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  • Many many times throughout the years in the various media he's been depicted in, Superman or, sometimes, an Expy has been shown holding a car above his head pointed slightly downward in reference to the image on the cover of Action Comics #1, his first appearance. Most of these shout outs do not show the car being smashed into a hill side with people still in it the way Superman was in that iconic cover.
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  • Adventures of Superman #634, by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, had the Eradicator and John Henry Irons create a "charged vacuum emboitment" out of "block transfer computations" to prevent the timestorms ravaging Metropolis. And if that sounds familiar to viewers of the Doctor Who serial Logopolis, well, Abnett wrote the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip for a while, and has also done Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas and New Series novels.
  • Also, an episode where Superman finds himself in the middle of a battle between a titanic Metallo and a Super Robot. With all the myriad shout outs from other giant monsters that show up to complicate matters (including a rather literal Gorilla-Whale), you'd think the Robot would be based on Mazinger Z, and it is... due to the fact that it bears an even stronger resemblance to G. Kaiser.
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  • Paul Cornell's The Black Ring Black story arc in Action Comics gives Lex Luthor a sidekick who bears a striking resemblance to David Tennant. Lampshaded when the Joker claims (falsely) to have killed him: "He reminded me so much of that actor, I wanted to see if he'd turn into someone else!"
  • Superman/Batman #75 pays homage to Calvin and Hobbes with their own version, "The Joker and Lex Luthor."
  • A previous Superman story showing "What If?... Lois and Clark had a kid?" had six-year-old Lara as Calvin and Mr Mxyzptlk as Hobbes.
  • The Adventures of Superman Annual #1 (1987) features a gestalt being of hundreds of alien brains in jars. The leader of the gestalt is named Hfuhruhurr, the same as Steve Martin's character in The Man with Two Brains.
    • In a comic book story titled "Business as Usual", it's still 9:03 am when Lex Luthor comes up with solutions for all executive troubles Lexcorp was facing that day and Mercy asks what they'll do then. Lex says they'll do the same thing they do every day. This answer is similar to what The Brain usually tells Pinky at the end of every Pinky and the Brain episode. In Lex's case, that "same thing" is "figure out a way to destroy Superman".
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  • Superman's famed ability to "change the course of mighty rivers" is an implicit reference to Hercules performance of that same feat (when he cleansed the Augean Stables).


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