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  • Liz's boyfriend Floyd is named Floyd DeBarber.
  • To Battlestar Galactica, with the repeated use of the "word" frak.
  • Liz's mother spoke about how she went to secretary school and worked at Sterling Cooper.
    • There's another Shout-Out to Mad Men in an earlier episode, where Jenna puts strawberries (which Kenneth has a severe allergy to) in Kenneth's cheese sandwich. As he's starting to go into anaphylactic shock, he shouts out, "My real name is Dick Whitman!"
  • In a new microwave model being developed by GE is the TK-421.
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  • In "Audition Day" Kathy Geiss performs a very nice rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream". This is of course a Shout Out to another awkward, red-faced middle-aged woman who became famous with this very song.
  • Don Geiss is encased in carbonite in the same pose as Han Solo at his funeral.
  • While "...goes to Dinosaurland" isn't an actual film, the "Emmanuelle" series is a very famous series of French softcore porn movies.
  • Tracy's Oscar acceptance speech is performed by a Native American, just like Marlon Brando's for his role in The Godfather.
  • A couple for Lost;
    Tracy: Every crazy A-lister has their own island: Nicholas Cage, Celine Dion, Charles Widmore.
    Kenneth: You see all the good that is in them? All the capacity for love? Give me more time Jacob, I BEG OF YOU!
  • In one episode, Liz ends up in front of a judge named Gregory L. Dredd.
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  • Condoleezza's favorite movie is Mars Attacks!.
  • Kim Jong-Il's speech is peppered with completely non-sequitur references of various Western films like "Luke I am your father! Ghostbusters!"
  • "Three bucks, two bags, one meeeee! Say, where does a young prostitute get started in this town?"
  • During the Valentine's Day double episode, Kenneth uses a motion tracker to locate Tracy's lizard. Even though he can't see it, the lizard gets closer and closer, until he shouts, "It's right on top of us!" and it falls through the ceiling. This is a parody of a nearly identical scene in Aliens.
  • In "Christmas Attack Zone", Tracy has the same epiphany as John Sullivan in Sullivan's Travels when showing a comedy instead of a tragedy to a woman's shelter.
  • Liz's recap for Avery upon her return from North Korea is done as a rap song much like Skillz' "Year In Review" raps which drop every New Years Day. "It's the 12 month rap rap wrap up!"
  • Hazel and Jenna in one episode actually reference the plot to Dario Argento's Opera. Talk about a Genius Bonus.
    • Likewise, Tracy and Frank's plot in the episode with the pornographic video game is a Whole Plot Reference to Amadeus.
  • A quite obscure one unless you were a Fire Joe Morgan reader; in "Stride of Pride" one of Jack's romantic rivals has the email address of "".
  • Liz calls Jack a "magnificent bastard" while reading his book to defeat him in contract negotiation. This is a reference to Patton, where General Patton defeats Rommel using the same tactic and famously shouts, "Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!"
  • Lynn states that the only movie she could watch in prison starred Dabney Coleman and "the kid from E.T.." Liz immediately identifies it as Cloak & Dagger.
  • Jack is trying to find a new CEO for NBC and he has Kenneth lead the final candidates on a tour. Kenneth remarks that it is like Willy Wonka. Later on you see the top candidates are similar to the children from Willy Wonka.
  • The final show makes reference to the finale of St. Elsewhere as Kenneth is holding a 30 Rock snow globe. The noises the flying cars make outside are lifted from The Jetsons.
  • In her death scene on Gossip Girl, Jenna's final words echo the final words of Roy Batty in Blade Runner. Jenna's character dies because female actors in Hollywood have a short shelf life, while Roy Batty dies because replicants are given artificially short life spans.
  • When Jack and Liz were forced together in a room in a game of "7 Minutes in Heaven", Jack says that they should not make out as it would be "social suicide".
    • Liz also gets called "mean" a lot in the episode.
  • "Live from Studio 6H" features parodies of The Honeymooners, Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Amos and Andy and The Dean Martin Show.
  • Jack employs a man named Cato to attack him at his home, just like Clouseau from The Pink Panther.
  • One to a Shock Site, of all things.
    Dick: There wouldn't be a Lemon Party without ol' Dick!
    And later, when Tracey is making a Harriet Tubman movie: “Tubman sounds like a dude. Let’s call her Tub Girl.”


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