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It's a fanfiction, it's inevitable.

     Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog 
List of examples from Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • The world is called Mobius and the term for Sonic's species is Mobian.
  • Silver's constant jumping back and forth between the future and present becoming an annoyance for the cast.
  • Even if the records are not scrambled, its safe to say that they are inaccurate with or without context.
  • Sonic has a pet dog later extended family member by the name of Muttski.
  • Sonic's mother's name is Bernadette.
  • The event that created Mobians is called the Super Genesis Wave.
  • Tails saying that Sonic is not his real name. It's Maurice.
  • An auburn haired chipmunk with a blue vest is one of the more recurring partners for Sonic in the multiverse. Hi there, Sally Acorn. Oh and the Kingdom of Acorn is nearby too.
  • Espio thought Amy got her Piko Piko Hammer from a magic wish-granting ring that made her older
  • Fang the Sniper has a sister called Nicolette the Weasel.
  • The Knuckles Clan's genocide of the dingoes is a complete reversal of what happened in the comic.
  • The echidna deities Aurora and Enerjak are real. So are the Ancient Walkers.
  • Knuckles' family formed the Brotherhood of Guardians and is mentioned to be out there.
  • It's safe to say that almost all the echidna characters are from here.
  • The echidna civilisation is retgone instead of simply extinct, just like the comic post reboot.
  • On the subject of Cult of Personality there are two positive In-Universe examples, the Acorns were practically viewed as saints in their kingdom and a certain AI of a master computer immediately overthrew its oppressive creators and forged an empire with an alliance with the Acorn Kingdom. Did I forget to mention that South Island was once part of that empire? Dang, Nicole sure stepped up her game.
  • The GUN Commander's name is Abraham Tower.
  • The plot that the Black Arms survived and the creation of Eclipse the Darkling came from Sonic Universe #59 to #70.
  • Omega going gaga over Blaze's capacity to burn and annihilate is a reference to a similar reaction in Sonic Universe #22.
  • Charmy's drug problem is a reference to this.

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