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  • While working for Capitol Sports Promotions/The World Wrestling Council, "Sucio" Dutch Mantel would travel to mainland cities such as New York to eavesdrop on conversations between Puerto Ricans who had migrated from the island in order to figure out which insults would be most offensive to the Puerto Ricans who chose to remain on the island. This made him among the most hated wrestlers on Borinquen, second only to Ox Baker who had killed two men with his bare hands and routinely "attempted" to murder several other wrestlers in the same manner.
  • Brian Alvarez and Vince Verhei of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter were former pro wrestlers and Verhei in addition was a sports broadcaster, so they often bring various details to their analysis that would go unnoticed by most marks and in the latter case, even fellow wrestlers.
  • At the Russian promotion IWF President's Cup 2007 event, Raven made a surprise appearance and cut a promo in Russian.
  • Before acting as a guest commentator for Wrestling Society X, Pitbull made sure to do some homework so as not to come off as lost like previous musical guests.
  • Motorcycle gangs were hardly an original idea for Eric Bischoff by the time 2012 rolled around but Aces & Eights angle in TNA was actually based on a real life group, which members of the TNA version such as D'Lo Brown and The Dudley Boys would allude to and mention the practices of.
  • While Roman Reigns did not invent the jumping "Superman punch" strike, he is unique in that he duplicates the movements of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel as he sets up the move.