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With a Reference Overdosed main character, it's not hard to reach Shoutout-overload.

Due to the abundance of examples, this page contains spoilers.This page needs more love.

     Season 1 

Succulent Rat-Killing Tar

  • Eiffel refers to "human-AI relations," possibly a shoutout to C-3P0's catchphrase.
  • When told he needs to read Pryce & Carter's Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol Manual:
    Eiffel: Have you got this... Jimmy Carter thing in your databanks?

Little Revolución

  • Eiffel mentions sensing "the teeniest disturbance in The Force" as grounds for dumping their last tube of toothpaste into a bucket of oil.
  • He also hallucinates Peter Sellers playing a Gameboy in the corner.
  • Apparently, after seventeen hours shut in the comms room at -40º, happiness is vindicating your beliefs and cleaning your mouth out while humming Mercedes Benz by the immortal Janis Joplin.

Discomforts, Pains and Irregularities

  • Eiffel tells Minkowski to just give the abnormal plant sample some "soylent chow."
  • Eiffel refers to Hilbert as "Comrade Doctor Moreau."

Cataracts and Hurricanoes

Cigarette Candy

  • Eiffel notes he suspects Minkowski sneaks into his room to "NSA" through his logs.

Super Energy Saver Mode

  • While procrastinating with Hera, Eiffel quotes "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and notes that any list of "Top 5 Stick-It-To-The-Man Songs" without "Anarchy in the UK" would be mathematically unsound.
  • With Hera and most electrical systems offline, Eiffel compares the Hephaestus with the Overlook Hotel.
  • Eiffel aptly likens his log to a horror radio show:
    Eiffel: (mock announcer voice) “We interrupt tonight’s presentation of Hammer Horror's The Amityville Space Station to bring you a quick word from our spons-”
  • Eiffel refers to the weird whispering as "Stephen King FM."

The Sound and the Fury

  • Title is a reference to the 1997 heavyweight boxing championship match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson II.
    Eiffel: And you’re all just in time for tonight’s entertainment! Holyfield/Tyson, the Leo Constellation match. I don’t know who threw the first punch, but it’s been going for the past two hours. And of course, they decide to host The Sound and the Fury right outside my door...
  • The crew are welcome to vote on what film they'll watch for movie night, though it's noted the only movie onboard is a VHS copy of Home Alone 2.
  • Eiffel refers to Minkowski and Hera as the "clashing titans", calls Hera "our version of Clippy," and says he's a "huge fan of Switzerland when told to pick a side between them.
  • Eiffel rates their situation on a scale of "Spidey-sense is tingling" to "Batsignal in the sky."

Box 953

  • One of Eiffel's reasons for not participating in the quarterly talent show:
    Eiffel: I can deal with the bad food, low shower pressure, and lack of Simpsons reruns around here, but I have my limits. It’s either not smoking OR Sylvia Plath’s “Lady Lazarus,” not both of them together.
  • Eiffel refers to the start of the talent show as "the witching time of night" being upon them.
  • Eiffel also describes the many bizarre contents of the store room as "some Raiders of the Lost Ark stuff."
  • Minkowski decides to forcibly put on a production of The Pirates of Penzance.

The Empty Man Cometh

Extreme Danger Bug

  • Eiffel decides to take a new approach to his log-making:
    Eiffel: Welcome, friends, to a very special live action episode of the log of Douglas Eiffel, communications officer to the stars. Today I’m gonna shake things up a little bit - be a little less NPR and a little more National Geographic with some mobile reportage.
  • Eiffel calls the spider-filled room they discover "Charlotte's Lab."

Am I Alone Now?

Deep Breaths

Gas Me Twice

     Season 2 

The Kumbaya Approach

What's Up Doc?

  • Title is a reference to Bugs Bunny's iconic catchphrase.
  • Eiffel calls Hilbert the Red Menace.
  • Eiffel also asks whether they got Looney Tunes or Dr. Strangelove in Russia while pestering interrogating Hilbert.
  • Eiffel doesn't miss an opportunity for a classic hammer joke:
    Minkowski: I'm going to ask you questions. You are going to answer in a very direct, very simple fashion. Every time you don't...
    Eiffel: It's hammer time for one of your hard drives!
  • In their final attempt to interrogate Hilbert, Eiffel makes reference to Family Feud.

Painfully Ever After

  • Eiffel refers to the alarms going off as likely being "bad news bears."
  • Eiffel references President Obama's campaign slogan:
Eiffel: Commander, we can't keep this up.
Minkowski: Yes, we can.
Eiffel: No, Barack, we can't.

Bach to the Future

Happy to be of Assistance

  • Eiffel calls Hera "Rosie" after the Jetsons robot maid.
  • When queueing up the audio files found on an old terminal, Eiffel calls it "Blast from the Past volume one."
  • Lovelace's audio log seems to be a grim report of alien attack until she clarifies:
    Lovelace: It is day 97 of our orbit around Wolf 359. We are not, I am happy to say, under attack by little green men.
  • After hearing about Lovelace's crew, Eiffel wonders why Command "sent Captain Picard up here with only half the crew they gave Kirk."

Let's Kill Hilbert

  • Title is a reference to the title of the Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler".

The Paranoia Game

Minkowski Commanding

Mutually Assured Destruction

No Pressure

Tactical Brain Damage

Lame-O Superhero Origin Story

Do No Harm

Knock Knock

Who's There?


     Season 3 




Controlled Demolition

Don't Poke the Bear

A Matter of Perspective

Need to Know

Fire and Brimstone

  • Eiffel commenting on Minkowski's decision to go rogue:
    Eiffel: Commander, you know how tingly I get whenever you break out you Franchise/Terminator Sarah Connor game but are you listening to yourself? This is murder!


Happy Endings

All Things Considered



  • Maxwell compares observing Hera's memories to a Pensieve from Harry Potter.

Time To Kill


Desperate Times

Desperate Measures


  • Title refers to Ravel's Boléro.

     Season 4 

Into the Depths

Theta Scenario

Out Of the Loop

The Hiccups Method

Shut Up and Listen

Constructive Criticism

Dirty Work

The Watchtower

A Place for Everything

Idle Hands

The Devil's Plaything

Quiet, Please

Crash and Burn

Terms and Conditions

Brave New World


Are Space Suits Itchy?

Day One

Variations on a Theme


Long Story Short

Once in a Lifetime


Language Mapping


Things That Break Other Things




  • Title is part of a Wizard of Oz reference.
    Mr. Cutter: Come on, Dorothy. Don't you want to see what's behind the curtain?

One of Them

Mission Mishaps: A Little Night Music

Mission Mishaps: The Space You're In

Mission Mishaps: You Want, I Solve

Mission Mishaps: The Veldt

Mission Mishaps: Lights Out

Mission Mishaps: Cold Turkey

Mission Mishaps: No Complaints

Mission Mishaps: Happy Holidays


Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol Manual

Change of Mind

Volte Face


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