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  • In "Regeneration" he mentions "the hero's death battle exemption," a term used by the site Jabootu.
  • In "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang", he ends a long list of Bashir's genetically engineered feats with "... and now if you'll excuse me, I have to return Linkara's hat".
  • Chuck refers to himself as that guy "who's not RedLetterMedia."
    • In his review of "Counterpoint", he launches into a tirade that seems to channel Harry S. Plinkett:
      Inspector: Call me Kashyk, please.
      SF Debris: Kashyyyk? Isn't that the planet where Chewbacca's from? That don't make sense. This don't make sense! What's your real name, and why are you wearing a coat made out of carpeting, huh?
  • TV Tropes:
    • The wiki is referenced in a review, regarding Unfortunate Implications.
      "Kes comes in to see Tuvok and, after a couple of minutes, Tuvok decides he'll try that plan of Harry's. There's a thing TV Tropes calls Unfortunate Implications, and this seems to apply here: The only thing stopping the black guy and the Asian guy from beating each other up are white women."
    • When he finally awarded the first ever 10 to a Voyager episode ("Life Line") the video caption noted to "Alert TV Tropes!" in order to update the entry that would be affected by that score (and which, in light of said review, became obsolete and was subsequently deleted).
    • His review of Flash Gordon references a large number of tropes by name, and the general approach to the review is in line with the feel of this website, all the way up to, and including... BRIAN BLESSED!
    • In the Stargate review, he implored viewers not to tag him with a Did Not Do the Research entry on his supposition that the constellation system for gate co-ordinates didn't make sense because he had no time to scan through all 10 seasons of the TV series for an explanation. In a meta example of not doing research, the Did Not Do the Research trope had been recently red linked because TV Tropes is not for pointing out errors.

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