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Shout Out / Sonic World Adventure Rush

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Sonic World Adventure Rush has numerous shout outs to various corners of the Sonic universe. Here is a concise list with cross references where need be.

Main List of Shout Outs:


In Sonic the Hedgehog's Story:


In Shadow the Hedgehog's Story:

  • Agent Topaz, a character from Sonic X and the tie in comics, wore a police uniform that resembled the ones worn by those in Virtua Cop.
    • She even says she joined the VCPD because she was inspired by her father, who was a brave firefighter
  • Several of the files stolen by the mystery hacker are Metarex Technology, Drakon Technology, Project DURAL, and Artificial Chaos technology.
  • The Commander mentions Wiki Leaks.

In Silver the Hedgehog's Story:

  • While taking in the sights of Empire City, this exchange occurs:
    Chip: Look! It's the Statue of Happiness!
    Silver: You mean Statue of Liberty, Chip.
  • When Silver asks Ashura why Blaze didn't come back after the events that led to her sacrifice were erased, his reply was "...poor writing on the universe's part.".
  • While writing Ashura's dialogue, the author realized he was subconsciously writing him as the Tenth Doctor, despite not watching much of the show at all. In a case of self Ascended Meme, it stuck and wound up handing out Lampshades to everyone.
    • Which resulted in Mephiles being written with a dash of The Doctor's nemesis The Master, but owing a lot more to Count Iblis of Battlestar Galactica with his air of ambiguity. He also owes alot to Legion.
  • An Empire City coffee shop is named City Perk

In Blaze the Cat's Story:

In Jet the Hawk's Story:

In Wave the Swallow's Story:

  • Morgan laFey (portrayed by Shade the Echidna), raises the remains of the true King Arthur (Sonic). The whole thing, down to the line "Rise from your gave" is a big shout out to the Genesis classic Altered Beast.
  • When Arthur is turned into the Ilwolf, a Dungeons & Dragons inspired party goes after him. They should be familiar to anyone who played any Golden Axe game.
  • Nack the Weasel is known by his Japanese name Fang, and acts as a thief/rogue type. His competition in claiming the reward on slaying the Ilwolf? Ever play Popful Mail?

In Nack The Weasel's Story:

  • Nack remarks that he wasn't going to kill Bean's brothers Bin and Pin. Those two originated in Dynamite Dux. Bean was designed for Sonic the Fighters explicitly as a reference to this game, as they were both made by Sega's AM 2 arcade division. Bean's alternate costume is Bin!
  • Nack and Bark are disturbed by Bean's love of KFC. Considering they were a blatant Product Placement in Dynamite Dux in the arcade, perhaps the craving runs in the family?

In The Brotherhood Of Metallix Story:


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