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  • The gang's Mario Kart 8 videos have provided several.
    • Mini lampshaded his own reference to the infamous "instrument insertion" line from American Pie.
      Every 12-year-old kid out there's like "What the hell did he say?!" No, no, that's a movie reference.
    • SMii7Y gave one to Edgar Allan Poe after Basically (probably accidentally) hit him with a banana and ruined their teamwork.
      Quoth the raven, bitch - "nevermore"! Nevermore is our friendship!
    • This exchange, after Mini threw a shell backwards and almost took out SMii7Y:
      SMii7Y: You piece of—you motherfucker, Mini. Did you just try that shit?!
      Mini: *after some frantic stammering* I-I'm trying to get fourth place, you know?
      SMii7Y: Whooaoah, Rick!
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    • After Basically let out a stuttering yell of rage:
      SMii7Y: That sounds like the beginning to a fucking film score! [...] Sorry, Hans Zimmer, I just accidentally leaked the opening to Dunkirk!
  • Switch's "Not like this..." line from The Matrix is occasionally dropped whenever something bad is about to happen to someone and they can see it coming.


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