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Shout Out / Shinji and Warhammer40k

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Bpen loves making Shout Outs to other works. Here are some of them:

Multiple references:


  • Evangelion Fantasy Battles is painfully obvious.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • Chapter 10: Touji and Kensuke pointing to the sky and asking Asuka: "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!?"
    • And of course, many variations by many different characters.
  • Chapter 10, also: Toji: "To those who have faith, as long as the chances aren't zero it might as well be a hundred!"
  • Chapter 17: "Kirishima-san. You came here wanting to know. I will show it to you..." He pointed up. "Follow me and we will pierce the heavens. Believe in me, and we shall hold eternity in our palms."
  • Chapter 23: "Hey! Hamagishi! Listen...! If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in me who... fuck it, I'm not finishing that."
    • This is another line that many characters reference.
  • Chapter 32: One of the trooper sergeants shouts to his squad before the underwater battle, "Pile on, boys! Show these scum who we are! Time to go kick reason to the curb and go Beyond The Impossible. PIERCE THE ALIENS WITH YOUR DRILL!"
  • Chapter 34: "I am Ayanami Rei. And if he should will it. I shall pierce the Hells with my drill."
  • Chapter 36: (Ritsuko) "You don't have to believe in yourself, you're just going to mess things up that way! Believe in me who believes in you!"
  • Chapter 37: Some were already calling it the Nia Teppelin.
  • Chapter 38: "SCHLAGANN IMPACT!"
  • Chapter 39: ASCII art of "Giga Drill Breaker!"

Star Wars

  • Several chapters: "Search your feelings, you know it to be true."
  • From chapter 19:
  • Kensuke all geared up in his Techpriest armor, also looking and sounding a bit like Darth Vader: "I find your lack of faith... disturbing."
  • Anita to Kaworu right before he kills her: "Strike me down and he will become more powerful than you can ever imagine."
  • Chapter 23: Rei tweaks Asuka for angsting about how much use she really is in combat.
    Rei: "Help us, Asuka Langley-Sohryu. You are our only hope."
  • Also from Chapter 23:
    "Say it." Kensuke demanded.
    "Say it!"
    "Come on..." the bespectacled boy grinned widely. "You know you want to..."
    "Fine." Shinji sighed. He steepled his fingers together and said, in a hoarse yet high-pitched voice "It is proceeding as I have foreseen."
  • Dr. Sean Vord Lader (don't worry, it's lampshaded). Numerous other references to Vader can be found throughout the story, including when Kensuke gears up in the fight against the Angelspawn.
  • One of the senior monks of Javaal carries a walking stick that used to be part of a broom, and talks like Yoda because his lungs are wrecked from smoking. Later in the story, he dual-wields lightsabers.
    • Which, considering that character's fondness for the movies (he also designed a lightsaber-esque version of their crystal tipped staves), is probably intentional on the character's part.
  • Chapter 39: "I am altering the deal. Pray that I do not alter it further."
  • Chapter 40: "Commencing primary ignition."
  • Chapter 42: "And again with the lightning. Who the hell does he think he is? Palpatine?!"
  • Chapter 42: "Are you an angel?"
  • Chapter 42:
    Gendo: "Do I really need to say, your overconfidence is your weakness?"
    Kaworu: "Well, I'd love to say 'your faith in friends are yours', but you don't really have ANY of that, do you?"
  • Chapter 43: Gendo's thirteenth Evangelion plan, involving Earth's Cradle, is nicknamed the Death Star plan.
  • Chapter 45: One of the weapons Shinji devised for Case Zero (an Angel in the form of a human being attacking Tokyo-3) is the Thought Bomb.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Ritsuko takes refuge in a book she owns with "Don't Panic" printed in large friendly letters on the cover.
  • One of Shinji's simpler AT-field tricks creates a "Somebody Else's Problem" field to avoid attention.
  • Also: "There was the sound of tearing metal, the feel of cold rushing air on his face; the knowing the entire train was going off the rails and inexplicably flying through the air with the greatest of ease... tumbling, sky, ground, sky, ground, was that a potted plant?"
  • Chapter 43: "What's so interesting out there, anyway?" "Mm. Life. The universe. Everything."

Planescape: Torment

  • Endure. And in enduring grow strong.
  • Chapter 34: "What can change the nature of a man?"

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  • Then again, Javaal is a silly place.
  • "HA! I taunt in your general direction!".
  • "Something dragged out of a sinkhole at the middle of a frozen wasteland is no basis for a system of government!"


  • Later chapters contain a large number of references to Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri as well, and the zombie plague's origins may be relatives of Stargate SG-1's Goa'uld.
    • Chapter 38 possibly references Stargate Atlantis: "Is the Trident that so different from the Eva? It at least did not require an activation gene."


  • Chapter 24: The Vaultec Pip Boy Kensuke has in the Hot Springs Episode.
  • Javaal's Temple of Trials, with its giant ants and scorpions.
  • Chapter 38: "War, war never changes."



  • "Shinji had the strangest urge to name [the Evangelion transport] a Hotaru carrier. In the end, he decided he wouldn't bless its machine spirit with Gran Serena until it got itself equipped with a few 'bringer of battlefield serenity' heavy autocannons or N2 mines."

Harry Potter

  • "I know young mister Ikari has a saving people thing..."
  • Chapter 38: "Neither could live while the other survived."


  • Chapter 27: A pattern of sunken lines appeared across Iruel's body. Lines which then grew bright red, and a similar constant beam shot forth.
    • Maya muttered something about preferring the name 'Cortana'. A naked female advisor would have been just too obvious as marketing appeal.


  • After the MAGI goes down yet again in Chapter 40, Admiral Yang wonders if giving one computer so much power is a good idea, explicitly comparing the MAGI to Skynet.
    • Chapter 42: "No fate but what we make!"

Girl Genius

  • Aside from Sparks and all that, there's a soldier named Wulfenbach, who basically turns Shout Outs and lampshading up to eleven at the same time:
    "This is getting ridiculous." he said, completely overlooking again that he should have had to reload -sometime- after shooting burst after burst with his Bolt Pistol. He had however, found a hat along the way. It was a hat.
    • Chapter 42: When Ritsuko connects with MAGI, she speaks and acts in a way eerily similar to Castle Heterodyne.


  • Chapter 25: "Criminals were a cowardly and superstitious lot."
  • Chapter 41: "It is not as if you would go on a ten-year training trip to learn martial arts, criminology, and high technology just to dress up like a bat and punch people in the face."
  • Chapter 42: "Some days he just wanted to see the world burn."


The Princess Bride

  • Chapter 34: "Hello, my name is Ayanami Rei. You took my Shinji. Prepare to die."
  • Chapter 43: ("Miracle" Yang) "Don't rush me. You'd get shoddy miracles..."


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Fan Fiction



Live-Action TV


Tabletop Games

  • "A WHAT?! Impossible! We have an active AT-field to block all teleportation attempts. It would take either a Mind equal to mine, or a tactical gen..." The enraged scream echoed through the honeycombing tunnels of the Cradle. "YAAAANG!"
  • "I cannot be caged! I cannot be controlled! UNDERSTAND THIS AS YOU DIE! EVER PATHETIC! EVER FOOLS!"
  • Yang tips off Shinji that he's played Dungeons & Dragons (or a similar system) when he references the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom.note 
    • Chapter 37: "This is not some form of Epic scale Magic Missile." Kaworu pointed out with some amusement. "If you keep on thinking that, it won't be long before we find ourselves bathing in Dispel Magic."
    • Chapter 42 makes reference to losing sanity points.


  • Chapter 40: Raka quotes a passage about the cowardice of suicide from Philip Massinger's Maid of Honour to Kaworu.

Video Games

Visual Novel

Web Original

  • Chapter 36: "No grand plan should ever really go without a little look-over by a ten-year-old."
    • Earlier, during Gendo's interrogation of Shinji, Shinji mentions that he doesn't have anything to monologue about. Gendo knows exactly what he means because he too has read "The List," though he had to make some compromises in setting up the Geofront as his lair.
  • Chapter 40:
    Its face was featureless, other than the thick red lips. It did manage to somehow evoke an 'I has a sad.' expression.
  • Chapter 44: Possible shout-out to SCP-682: NERV plans to put Lilith in deep-freeze until they're absolutely sure hurling it into the sun won't cause it to come back angry and on fire.

Web Comics

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