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Shout Out / The Walking Dead Video Game

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  • Duck is heard mentioning Super Dinosaur, a kid's comic done by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.
  • One of the achievements for Episode 2: "You Fight Like a Dairy Farmer".
  • In Episode 2, After finding out the St. Johns are using Mark for dinner, one of the things that Lee can shout at the dinner table is "IT'S PEOPLE!" But this choice causes the group to dismiss you as behaving weird, and everyone, including Clementine, starts eating, so the game even gives you a backhanded slap for trying to be meta.
  • In Episode 3, a container of Banang can be seen in the cup holder.
    • The Banang container returns in 400 Days. It's on the pantry shelf in the diner during Shel's story.
    • And in Episode one of Season Two, it shows up again, this time it can be seen next to the sink during the kitchen scene.
    • Another bottle of Banang can be seen by the sink in the kitchen during the scene where Carlos treats Clementine's wound.
    • And it returns in Season 3, with a bottle appearing when Javier and Clementine enter Conrad's bar in Prescott.
    • It makes another appearance in the first episode of Season 4 when Clementine and AJ return to the train station to scavenge food.
  • In Episode 3, Duck will try to join in your investigation of the missing medicines, calling himself Dick Grayson and you "the greatest detective."
  • When Lee discovers the blow torch has a gas leak, Omid tells him to turn it off because he doesn't want to lose an eyebrow.
  • There are a number of Star Wars references in Episode 4; Ben at one point utters the line "I have a bad feeling about this..."
    • Later, Molly loans Hilda to Lee. When he promises to not scratch it, Molly responds "I've got your promise, right? Not a scratch"?
  • This isn't the first time someone known as Dr. Logan has worked through the rigors of a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • At one point in Episode 4 Molly calls Lee a chicken, at which point Lee can angrily ask "What did you call me?" Bonus points for Telltale Games developing for that series of games, too.
  • When the group is trapped in the mansion, if you wait long enough before starting to break down the wall, Christa will say that they aren't lifers in a prison that can spend 30 years digging a hole out of there.
  • The second to last segment of Chapter Five nets you an achievement called "What's in the bag" note 
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  • In Episode 2 of Season 2, one of the lodge's Christmas decorations is a duck that will look very familiar to people who've played Gone Home.
  • In that same episode, the ski resort itself is called the Lone Pine Ski Resort.
  • When in the comic shop in Season 2, Episode 3, you can see, briefly, a few posters of Invincible, one of Robert Kirkman's other stories.
  • The logo on Nick's hat looks a lot like the stylised 'O' from Halo.
  • In A New Frontier, Javi ends up on a dumpster while surrounded by a ton of walkers. Fans of the TV Show remembered Glenn as soon as the scene played.
  • Episode 3 of A New Frontier can have Javi kill Badger with a baseball bat until his head is reduced to mush. Immediately, Walking Dead fans compare Javi to Negan.


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