, just adding to her Woobie quotient. as seen here.
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  • Jolene Brooks ("Brooksie") of Between Failures is something like this.
  • Secret of Keychain of Creation is like this, a renegade abyssal who suffers from severe self-esteem issues.
  • Wright As Rayne proudly features Laura Croft, who unlike a different character with a similar name, couldn't be more timid if she tried.
  • Katherine of Wapsi Square started out like this, but she is now a bit more confident, and at least willing to speak to some people.
  • Gebo, the white wolf in Off-White. More like a real wolf then the evil, vicious monster, or emotionless, badass loner, stereotypes.
  • 9th Elsewhere: The main character, Carmen, has elements of this.
    • While a party for her is being thrown downstairs: "Maybe if I stay up here long enough they'll decide to just leave me alone."
  • Yuri, aka "Iron Violet The Shy Titan" is a very shy and insecure girl. Abusive Parents is implied to be the cause of this plus past bullying. Due to the kindness of her best friend, and her adventures as a superhero, she's slowly attempting to overcome this. She's taken on a robot girl with super-speed and a fire-throwing supervillain, yet she still blushes at the thought of wearing a miniskirt.
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  • Neeka from Late Blooming is impossibly shy, to the point of hardly ever talking to anyone and putting all effort into avoiding contact with people.
  • In Our Little Adventure, Emily the witch is a downplayed example of this.
  • In Sinfest, Crimney before his Character Development.
  • Mina in Alien Hand Syndrome isn't completely withdrawn, but she's certainly awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. Her friend Erin alternates between making fun of her shyness and trying to cure it.
  • Curio from morphE. To the point where he makes a habit of faking death under pressure.
  • Lidusis from Black Haze is a classic example, only male. He's quiet, rarely shows his eyes, and is the victim of some pretty severe bullying. One might expect the latter to be the cause of his Shrinking Violet nature, but a flashback reveals he was like this as a kid, too.
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  • In Yumi's Cells, Yumi has a lot of trouble speaking her mind and standing up for herself, partly due to a breakup doing a number on her self-confidence.
  • Pluto from Nebula is a male example; he's incredibly lonely at the edge of the solar system and wants desperately to talk to the planets, but is too shy to actually approach them. They, meanwhile, think that his distance from everyone else is aloofness and that he doesn't want anything to do with them.


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