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Shout Out / Vresun Ciraian Ruins

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  • The title prefixes for each season is a reference to the Metal Gear series.
  • 'Vresun Ciraian Ruins's title is a reference to the unreleased Metroidvania game of the same name.
  • The Navy Seals copypasta has been referenced more than once. First in Eternal Turnabout and later on in Call of Karlien~ The Uprising.

Season 1: Metal Gear Shane

  • Metal Gear Shane's thumbnail shows T.E.D's mech as a green Metal Gear Rex.
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  • The Eternal Darkness's name could be a reference to Eternal Darkness. His nickname for Polaris 'Siralop', is similar to the naming conventions of Organization XIII members, but without the X.
  • Karjam P~The Battle's thumbnail is a reference to Dragon Ball Z, with Goku being redesigned to resemble PK Supreme.

Season 2: Metal Gear Vresun

  • The episodes all use the 'Turnabout' prefix, which references the Ace Attorney series. The thumbnail and turnabout image for Turnbabout Religion, even use modified versions of Phoenix Wright.
  • Turnabout Memejam's turnabout image has Meckarjam, who is an edited version of the third boss from Face Raiders.
  • Lynn's face in the Eternal Turnabout thumbnail is half Yuno Gasai and half Teridax.
  • Turnbabout Apocalypse's thumbnail and turnabout image are references to End of Evangelion's ending scene.

Season 3: Metal Gear Astrum

  • The Kingly Serenade has at least several:
    • At 34 seconds in, Ariana references Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, explicitly namedropping it at 47 seconds in.
    • Warcraft III and Drawn to Life are name dropped by Ariana and King of Despair respectively.
    • Bill Withers and Bon Jovi get referenced by King of Despair, the latter of which doesn't end well.
    • The ending of the episode references The Cosmic Dancer, a video by the same creator of V.C.R.
  • Karjam's Curriculum Chaos references Steven Universe and Dragon Ball Z with Re:King of Despair and Bloom's questions to PK, regarding fusions.
    • Within the same episode, Re:King of Despair references the "Waifu" meme, much to PK's chagrin.
  • A Neumann's Death has Re:King of Despair and Alfasketer's posts reference the lyrics to Sound of Silence.
    • Shane's Soul visually references Giygas but is an Expy of Elder God Yoda.
  • The Birth of Astrum 5Ds has Re: King of Despair tell everyone to do the flop after Karina drops through the floor.
  • Assimilating Pi has references to Kingdom Hearts and World of Warcraft from Charlotte.
  • Kekshagra and the Flower Child's thumbnail is a reference to Dark Star, the final level from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
    • Kurumi, who debuts in this episode references the character Kurumi Tokisaki.
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  • A Rainy Reunion's Thumbnail portrays His Sleepiness as a pink version of the Raincoat Killer.

Season 4: Metal Gear Symfora


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