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Shout Out / Van Helsinki

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  • Fay's repetition of "Geoff Vampire killed my father, now he must die" is an obvious Shout-Out to The Princess Bride.
  • Svetlana's preference for Roy Rodgers mirrors the line from Die Hard.
  • One of Van's guns is a copy of the 'Auto-9' that RoboCop carried.
  • Geoff's 'Very well, hit it' and general clothing reference Christopher Lee's Dracula and Hammer Horror in general.
  • Van and Fay's shootout is ripped straight from a Western film.
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  • Van borrows heavily from Clint Eastwood, especially in earlier script drafts. Notably the coat and the smoking.
  • Ford's 'Professor' title, along with Van Helsinki's name, is actually a reference to another film (also called 'Van Helsinki) made by some of the people in the movie when they were younger.
  • Ford's 'Terminate with extreme tactfulness' echoes Apocalypse Now's 'Eliminate with extreme prejudice'.
  • Geoff being an alien, not a vampire is a The Rocky Horror Picture Show reference (and was actually named as such in an earlier draft of the script).

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