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  • In the Dating Sim Always Remember Me, one of the love interests is a shy, but cute guy who is more comfortable texting than speaking with the protagonist in person. He also blushes quite a bit around her, and is the secret admirer sending her encouraging emails.
  • Bravely Default has the ninja Konoe Kikyo, who became a disguise artist because she's too shy to say a word normally. When disguised, however, she turns into a Motor Mouth.
  • Club Penguin:
    • Gary has shades of this. If a crowd of people gather around him during the moments he's a meetable character or when the room he's in is full, he goes to another room or hides behind something.
    • White puffles are desribed by the Puffle Catalog as being shy and they're often prone to blushing.
  • Mr. Lopez from Fallout 3.
  • The remake of Final Fantasy III has Arc who is initially seen being bullied by children who appear to be younger than him and generally being being quiet and withdrawn. He grows more confident over the course of the journey.
  • Male example: Vivi from Final Fantasy IX.
  • Final Fantasy VII:
    • Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, as a gawky teenager with no self-esteem and one friend. The final scene shows him starting the story of Final Fantasy VII - under the fake persona of a glamorous, arrogant, jerk badass Professional Killer who is always at the centre of attention and doesn't need friends.
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    • Tifa is a mild example, usually when it comes to Cloud.
  • Hope Esthiem from Final Fantasy XIII. Early on in the game, he was very cowardly until Vanille helped him come out of his shell. Come Final Fantasy XIII-2, he has become a charismatic leader.
  • Fire Emblem has a few:
    • The Mage Tinny in Genealogy of the Holy War, second generation, due to years of abuse and seeing her genki mother Tiltyu completely broken and later dead due to it. Azel is a male version.
    • The Pegasus Knight Florina in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, since she's very scared of males (though she grows out of this and can marry a very brash Hot-Blooded guy (or become the Heterosexual Life-Partner of her Action Girl best friend)). Also Ninian, but due to her traumatic past and guilt issues.
    • The Manakete Myrrh in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: she's been sheltered and revered as a living goddess in Caer Pelyn her whole life and leaving home brings her quite the misfortune until she's rescued by Ephraim. Also the Big Bad Lyon actually was this. It is heavily implied that he never have any friend because of his shy nature, that the Renais twins are his only friends. Uniquely, overlaps with Purple Is Powerful. He is THE strongest mage in Magvel universe, bar none, yet his personality is still insecure, timid and shy.
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    • Path of Radiance brings us Astrid, a sheltered noblewoman who, though she wants to prove herself, fits this quite perfectly, she even looks like Hinata. Nephenee also fits this trope, though more because she's embarrassed about her strong country accent and unsure of how to talk to nobles, which makes both characters Ensemble Dark Horses.
    • From Awakening there is Olivia, a rare case of a dancer with performance anxiety. She sports an almost perpetual Luminescent Blush because of her general shyness. It's lampshaded with her title in the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue during the ending credits: Shrinking Violet. Inigo also has shades of this trope, though he normally covers it up well enough unless someone catches him dancing.
    • From Fates Princess Sakura of Hoshido stands out of being this trope because she can't even speak without stuttering. It is also implied it runs in the family. Her older sister Hinoka flat-out says she was like Sakura in her support with Sakura, and several of Sakura's older brother Takumi's other supports and other characters' dialogues imply he was this too. His current personality when the game takes place, however..
    • From Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there are two characters who deconstruct this trope, as both characters have heavy psychological burdens that make them act this way and it isn't played up for cuteness. Bernadetta von Varley is an archer who shuts herself in her room during the player's free time when they're not teaching a class or attending a seminar. There is a reason why she's like this: Her father attempted to make her the perfect wife by tying her up on a chair and leave her there, demanding she stay silent. He even discouraged her from making friends with anyone and once beat a commoner boy almost to death when he tried to befriend her. Part of her Character Development is to overcome this, and her epilogue with Byleth if married has her Took a Level in Badass by traveling with him to help fight against Those Who Slither In The Dark.
      • The game also has Marianne von Edmund, who is so shy that members of her house comment that they've barely ever heard her speak. She's far more comfortable around animals than people and is usually found praying alone in the Cathedral. The reason for Marianne's shyness and withdrawn nature is she is the bearer of the Crest of the Beast, which is said to bring misfortune to the Crest-bearer and anyone nearby. She stays away from everyone because she believes she will bring them suffering if she interacts with them and it's implied her birth parents either abandoned her when her Crest manifested or they were killed at some point. Marianne also heavily implies that she has depression, as she is withdrawn, clumsy and feels like a burden to everyone and even admits in her A-support with Byleth that pre-timeskip she used to pray to the Goddess to "take her away" before meeting Byleth and the other students and deciding she had something to live for.
  • Arisu Kusunoki in Grimoire Private Magical School Academy is one of the more extreme example of the trope. One of the residents Token Mini-Moe, Is a Shy Blue-Haired Girl with Lonely Doll Girl. In fact, her speaking ability is barely function and has to relied on her magical doll to do the talking most of the time. She is so bad at the even subtitle somehow manages to make it's harder to understand what she is trying to say! Though she starts to open up once she meet with the main character who also help her making friends. She still has a very hard time speaking however, fortunately she seem to texting just fine.
  • In Harvest Moon, there's Gray, Cliff and Mary, (Mineral Town) Marlin and Celia (A Wonderful Life/Another Wonderful Life, DS/DS Cute), and Cadance (Tree of Tranquility, Animal Parade)
  • Chihaya from The Idolmaster is very much like this, overlapping a bit with Sugar-and-Ice Personality.
    • Yukiho, too.
  • Naminé in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Less so in her final appearance, Kingdom Hearts II.
  • The Fairy prince Edgar from the King's Quest series. Justified by the fact he's spent most of his life being "raised" by the cruel and vicious Lolotte, and was transformed into a deformed, ugly, green-skinned hunchback. He can barely make eye contact with Rosella without blushing. He's developed a bit more of a spine in his second appearance, but he's still very shy and quiet.
  • Zaalbar from Knights Ofthe Old Republic. He's an adolescent Wookiee, which means he's two meters and change of fur and muscle, backed up with a perpetually empty stomach, but he's painfully shy and afraid to speak up for himself, saying he's not much good for anything other than scaring someone or bashing a door in. Even your notoriously charismatic Player Character can barely manage to get a word out of him. He's more than happy to let his pal Mission do the talking.
  • Laren the musician in Freddi Fish 5.
  • Paya from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets embarrassed and shy incredibly easily for many reasons. For example, Link standing too close (or within ten feet of her), Link not wearing a shirt, being asked about the birthmark she was named after, the list goes on. It slightly goes away, in that she stops getting embarrassed at some of Link's more benign questions, after Link spends the day protecting her from the Yiga clan after they steal the Shrine Orb out of her and Impa's house, though she will still get flustered at the above instances.
  • Shyler from Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.
  • Mia Ausa from Lunar: The Silver Star.
  • Tali'Zorah vas Normandy in Mass Effect 2, who is shocked (and later grateful) that Commander Shepard would be willing to return the feelings she's harbored for him since the first game. And bless Liara's heart! At least in the first game, but she still has that adorable "I just want to help" personality ... Although Tali does act quite reserved in her romance, she isn't generally shy and is capable of having a conversation without stuttering or getting nervous.
  • Male example: Lucas from Mother 3 prior to Character Development.
    • EarthBound also has a village of small creatures who are too shy to talk to the player, or even to each other.
  • Papa Louie Arcade: Mayor Mallow.
  • Persona 5:
    • Futaba Sakura, the Phantom Thieves' Mission Control is this. While she isn't a social skills butterfly to begin with, her mother being killed out of spite by Shido in one of his many Kick the Dog moments for the sole reason of seizing her research, who then scapegoats Futaba for her mother's death just made things worse.
    • In Royal, we get a very literal case of this trope. Kasumi Yoshizawa is an elegant, friendly and cheerful gymnast that got a scholarship at Shujin for her near-perfect gymnast performances. Sounds nothing, right? Aside that this isn't Kasumi Yoshizawa, that's actually her depressed and inferior sister Sumire Yoshizawa, and "Sumire" is violet flowers in Japanese. Having Kasumi help her for most of her life and accomplishing top gymnastic performance after top gymnastic performance while she can only be just above average at the sport has resulted in her zero self-esteem or self-confidence, as she believed that if she weren't Kasumi, she should probably just die. This eventually led to a traffic accident where she only survived when Kasumi took her place to be hit by traffic and died instead, which only furthered her suicidal depression even more, forcing her father to push her to Maruki and she requested him to turn her into a copy of Kasumi to artificially boost her nonexistent self-confidence and ego.
  • Persona 3:
    • There's Fuuka Yamagishi, the team's resident Mission Control, who has a school reputation for being frail, shy and easily bullied. She's actually much more resilient and headstrong than her reputation suggests, but when Junpei "Casanova Wannabe" Iori points out how developed she looks in a swimsuit, she can only manage a panicked, inarticulate squeak and quickly hides behind the other female party members in embarrassment.
    • And possibly topping Fuuka is "Justice" social link NPC Chihiro Fushimi, the painfully shy student council treasurer who can't speak to any male character about anything at all without stammering. Completing her social link sidequest helps her get better, and reveals that she's also a (very mild) Type B tsundere. By Persona 4, she's overcome her shyness enough to become Student Council President.
    • And a third, surprising, example in Persona 3 is Akihiko Sanada. The team's Spirited Competitor and school boxing champion, most of the time he's an Aloof Big Brother sort that most of the girls in the school would love to date least, until he actually tries to impress a girl, and falls into a nervous stammer. A character video late in the game shows him reading books in his room on how to talk to girls and trying, and failing, to rehearse a conversation without getting flustered. This is probably best exemplified by talking to him in Tartarus when playing as a female protagonist in a romance with him. Up to this point, Akihiko has consistently shown the ability to filter out distractions while fighting, even when emotions are running high. But when the female player merely speaks to him then, he's reduced to this: "Wh... What? Oh... sorry... I’m... kind of nervous... ...Don’t look at me too much."
  • Persona 4: In the initial start of the story, Yukiko Amagi is highly revered among her classmates and many people of Inaba for her beauty and status, but is uncomfortable whenever someone compliments her looks and doesn't think very highly of herself, feeling worthless. She depends on her childhood best friend Chie Satonaka to stick up for her and fend unwanted guys off who pressure her into going out with them to an extent that it becomes a crutch. As the game progresses and Yukiko obtains her Persona, she begins to gain the strength and self-confidence she needs to stand up for herself more.
    • Ayane Matsunaga serves as another example of this trope within the game.
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time has a literal example. The Shrinking Violet is a violet that shrinks all zombies around it. Its Almanac entry subverts this, however- she used to be this trope until she learned of her talent of zombie-shrinking powers.
  • Pokémon:
    • There's Jasmine, the Gym Leader of Olivine City, to the point where her gym has no other trainers in it besides herself. She makes a cameo appearance in the fourth generation games and proves to be just as timid as ever. All the more jarring when her Steelix kicks your ass.
    • The fourth generation also has Marley, who only speaks just enough to get the point across.
    • Male example in the fifth generation is Cilan. Compared to his anime counterpart, the Cilan in the game comes off as very shy and having almost no confidence in his ability. His tendency to stutter before, during and after the battle doesn't help his case. When you compare his personality to his brothers Chili and Cress, it's very jarring.
    • In Pokemon Xand Y, Battle Chatelaine Evelyn fits this trope to a T, up to the point that she stutters in her speech.
    • The eighth generation has Allister, who rarely makes public appearances, and hides behind a mask when around other people.
  • The main girl from the The Prince of Tennis Dating Sim Doki Doki Survival: Sanroku no Mystic, Tsugumi Obinata, is a Shrinking Violet and a Cute Clumsy Girl) (and it's speculated she's an Expy of the canon Shrinking Violet from the story, Sakuno).
    • Same goes to Shizuka Hirose, the main chick from Gakuensai no Oujisama, though this depends heavily on which male she's shipped with: she's more shy to some guys, but more open to others.
  • Satura from Runbow turns out to be this in the DLC mission. She may have ultimately become friends with the Hues and Vals after her defeat in the normal adventure mode, but she still feels shy and lacks confidence around them due to her being born without color, preferring to sit by herself in The Last Luau and draw in her sketchbook. It's only after she gets convinced to join the others on a trip to the new Outta This World poster that showed up that she starts to get over it.
  • Another male example: Shizumaru Hisame from Samurai Shodown.
  • Despite her being quite a tough girl, Sonic the Hedgehog's Blaze the Cat does have her moments of this, especially around the more bubby Amy Rose, ever so cheerful Cream, cocky Sonic, or even Peach and Daisy.
    • When around girls, Knuckles can qualify for a male version of this, especially when taking quotes like this into account.
    Rouge: Still, you were pretty dashing and daring this time around.
    Knuckles: Huh? You really think so? I mean, I don't think I was really all that, um... Hey! Where's the detector?!
    Rouge: Nothing ever changes with you does it? Anyway, thanks for the Master Emerald!
    Knuckles: Wait! Wait you... You bat thief! Get back here!
  • Annie from Splatoon is a shy and fidgety shop owner. Luckily she has a loud, Jerkass partner in Moe.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • They cover their faces with masks and wear robes that cover their entire bodies... clearly, Shy Guys are the kings of this trope.
    • Also the Boos, who will stalk and haunt Mario as he attempts to go about his adventures, preparing to rip him apart with their razor-sharp fangs.... but can't do it if he's looking at them.
  • Despinis, one of the Homunculus of Duminuss in Super Robot Wars Reversal fits this trope to a T. Even when attacking, there's not a chance she'll not slip up the phrase "I'm sorry". All with a face of a half-sick, super shy paedophile bait. On the bright side, she does have some sort of kindness streak and this proves to be beneficial that in OG Gaiden, instead of dying like in her original role in R, she ends up surviving.
  • Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World fits this trope squarely. It probably doesn't help that everyone else in his hometown, his own aunt and uncle included, believe he's a worthless scum who'd be better off dead. Emil also subverts this trope in Ratatosk Mode, where he becomes a very blunt Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and the exact opposite of the "Normal" Emil.
  • Elise from Tales of Xillia. It's a result of the people in her town treating her like a freak because of her abnormal proficiency with magic for her age, on top of seldom being let out of her home by her caretaker for safety reasons.
  • Mio Kisaragi, Megumi Mikihara and Miharu Tatebayashi from the first Tokimeki Memorial. Each, in their own ways: Mio is a Meganekko Ill Girl, Megumi is very sheltered and naive, Miharu is clumsy and awkward.
  • Taurus Mask from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. While he has his mask on, he is a Large Ham professional wrestler that always screams his lines. But when he is seen without his mask and as his true self, Daisuke Ikusaba, he is incredibly nervous, barely able to hold conversations and constantly trying to find his mask to gain the confidence to speak.
  • Touhou:
    • Nitori Kawashiro from the game Mountain of Faith. Her first reaction to the player character? To run away.
    • Kisume from Subterranean Animism hides in a bucket out of shyness. She is so shy, most of the time she often outright refuses to show her face to people. The implication being that the head that peeks up from the bucket is not hers... And, yes, in case you're wondering; her being an Ax-Crazy Shrinking Violet is canon.
  • Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy is a very shy, insecure girl. She appears utterly uncomfortable with talking to people with whom she isn't already acquainted, and she becomes stricken with anxiety when put on the spot or made the center of attention. Further evidence toward this comes in when she flashes back to her and her band making the poster for their upcoming gig, specifically saying, "My picture doesn't have to stand out." However, when she has her guitar, either with her or in her mind...
  • Yandere Simulator:
    • Oka Ruto, the Occult Club president. Her default walk cycle has her hunched over and trying to take up as little space as possible, and she speaks in a halting, hesitating manner. Her student info also notes her shyness.
    • Ayano "Yandere-chan" Aishi acts like this if she gets too close to Senpai (in fact she switches to the same walk cycle as Oka). The hand-wringing can be something of an inconvenience, as she drops whatever she was holding (like, say, a bloody knife).


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