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Shout Out / Superchic[k]

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Superchick's music has given a Shout-Out to the following things:

Karaoke Superstars

Last One Picked

  • "Real" name drops The Velveteen Rabbit, as well as Seventeen and Glamour magazines. The opening line of Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" is also used.
  • "One and Lonely" references Britney Spears.
    "It's not like they meant to hurt me. Watching TV checking Britney televised. My guys checking out her thighs. And I roll my eyes and sigh."
  • "Na Na" references Peanuts and Pokémon. It also drops the line "Oops I did it again."
    "I feel like the teacher from Charlie Brown. All you hear is that wah wah wah sound. Maybe I'm a Pokemon Pikachu. 'Cause that's what comes out when I'm talking to you."
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  • "Song 4 Tricia (Princes and Frogs)" has a Back to the Future reference.
    " me for the changes and, uh, try to keep up."
  • "Wonder (If She'll Get It)" name drops Leelee Sobieski and her film Here On Earth.


  • "Me Against the World" references the children's game, Simon Says and David vs. Goliath.
    "Still standing defiant. Maybe me against the giant."
  • "Hero" took the red pill.

Beauty From Pain

Rock What You Got





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