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Shout Out / Strategic Cyborg Evangelion

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Taking up the example laid down by Nobody Dies, SCE doesn't shy away from Shout Outs either.

Ace Combat

  • Kaworu once catches Kensuke playing The Unsung War instead of doing his duties.
  • The squad dispatched to pursue the mysterious Evangelion in S2Ch10 has the callsign "Moebius".

Code Geass

  • Both the Durandals and the Evangelion B-type equipment possess landspinners storm rollers and slash harkens assault harpoons.
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  • The overall silhouette of Evas with their backpack-mounted reactors somewhat resembles a Knightmare Frame.

Full Metal Panic!

Gears of War

  • Asuka kills Gaghiel with a chainsaw bayonet.

Ghost in the Shell

  • Kensuke is implied to be a fan.

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • Hyuga mentions Gundam by name in the context of A-type equipment potentially rendering an Eva spaceflight-capable.
  • Kensuke is shown playing Gihren's Greed on his tablet during class.
  • After the failure of conventional firearms against the Angels, the Evas start using beam rifles.
  • The mysterious Evangelion in S2Ch5 pulls out a beam saber against Israfel. Hyuga even lampshades it. It also has what appears to be a GN Drive.


  • Shortly after the Shamshel battle, Yui mentions Aperture Science as the owners of the Borealis and that they found the Spear of Longinus and were in the process of shipping it back to the US when the ship disappeared.
  • Asuka's reaction to Rei's presence during her debut: "Are you holding Bring-Your-Daughter-To-Work Days too?"



  • The human goverment is called the Confederacy of Man.


  • "How many of those friggin' knives you've got?!" "As many as I need."
  • Shephard is a direct Expy of O'Neill. Similarly, Rei has shades of Teal'c in her.

Warhammer 40,000




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