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It would be meaningless to list them all. From Chief Bitorez being a Packers fan (complete with the hat) and a Gigante quoting Mid-Boss to Serge making Caruso One Liners (complete with sunglasses and ZOAH providing the YEAAAAH!) to Caim referencing ThunderCats (1985) and people yelling BARF! as they die, to Fei using Buster Wolf, there are a lot.

  • In Drakengard, Arioch's pact partners are Phantos and The Angry Sun.
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  • One of the chapter titles in his LP of NieR is "It's Coarse and Rough and Irritating and It Gets Everywhere"
  • When Margie points out that the angel statues in Nisan only have one wing each, Bart and Fei can't resist singing a certain bit of Ominous Latin Chanting.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: The chapters of his Resident Evil 1 and Clock Tower 3 LPs were named after, respectively, songs and other video games.
  • In a meta example, following the WRO base getting attacked in Dirge of Cerberus:
    Cait Sith: Number Five is alive!
    TDI: I don't know what's sadder. The fact that out of everything from the rubble of the WRO, he took a spare robotic cat, the fact that Reeve has had five plus Cait Sith's kicking around, or the fact that he has, in fact, gotten his robotic cat killed four times now.

    Edit: Forget all those. It's the fact that this is a Short Circuit reference out of fucking nowhere.
  • During Clock Tower 3, when the game shows the Hamilton Clover necklace in a blue vista breaking into bits after Philip's murder:
    Meanwhile, the clover pendant enters extra-dimensional space usually reserved for heated courtroom battles.
    • Likewise, when a statue starts crying tears of blood at the start of the game, he refers to it as the "Patron Saint Shibito".
  • One chapter of his R Emake LP has Chris witness the arrival of a UFO. He is then called "a jerk" and "a total prick" by the UFO's occupant, who is very likely Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged.
  • What does Id post when he makes the first update to his revived Final Fantasy X LP? "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  • He refers to Mt. Bernstein of the Vice Norden as Mount Rugal.
  • In his Final Fantasy X LP, he has this picture in mind when Rikku gets her ultimate weapon, Godhand.
  • In The 3rd Birthday, there's a tank that Aya can jump into called Undead 42.
    Sadly, Undead 42 isn’t the zombie flavored answer to the question of the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
  • So freaking many in I Am Setsuna.
    • The first time the party sees Nidr.
    Endir: "That thing is too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It’s more like a large hunk of iron."
    • On meeting Reaper.
    "Time to battle the mysterious Reaper, a grown man cosplaying as the grim reaper who never learned you can reload guns and twirls around in battle shooting in all directions while shouting "DIE DIE DIE" like an angsty teenager."
    • On the subject of the Fridging Caves.
    "What is a Fridging, anyway? It sounds akin to some poorly censored cursing in an R-rated movie being broadcast on TBS. Are we going to find out what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps? Did Nidr end up with those scars on his face from eating pineapple? Is the boss gonna be Mr. Falcon?"
    • When the party meets the Time Judge and learns she created Aeterna, Endir asks this question.
    Endir: Did you just poop out your younger self at some point...? Is she like your daughter-clone? Cuz I’ve heard someone try that before and it ended uhh... weird. What's YOUR deal? Who are you?
  • Way back in Resident Evil 4, after giving the developers hell over their insistence around release that the game's setting, which was clearly influenced by Spain, was in fact not Spain, and as such repeatedly referring to the country in question as "Notspain", he then decides it should be called Sapin instead.
  • Dark Id refers to Mike in Resident Evil 4 as:
    Dark Id: Meet Mike, he pilots a helicopter, he blows shit up, and speaks with a stereotypical New York accent, and if we ever saw his face, I guarantee he's wearing shades and an American flag bandana.
    • Plus, when Mike dies, his last words are "Well America!"
  • In Dead Aim, when an alarm starts sounding for no immediately-obvious reason, Id quips that "someone isn't getting a silent assassin rating".
  • From The Silver Case
  • He drops Legacy of Kain references every now and then, from mentioning he's going to wipe sheep from the world of Nier "like excrement from a boot" (indeed, he might drop the phrase when a game demands he wipe out an enemy type) to his conviction that Taro Yoko, like all failed Japanese businessmen, was cast into the Abyss when Cavia went under to throwing in pictures of Raziel whenever eating souls is mentioned or the name itself turns up.
  • Id is quite shocked during Nier to find out that Hymir's Finger, aka Iron Will, is broken.
    Id: Good gravy! Hymir's...Finger...? My GOD man! What did they do to you?! You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

NieR: Automata

  • The chapter title for when 2B and 9S land on Earth is called The Last of Bots
  • Chapter 16, which is about the first battle with Adam, is titled "None Wang Angel."
  • Chapter 18, which is about the first visit to the Amusement Park, is titled "Carnival Fair Zone."
  • This moment from when 2B and 9S nearly get stomped on by an Engels.
    SWEET FANCY BEEPY! 9S, I thought you were some kind of Scanner model. You’ve gotta tell me if your special eyes Detective Eagle vision, or however that works, picked up that there’s a five story dude the next block over. That would be helpful information to possess!
  • The chapter where the Dead All Along aliens are revealed is called Mars People.
  • Chapter 30, which is about the "Retrieve the Confidential Information" quest is titled "Welcome to the Family, Son."
  • Just as Id's about to fight So-Shi.
    One of those G La DOS personality cores has really been eating its Wheaties.
  • The chapter for the boss fight in chapter 63 is Parasite Eve.
  • During the second time Id plays the prologue, when the group of Engels units appear after the boss fight, they all start singing "Last Surprise".
  • The title for chapter 73 is "Heritage For The Future."
  • The title for chapter 87 is titled "LA NoiRHA."
  • In chapter 110 when 9S comes into the forest and sees it covered in fog.
    Boy, who added the Nintendo 64 levels of fog in here? Is 9S gonna pick up a Cerebral Bore around here somewhere? I’d be OK with that...


Shadow Hearts

  • On seeing an invisible entity blocking a Japanese officer's bullets shot at "Roger Bacon."
    It seems the dapper gentleman either has some kind of anti-bullet shield or... No! Could this be the work of an enemy Stand!?
  • Chapter 4 is titled Ghost Dad.
  • On the first meeting with the Masks.
    Yuri: You think I’m scared!? Don’t make me laugh! I’ve been huntin’ monsters for over ten years. I’ve been carving them up all across the world, pal.
    Sword Mask: Oh my... A monster hunter for generations, are we? I bet you have some stories. Heh heh.
    Yuri: Tri me!
  • In chapter 7, Yuri has these tips for Alice.
    Yuri: I’ve been doing this for a while. So here’s some tips... You see any little girls or church folk from a religion you don’t recognize? Get out of there!
    Alice: Got it!
    Alice: O-Ok...
    Yuri: And if you see anyone wandering around that looks normal but they’re looking for any of those things I mentioned? Lost cause! Sever.
    Alice: ...Right.
    Yuri: Oh yeah. You see a ghost? Punch it.
    Alice: Punch... it...?
    Yuri: Punch it! Nothing good ever happens with ghosts. They’re either evil, or a pain in the ass or both. Skip the cameras and just get punching.
    Alice: ......
  • Chapter 53 has this discussion between Viscount Rausan and Roger Bacon.
    Bacon: Good man. Your reputation as the last true leader of the Temple Knights is well deserved. I heard rumors a band of assassins had done quite a number on your order in recent years. Your men seem to be terrified of anyone wearing a hood. Curious...
    Rausan: <sigh> Let's not get into that here...

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

  • On finding out that the opening of the game is in Domremy, France, and not in Notspain.
    Oh. Wait... Shoot. I'm getting my wires crossed. False alarm... It turns out we're heading to the town of Domremy, of a currently unknown country, about 90 years before Leon Kennedy sent the better part of the population of Notspain to Suplex City.
  • This conversation in the Tower of Apoina between Nicolai and Karin.
Nicolai: Many have been imprisoned and died here over the years. Noblemen who lost in battle, tragic princesses who were thought to have died of illnesses. Assassins who saw it fit to get into fist fights with the Pope.
That's happened before?
Oh yes, indeed. It's a story for another day.''

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