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  • Soundbite will often say "Roger roger" in affirmation to a command.
  • The TDWS's attack names are references to works of art their namesakes created.

    Soundbite's Voices 
Being an animal himself, Soundbite can understand other animals, and his Devil Fruit allows him to give them the ability to speak. And the voices he gives them are rather... symbolic.
  • In Chapter 8, he gives Carue the voice of Donald Duck.
  • He also gives the two other Baby Transponder Snails the Straw-Hats have the voices of Pinky and the Brain.
  • In Chapter 17, the voice he gives Eyelashes the camel belongs to Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
  • And in Chapter 22, he gives Lassoo Goofy's voice and Muttley's laugh.
  • In Chapter 27, he gives the South Bird they were trying to capture the voice of Gilbert Gottfried (ala Iago), and the two South Birds the former hands to Cross on a silver platter the voices of Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. They even argue in the exact same way!
  • In Chapter 28, Soundbite initially gives Pierre a stereotypical French voice, but upon learning that he ate the Horse-Horse Fruit, gives him Twilight Sparkle's voice instead. When Cross points out said pony isn't a Pegasus, Soundbite asks if he'd prefer Pinkie Pie note .
    • He also gives Su the voice of Brock's Vulpix, though considering that said Pokémon only ever said her species name while Su speaks coherently, it's nowhere near as notable as the above.
  • To the boss of the cloud wolves he meets in the Skypiean forest, he grants the voice of the Fonz.
  • In Chapter 34, he gives a dachshund the voice of Winston Churchill, a bull moose the voice of Robin Williams (which is a reference to him playing Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum), and an alligator the voice of Steve Irwin. He also gives Shelly the voice of McGonagall, and Chuchun the voice of Al Roker.
  • In Chapter 36, he planned on giving Yokozuna the frog the voice of Kermit the Frog, but upon hearing the conviction in his voice, gave him Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice instead.
  • In Chapter 37, Gonbe the Rabbit (that thinks it's a cat) is given the voice of Sylvester the Cat. And then Soundbite gives the voice of Mr. T... to Iceburg's little mouse Tyrannosaurus.
  • In Chapter 38, Sodom and Gomorrah are given the voices of the Blues Brothers. Cross notes that there was never a chance of them leaving those waters without Soundbite using their voices at least once.
    Sodom: "It's five miles to the Tower of Justice, we got bellies full of fish, a trailer full a' fighters, it's day in the middle of the night, and we're wearing goggles."
    Gomorrah: "Hit it!"
  • In Chapter 40, it is revealed that Soundbite has given Hattori the voice of James Spader.
  • In Chapter 43, Soundbite gives Funkfreed the voice of Mickey Mouse, to Cross' disbelief. When he objects, Soundbite states there was no way he was not having the Disney Holy Trifecta on the crew, and Disney's dimension-hopping copyright lawyers can take it up with him.
  • In Chapter 46, the Accino Family's top four Fierce Penguins are given the voices of The Penguins of Madagascar. They even have the same names and jobs.
  • Chapter 54 has him giving Boss the mutant beetle the voice of André the Giant, after a bit of difficulty.
  • In Strong World, Apis' pet Millenium Dragon, Lindy, is given the voice of Abridged Alucard, while the electric duck Billy is given the voice of Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewy, and Louie (no specific one, not that anyone would be able to tell the difference anyway).
  • In Chapter 60, he gives Megalo, Shirahoshi's pet shark and palace retainer, the voice of Bruce the Shark.

Main Chapters

    East Blue Saga 

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

    Alabasta Saga 

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

  • Cross tries to quote the Cheshire Cat regarding his adrenaline junkie status. Nami does not appreciate this.

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

  • Cross steals a battle plan from Captain America;
    • Usopp: You find a good rooftop and act as support, take out anyone that isn’t us.
    • Nami: Find Sanji and Zoro and break them up if you can, then send them back here to tie these guys up so they don’t get loose. And keep an eye out, alright? There could still be some stragglers hiding here and there, so there’s a good chance they could try to jump us.
      • Also; loot everything that isn’t nailed down and a lot that is.
    • Luffy: Smash.
    Soundbite: Puny GOD!
    Cross: That comes later. For now, just puny Frontier Agents.
  • Nami has a Freak Out when she realizes a Warlord is going to be after the Straw Hats' scalps.
    Nami: What did I ever do to deserve this!?
    Cross: Do you want that list chronologically or alphabetically?

Chapter 9:

  • Upon realizing the Inevitable Waterfall that's heading right for them, Soundbite throws out several lines, including this:
  • In this chapter, we are introduced to Pinky and Brain, the two Baby Transponder Snails purchased in Loguetown. Compare and contrast another pair of blatant expies introduced over a dozen chapters later...

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

  • When Cross is confronted by the last raptor that wasn't distracted by the Unluckies, he says, "Clever girl." The raptor takes offense.

Chapter 13:

  • Shortly after Luffy decides on recruiting Chopper, Soundbite plays a tune Cross identifies as the theme song to My Little Pony.

Chapter 14:

  • The way Xomniac writes Soundbite's Cluster F-Bomb is taken directly from Berserker of Fate/stay night.
  • After Cross tricks Kureha into letting them go without paying and giving them free reign of the palace's food storage, Kureha goes back on the deal as far as letting them go. What follows is one big Shout-Out to The Empire Strikes Back:
    Nami: Hey, that wasn't the deal!
    Kureha: I'm changing the deal! Thank whatever gods you pray to that I'm not changing it further!
    Soundbite: Fwhooooooh Ktchhhhhh... Fwhooooooh Ktchhhhhh…note 
    (Nami and Cross glare at Soundbite)
    Soundbite: (grinning sheepishly but unapologetically) SORRY, couldn't resist.

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

  • Unsurprisingly, Cross compares the Sandora Dragons to baby Godzillas.
  • When Cross puts on a mask Vivi gave him to protect himself from the desert sand, he gets the inexplicable urge to cover his eye, read smut in public, and be three hours late to every appointment.
  • When Nami gives an explanation about mirages, Cross calls her Bill Nye.
  • When Nami and Chopper keep interrupting each other in trying to ask Cross a question, Cross likens it to an Abbott and Costello routine. Soundbite adds to it by playing a bit of their famous "Who's on First" routine.

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:

  • Scissors' voice prompts Cross to state that Soundbite has no sense of decency. The snail's response?
    Soundbite: I ate its liver with a side of fava beans!

Chapter 20:

  • At the very end of the chapter, Cross takes a leaf out of Jake Sully's book, with a blatant reference to the film, as he jumps from a building onto the Unluckies to save Soundbite.

Chapter 21:

  • Cross calls fighting the Unluckies pest control.
  • Catching up to and starting to drown Mr. 13 in the water barrel, Cross has this to say.
    Cross: That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Chapter 22:

  • As a method of payback to the Unluckies, Soundbite tortures them with Vogon poetry.
  • Then we have two references to Pokémon: first, when Cross tells Miss Merry Christmas that he believes there aren't any bad animals, just bad owners, and Soundbite responds with the series' slogan to lampshade the reference. Then, fed up with Luffy's food theft, he ties his tongue around his head as a reference to Greninja.
  • When B.R.O.B temporarily increases gravity, Zoro notes that such a thing would be good for training. However, Cross tells him that particular Devil Fruit is already or will be in the possession of someone who will become a Marine.
    • May serve double duty, because Christopher Sabat provides the English dub voices of both Zoro and Vegeta.
  • In retaliation for Vivi being outlawed, Cross establishes the Strawhat Broadcasting Station AKA the SBS.

Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:

  • Tennessee Williams;
    Soundbite: We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it.
  • When Chopper's Mad Science Split Personality straps Cross to an Operating Table, Soundbite shatters his steel gag and sounds the alert;
  • After learning how Chopper created a super intelligent but morally bankrupt personality in himself, Cross first double checks with the crew if Robert Louis Stevenson is still a factor in their world, before continuing his analogy about how Chopper turned himself into Jekyll & Hyde.
  • In response to Robin's wondering what Cross has planned for the revenge he promised her in Whiskey Peak, he and Soundbite paraphrase a speech from one episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
    Cross: I'm not going to take revenge, Nico Robin. Or at least...I'm not going to take revenge today. Maybe not even tomorrow. You see—
    Soundbite: (in Uncle Phil's voice) I need to think a long, long time about just what I'm going to do with you. I don't know, it might come to me, pff, in the middle of the night... or maybe next week or, a few years from now. In the meantime, why don't you worry about it?
    Soundbite: Be afraid, Robin.
    Cross: (in Uncle Phil's voice) Be very afraid. (Evil Laugh)

Chapter 25:

  • Shogun Octavio is the spitting image of DJ Octavio.
  • Cross doesn't get the reference to Life's a Glitch TV after Soundbite gives the following line:
    Soundbite: But at what cost, SANJI?! At what cost?!
  • When the skull lands on the ship, Cross and Soundbite use it to quote Hamlet, then quote Sherlock Holmes to explain where the skull came from.
    Sky Island Saga 

Chapter 26:

Chapter 27:

  • When Cross ends up using Miss Friday to launch himself over a fence, Soundbite plays the theme music from Super Mario Bros., claiming it was because Cross just did a Goomba Stomp.
  • Soundbite says "Run, Forrest, run!" to Cross.
  • Cross and Soundbite justify how taking a walk resulted in the town being set on fire by insisting it was a "very enthusiastic walk".
  • Chopper mentions calming pies while in Hyde mode.
  • In an attempt to block out Luffy, Masira and Shoujou's singing, Soundbite begins playing the audio version of Two Girls, One Cup. Link not provided to preserve your sanity and lunch.
  • While suffering through the antics of the previously mentioned South Birds, there's a subtle nod to a certain crazed German Medic.
    Cross: (exasperated) Kill me now.
    Soundbite: (in a German accent) Later.
  • Justice League;
    Masira: Actually, to be fair, the News Coos haven't come to this island since you started your show; their next delivery is later tonight...
    Cross: That's. Not. Helping.

Chapter 28:

  • When the Straw Hats are first bouncing around on Skypia, Soundbite sings an inverted version of "Under The Sea".
    OVER THE SEA, Darling it's better, UP WHERE IT'S HIGHER, Take it from me!
  • Apparently Admiral Kizaru has something of a habit when it comes to accidentally shooting Vice-Admiral Brett.
  • Cross quotes Alice in Wonderland, saying the Grand Line just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Robin appreciates the reference.
  • Soundbite sings a familiar little song about a jar of dirt.

Chapter 29:

Chapter 31:

Chapter 32:

Chapter 33:

    Water 7 Saga 

Chapter 34:

  • While aiming for an ambushing Foxy, Soundbite first asks if he's with Chica and Bonnie, and then gives directions in Widdershins. Cross calls him out on the latter.
  • Nami's Angrish after using an Impact Dial ends in a similar way to a similar rant from Buggy in the fanfic New Game Plus:
    Cross: So glad that I can't be sued for all of this.
  • When Ito announces that Luffy has donned an afro over the broadcast, Woop Slap shouts, "SHAME! SHAME ON YOUR WHOLE FAMILY! SOMEONE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS!"
  • Soundbite plays Uptown Funk when Afro Luffy shows up.
  • Aboard Hatchan's restaurant, he, Papugg, and Keimi ended up caught in the "Two Hard-Boiled Eggs" routine of the Marx Brothers.
  • When Luffy is caught by an explosion and (briefly) believed killed, Usopp screams out the Game Over line from Metal Gear Solid:
    Usopp: "Luffy? Luffy!? LUUUUFFYYYYY!"
  • Itomimizu is compared to Beaker... whose franchise is apparently known on the Grand Line.
  • At the end of Luffy's fight with Foxy, Soundbite declares "FINISH HIM!"

Chapter 35:

  • When a sea monster pops up in front of Aokiji, Boss and Su stop anyone from helping him. Why? The sea monster's already dead.
  • Soundbite's battle cry while fighting Aokiji:

Chapter 36:

  • During Cross's SBS broadcast, two of the listeners are a forgetful blue tang-fishgirl named Lori and a worry-wort clownfish-fishboy named Martin. One guess as to who they're based off of.
  • Anybody else get flashbacks to Naruto with Cross talking about ending the cycle of hatred?
  • Cross needed a code word to let Apoo know when to interrupt the SBS. The word he chooses? "Allon-sy!"
  • When asking aloud how long it will take to get to Water 7, Cross hears Usopp shout "Land ho!" In response to the timing of this, Soundbite says in the voice of Andre the Giant:

Chapter 37:

Chapter 38:

  • "GET ON WITH IT!" Soundbite is a bit surprised when Cross realizes that this is the first Monty Python reference he heard from him and resolves to try and make more.
  • Usopp screams "USELESS USELESS USELESS USELESS—!" while repeatedly stomping on his Sniper King mask. After checking that Soundbite isn't responsible for this one, Cross comments that he makes it work.
  • When Vivi panics about the Rocketman not having brakes, Soundbite cackles:
    • Surprisingly, Kokoro happily points out that they will be passing 88 mph by a wide margin.
  • Soundbite realizes Chopper just made a Call-Back to an event that happened before he joined the crew, then complains that his explanation raises even more questions.
  • When Cross says "Let's get down to business", he preemptively tells Soundbite to not say anything about Huns.
  • Franky, throughout the chapter, asks Conis if she is ready for whatever they're about to face. Conis notes he keeps asking that question—she's starting to wonder if it means what he thinks it means.
  • Cross calls Chopper Heterodyne-lite.
  • When starting the SBS, Soundbite plays the first Death Note opening in English. Specifically, this version.
  • After learning through the SBS that the Straw Hats are storming Enies Lobby, an apoplectic Sengoku orders his subordinates to get him "EEEVERYYYOOONE!"
  • This exchange between Cross and Soundbite: "Good snail." "Best friend!"

Chapter 39:

  • When calling the Rocketman, Soundbite quotes the Elton John song of the same name.
  • When Nami begins unleashing hell on the Marines, Soundbite chants:
    • Cross attempts to finish the quote, but cuts himself off when Nami gets especially scary.
    • And later on, Cross refers to Zoro as Macduff and Nami as Lady Macduff.
  • Cross gives his own version of Psalm 23:4, editing it in a manner to scare the bejeebers out of the Marines:
    "Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil... for we are as death itself."
  • This song. Just, this song.
  • After Sanji gives Judge Baskerville a spectacular put-down, Soundbite gleefully adds, "COURT DISMISSED! BRING IN THE DANCIN' LOBSTERS!"
  • Jabra's ultimate technique is Fang Howling Over Fang.
  • Soundbite quotes Lovecraft to help inspire Robin.
  • Jabra's Cluster F-Bomb includes "Fuck the power rankings".
  • Apoo and the Great Kung Fu Fleet raid a Marine convoy known as Task Force Cerberus, led by a trio of combatants wielding wires, a bazooka that doubles as a hammer, and tonfas/tong fa.

Chapter 40:

  • After the flight of the Rocketman into the Tower of Justice, a furious Nami requests an equally furious Soundbite to Gastro-Amp her up to eleven before tearing Luffy and Cross a new one.
  • In what doubles as a Moment of Awesome and Funny, Cross and Soundbite weaponize Abbott and Costello to take out a government agent. They then decide it isn't right to deprive the world of such comedy, so Cross has Soundbite play the Who's on First? routine on the SBS while he loots Spandam's office.
  • After reading some incriminating material to the world and spreading some real chaos, Cross shouts "Are you not entertained?" as an appeal to B.R.O.B. to save Merry.
  • After Cross broadcasts Spandam announcing his desire to replace the Five Elder Stars, Cross gleefully cuts in:
    Cross: You're on candid-snail, my friend.
  • Hattori's reaction to Cross's plan to escape by jumping out a window, and Cross's response:
    Hattori: You're mad.
    Cross: To paraphrase Will Turner's dubiously good friend Jack Sparrow-!
    Cross: Yes, yes, Captain Jack Sparrow, thank you... (Grins) Good thing I am, because otherwise this would probably never work.
  • When deciding that Blueno would make a good springboard, Cross does a Dynamic Entry off his face, even shouting the attack as he does it.
  • After Cross comments that Zoro was right that Enies Lobby was a zoo, Soundbite called it The Most Magical Place In The Grand Line. Cross groans that now all his memories of that theme park would be tainted.
  • In a truly EPIC Shout Out to the anime, Soundbite finally gets past B.R.O.B's media block and plays music from One Piece's soundtrack.
  • The names of the nations involved in the wars around the Jewel Tree Adam (Shule, Cohor, Jared, and Akish) are a reference to leaders of the constantly warring Jaredites from The Book of Mormon.

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

    Thriller Bark Saga 

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 52

  • When the sun finally shines at the edge of the Florian Triangle, Soundbite recites the first lines of Puck's final monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • As Soundbite introduces the Obelisks of the Florian, he adopts the voice of Rod Serling.
  • Lola's codename as a member of the New World Masons? Rabbit.
  • When Onion explains how he figured out Cross would need five hours to sing "1,000 Bottles of Rum on the Wall", the other Veggie Pirates keep yelling "Neeeerd!"
  • During his friendship speech to Zoro and Nami, Cross quotes the first One Piece opening.
    Little East Blue 

Chapter 54

    Summit War Saga 

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

  • Soundbite refers to Funkfreed, an informant on illicit government operations, as "Deep Nose."
  • When Sandersonia introduces herself to Tashigi under the codename of "Anaconda", Soundbite started to sing a particular lyric from Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby got Back"note  only for Cross to stop him before he could go any further.
  • Cross gives Soundbite the greenlight to quote Darth Vader when revealing the truth about Hody Jones to Jinbei.

Chapter 61

Chapter 62

Chapter 63

Chapter 64

  • Jonathan advices Ain to cease with her polite coughing, because it really sounds like a fat toad stuck in her throat.
  • To cap off their punishment of two privateer captains for abusing their ships, Merry and Franky execute a textbook Muscle Docking.
    • And shortly afterward, when Cross Impact Dials Boss off of Chuchun after the latter geeks out of over the technique, the dugong shouts "FOUL!" on the way down.
  • As a Call-Back, it's revealed that Soundbite did sing "Yellow Submarine" after seeing the Heart Pirates' ship, as Law apparently found it catchy.

Chapter 65

Chapter 67

  • While Law is interrogating a slaver, he ends his demand with the phrase "Would you kindly?". Soundbite immediately eavesdrops mentioning Law should get a moustache and be hit with a golf club to the pirate's confusion and ire.
  • A chemist that Cross meets briefly while the Sabaody Revolution is in progress is in full Yzma-mode, with a nearby bartender substituting for Kronk. Complete with lever-operated trapdoor.
  • While listening to the SBS broadcast of said Revolution, Lindbergh more or less recreates the Trope Naming scene for My God, You Are Serious, when he asks whether Belo Betty is jealous of Cross's ability to incite riots.
  • To restore the morale of the rescued slaves at Grove 77, Cross, Soundbite, and Brook kickstart a performance of Do You Hear The People Sing?.
  • During the performance, Soundbite refers to Brook as "Bonejangles", after the skeleton band leader in the afterlife from Corpse Bride.

Chapter 68

Chapter 69

  • Cross's speech when confronting Saint Roswald:
    Cross: “Back home, where I'm from? Well, a great man once said something about my country. He said that it was a nation that was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe in, no matter the odds or the consequences. What that means, is that when anyone, be it the mob, be it the press, be it even the World, tells you to move, to stand aside and let what you know, you know to be an injustice be committed... your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole World... (walks up to Roswald) No. You move.”

Chapter 70

Chapter 71

Chapter 74

Chapter 75

  • After Luffy tosses a sea king steak at an insectoid BioMEGA, everyone is left speechless for a few seconds. Then a Sea King rises from the nearby canal to bite the BioMEGA's head off, and Luffy smirks, crosses his arms, and says, "All according to cake...or whatever it is Soundbite says when he's being smug." The correct phrase is, "All according to keikaku," taken from the Death Note fandub.
  • When they crash into Level 3, Galdino remarks that he hates sand, since it's coarse, rough, and gets everywhere.
  • When Izo shows up on the Moby Dick, getting from Paradise to the New World seemingly without a boat, Marco demands to know how he did it. Izo, in a hurry, simply claims, "Sea turtles."
  • After meeting Buggy, Luffy makes a break for it as some Impel Down guards appear. Luffy thinks they saw him... and then they open fire.
  • Buggy swears by "Kefka below". For extra points, Buggy and Kefka have the same voice actor.

Chapter 76

  • When bursting out of the boiling cauldron of blood, the Warden's massive venom Hydra lets out Godzilla's Signature Roar.

Chapter 77

Chapter 78

Decks of the World EX: Pt. 2

  • To stop the Dr. Vegapunk's lab from exploding, Franky has to complete three tasks within sixty seconds. Following along with a color keypad, swiping a security card, and entering a 5 digit access code. All of these tasks come from Among Us.
  • When Merry sets up traps for the Fishmen in Davy Jone's Locker, she proudly screams "Suddenly pineapples!" while one of the Fishmen cries out in pain, "MY LEG!"

Chapter 79




Omatsuri Island

Strong World


Christmas Special

  • While getting himself and Nami away from the snowball fight, Cross almost completes the iconic line from Terminator:
    Cross: Come with me if you want to li- ow!

Halloween Special


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