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  • In Chapter 2, she mentally recites Elsa’s mantra when she starts working at the Baratie in Luffy’s place.
    Jones: Don’t let them in; don’t let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be. Conceal- don’t feel. Put on a show. Make one wrong move and everyone will know.
  • In the same chapter, she mentions getting Ghin an Element of Loyalty armband.
  • Also in the same chapter, she references Ever After when she opens the cell door by removing the pins from the hinges and swinging it open from the lock, complete with the quote from Da Vinci:
    Ghin: That- where did you learn that? It's amazing.
    Jones: Yes, I will go down in history as the woman who opened a door.
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  • In Chapter 5, she mentally refers to Johnny and Yosaku as the Weasley Twins. And in later chapters, they live up to it.
  • Also in Chapter 5, she calls out her writer for naming a Den Den Mushi (Transponder Snail) store Indigo and Bond Mushi Depot.
  • The two gang members Jones cons out of their cash are the spitting image of the protagonists from The Road to El Dorado.
  • In Chapter 6, we have the first of many references to The Princess Bride when Jones reads something in the newspaper about a large group of Marines devoured by shrieking eels off the coast of a place called Gildor.
  • Also from Chapter 6: While trying to understand the concept, Luffy misnames quantum mechanics as cola mechanics - a possible shout out to "Nuka Cola Quantum" from Fallout 3.
  • While saving a baby dragon's life, Jones recites the ritual from Dragonheart, offering "half her heart" to the creature.
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  • In Chapter 13, Miss Goldenweek gives her real name as Lisa. Now, considering the fact that she’s an artist, what do you think that’s referring to?
  • While being held captive by the Straw Hats, Mr. Nine calls Jones the "Mother of dragons", although she cuts him off before he can complete the sentence, claiming it to be the wrong franchise.
  • Jones's thoughts go a little funny while Arlong is trying to strangle her, turning into the lyrics of We Are One.
  • Sanji's interaction with Wapol parallels how Merlin and Arthur meet.
  • While at Whiskey Peak, we get "Fus! Roh! Dah!", Jones jamming an arrow into her opponent's knee, eating an apple to look like more of an asshole, GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS, and this little gem between Jones and Mr. 13:
    Jones: And you're a very nice otter; I'd hate to die.
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  • In chapter 15, Johnny and Yosaku tell Luffy to have fun storming the castle.
  • When Jones eventually starts naming her sai techniques, she uses Cress Albane's and Yuri Lowell's artes.
  • Even while being carried to a doctor and barely clinging to consciousness after almost getting eaten by a T-Rex, Jones finds the energy to recite the instructions for using the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. And in reference to the same material, Jones refers to having to run away as the "Sir Robin maneuver."
    Jones: I feel fine. I feel happy. I think Imma go for a walk.
  • The sea cat Jones befriends is given the name Bluestar.
  • Chapter nineteen ends with Jones saying Allons-y. The question is whether this is meant as a reference, or if- being Canadian- Jones is bilingual.
  • Apparently, nothing travels faster than bad news.
  • When Zoro, Sanji, and Ghin face-off before landing at Little Garden, Jones whistles the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. She spends much of the rest of the chapter comparing things to Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time.
  • Jones makes fairly frequent reference to Dungeons & Dragons, mentioning various types of skill checks, referring to people's professions and talents using various character classes, and mentioning their base stats. One of her favourites seems to be calling herself a high INT, low WIS character.
  • What does Jones say when she needs to encourage Lisa to be less lazy and work through discomfort? "Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men..."
  • When Jones needs to call the Straw Hats in for dinner early in the story, she refers to yelling obnoxiously loud as doing her best Ma Kettle impression- a reference to the old Ma and Pa Kettle movies
  • Jones' shout of "GAAAAAAAAAME!" while practicing Dugong Fu (which the text implies may be the name of one of the techniques) is reminiscent of The Runaway Guys.
  • Arbitrary names though they be, there's really only one thing to think when Nami calls the two halves of the crew Team Mushroom and Team Turtle.
  • When trying to calm Ruatha while helping him hatch, Jones recites Draco's poem.
  • This isn't madness, this is One Piece!
  • Jones gives Toto a rock with a smiley face drawn on it to keep him from getting lonely. Its name? Wilson.
  • Let's see... Who does Doya remind you of? Small green creature who rides around on a main character's back for an arc and teaches them martial arts? I wonder who he could possibly be...
  • When Jones becomes paranoid that Eric is going to attack again, Zoro tells her to relax and that "If you worry, you suffer twice."
  • The gang members Jones and Ghin con money out of in Loguetown resemble Miguel and Tulio.
  • One of Jones many complaints about the desert is that sand is coarse, rough, and gets everywhere.
  • Jones claims to be from the land of black flies, little black flies~
  • Jones, to Zoro- "Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything."
  • "We anchored the Going Merry on the west side of the Sandora Delta. Sandelta? Deltora- wait, wrong franchise."
  • Continuing with the Star Wars references, Jones manages to say 'Punch it, Chewie' and performs a Force Push.
  • When fighting Mr. Seven, Jones taunts her new found bullet-proof nature with "I'm feeling like a very lucky punk right now, regardless."
  • When trying to figure out how to defuse the bomb in Alubarna's clock tower, Jones growls and says "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb."
  • Sabo appears to be able to use the Voice. Jones even calls it Bene Gesserit witchcraft.
  • Smoker mentions that after the Straw Hats left Warship Island, the locals began creating riding tack for dragons.
  • When drunk and infiltrating a marine ship- which involves arguing with Smoker- Jones appears to be singing Company of Fools. She even uses some of the lyrics in part of her argument- and they fit the situation.
  • When a marine tells Jones Smoker's ship is off limits to civilians, she responds that if she sees one, she'll let him know.
  • In chapter 15, Yosaku says "Those who abandon their friends are worse than trash."
  • In Chapter 26, Drifter sings The Lumberjack Song, prompting Geier to call him out on not being a beaver, though he was closer to it than the pythons who wrote the song.
  • In Chapter 27...
  • Two words: Force Choke
  • Marco comments that "The deepest circle of Hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers."
  • In Chapter 31, Chopper identifies the South Bird that the Straw Hats make use of to navigate to the Knock-Up Stream as Teri. This is almost certainly a reference to the Cross-Brain, in whose story one the South Birds they used was an expy of Terry Crews.
  • Also in Chapter 31, Zoro and Sarquiss have a (brief) faceoff, during which Zoro's opinion of his opponent's knife is... derisive.
  • In chapter 4, when the crew is affirming to Luffy that he won't lose any of them, Jones tries to steer them into having what she calls "a Fellowship moment." It doesn't really work.
  • In Myth, Luffy starts contemplating the word "underwhelming" and what sort of situation would be just plain whelming.
  • Also in Myth, Jones and Usopp roll into a rock covered with depictions of legendary figures, after which they- along with Ruatha- are mistaken for gods by the Shandians.
    • This reference continues throughout Apotheosis, including Jones and Usopp reciting It's Tough to Be a God to Enel's face.
  • And Apotheosis also continues the many references to The Princess Bride by having Yama's appearance match Fezzik's attack on the Man in Black.

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