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Being a work with dual components — a webcomic and a roleplay — and its main character having the power of mimicry as his main ability, it's no surprise that White Dark Life has a lot of Shout Outs.


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  • Matt's power of mimicry is loosely based on Kirby (specifically his appearances in Smash).
    • As an adult, he wears Kaito's coat and scarf.
  • Artemis' full name, Artemis Astarte, contains allusions to both Artemis Fowl and Astarte.
  • The Maid's alternate title is "Outraged Drider In a maid Outfit", or ODIO for short.
  • Eloria's axe is named Hector.
  • Collin basically has Tyki Mikk's powers.
  • Caroline keeps getting called Coraline.
  • Rebecca's hair is based off of Junko Enoshima's Mega Twintails. Her icon on social sites is one of fake!Junko's character portraits.
  • Esther has Chiyo-Chan's corncob shaped pigtails.
  • Marcus was named after the shopkeeper from the Borderlands series.
  • Dark Matt's thorns main attack being an embarrassing fondling is reminiscent of Demon Mobster Kingpin.
  • Damien's "Black Breath" attack is an obvious reference to the infamous Bad Breath move from Final Fantasy as it's a party-wide status-inflicting move.
    • It also just so happens to be Bulzeeb's title in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.

  • "And That's Why He Shakes" is titled after a line from one of Jeff Dunham's skits.
  • In Scardey Fox Training, the first slide is a "Skelington".
  • Ophelia Memory 1 is blatantly inspired by the Spaceman Spiff (and other bouts of imagination) strips from Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Arachnightmare's author's comments outright admits to being heavily based on a Brawl in the Family comic.


  • Luigifan, Matt, and Dark Matt frequently start singing actual songs. However, it's hard to notice with Matt, as he is usually singing an English version of a Vocaloid song.
    • Kazu makes an obscure song reference, one to Rush; quoting their song The Twilight Zone, mentioning the key part (for those who don't know the lyrics; Use the key / unlock the door / see what your fate might have in store). note 
  • Mysta's main gimmick may be an obsession with the moon, but his secondary gimmick is clearly his usage of Spell Cards in general, and using the Spell Card system from Average Joe In Bullet Hell in particular.
    • Many of his spell cards are either lifted wholesale from or inspired by Reisen Udongein Inaba and Eirin Yagokoro. (Note that he actually does this as a gesture of respect to them; Mysta claims that Eirin was his tutor.)
  • Arthur Calibur wields Soul Calibur from the Soul Series. For those among you wondering how this is possible... 
  • Several of the names of Luigifan's characters are Shout-Outs:
  • The nicknames of Luigifan's Pokémon also tend to be Shout Outs (at least, when they're not bad puns).
    • His Kyogre is nicknamed Shamu, after the famous performing whale.
    • Luigifan nicknamed his Ho-Oh Orion, as a reference to the Orre region.
    • Luigifan's Reshiram and Zekrom are nicknamed Forblaze and Aureola, respectively.
    • His Kyurem is nicknamed Frostmournnote .
    • His Volcarona is named Solaris, after the sun god from Sonic '06.
    • His Greninja is named Rikimaru, after the Tenchu character.
    • He has a Gardevoir nicknamed Galaxina, after, well... she's also a character in this comic...
    • Luigifan nicknamed his Xerneas and Yveltal Yggdrasil and Soma Cruz, respectively.
  • Ryu has a similar penchant for Shout Outs with his Pokémon. Thus far, he has named his own Pokémon (all of which are Hoenn legendaries, given his creation around the time of the Hoenn remakes) Amaterasu, Susanoo, Orochi, and Tsukuyomi for Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Jirachi, respectively.


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    It's A PDGM 



    Devin Bio 

    A rare moment indeed 

    About dang time 

    Tori Bio 

    Altair Bio 

    Fatty Versus Fairy 

     And that's why he shakes 
With all of the Call Backs this roleplay has, it's no surprise that it's chock-full of Shout Outs as well.

     The Maid 
  • Luigifan references Drakengard after being muted by Dark Matt.
    Luigifan: All right, whose idea was it to put me into a pact with Angelus?

     Pay Day 
  • After chopping a devourer's head in half, Luigifan makes a big deal out of the fact that he scored a Critical Hit on an undead. This is normally impossible in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Flora turns undead just like in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Luigifan tries to pass on a hint as to what Annie should name her daughter... by singing snippets of songs from Anastasia. Nobody else gets it. Except for Mysto.
    Luigifan: Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg.
    Annie: *confused*
    Luigifan: Dancing bears, painted wings! Things I yearn to remember!


     Disgaea: Wedding Bells 
  • Valvatorez admits that he has a strange desire to yell "AXXEEEELL!!" while busy with Fenrich. In his home game, he would scream Axel's name whenever Axel got "killed". Which just happened.
  • Marona: "Oh. I seem to have been impaled."

     Mrs. clause 
  • When Cassandra mimics Flame Hyenard, she ends up devolving into Flame Hyenard's insanity, shouting "BURN! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" ad nauseum.

     Drunk Driving with Tora 

     Library Work 

     Love at First Blindsight 
  • Matt mimics a Combot and makes similar robotic noises.

     Pretty Fly for a... Fly 

     The meaning of a song 

     For tuna the can tolls 

     Boar Bio 
  • Matt and Tori quote the Blues Brothers at the beginning.
  • The locations mentioned in the roleplay are all real places in Ireland. The roleplay is based on a vacation Author Luigifan took in Ireland, so all the locations are areas he visited, and he has the photos to prove it on his DeviantArt account.
  • The subplot where Lindsay gets sent to the past and is nearly killed by Mayans is a homage to Apocalypto.
  • Stands begin to play a crucial role in the plot of this roleplay, and the plot of the Stone Ocean arc is directly alluded to. It turns out that in this universe, Super Sonic killed Enrico Pucci shortly after he acquired Made in Heaven. Completely by accident.
  • When the Heroes' League confronts him, Bling taunts them by saying "Welcome, Heroes' League! Welcome to die!"

     Future: A shocking diary 

     Full moon, empty stomachs 
  • Matt Mokaray threatens Matthew Prower with "a repeat of the Catherine incident".

     Esther Bio 

     In your base, drinkin' your booze 
  • During the fight with the X-Nauts, Dream performs Link's arm-twist throw from Soul Calibur 2.
  • Lord Crump's reaction to Dexter attacking the X-Nauts is a reference to the "Jesus Christ it's a lion! Get in the car!" meme.

     Professional apologizer 

     Blindly fooling thyself 

     Sneaky Little Rat 

     Artemis Bio F 

     May the odds not be in your favor 

     Inu and Uma Bio 

    Freddie Fun Fest 

     Scaredy Fox Training 

     Flight Formation 

     Growing Pains in the Neck 

     Scaredy fox training 2 

    Important Character Update 

     Sky Bio 
  • There are numerous references to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) throughout the roleplay.
  • Just before trying to kill Mickey, Torch sadly remarks that "it has to be this way".
  • While reassuring Annie and Mickey that he won't kill himself or Torch by using his Guzzlord to save Princess Torch, Matthew declares that "All I need to do now is see the math of it and execute my plan... and then Blake's attempt on Torch's life is toast!"
  • Arle Kane is a walking Puyo Puyo shout-out, even going so far as to utter "D-Diacute!" while combining two of her concoctions late in the roleplay.
  • Luigifan draws a comparison between the Trophic Blenders and the Cyprus Adoption Agency after hearing about Valerie and Myla's stories of sexual torment.

     Easter teeth 

     Hardly partying 

     Ophelia Memories 1 

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