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Russian Overkill liberally uses weapon sprites and soundclips from many different games. So be a true Soviet and acknowledge your comrades!

Command & Conquer

Let's start off with the elephant in the room. Russian Overkill channels so much energy from the Command & Conquer series that it's not too inaccurate to call it Red Alert 2: The Doom Mod.

  • Many sound clips from Command and Conquer are used in Russian Overkill, such as "For the Union!" when you select the Union assault rifle.
  • Power Overwhelming's secondary fire is described on the mod page as "rapid-fireing tank balls, C&C style!" In addition, selecting Power Overwhelming will play the Apocalypse tank's quote, "Soviet Power Supreme".
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  • Speaking of the Apocalypse Tank, one of the items allows you to summon said tank in combat, which is called "Warpocalypse". Comes installed with rockets, miniguns, nukes, and over-the-top pilots.
  • Yuri's ultimate melee combo has him psychically mind-control all nearby enemies, just like another certain Russian named Yuri.
  • Did you know that Command and Conquer had a first-person shooter spinoff? The Planet Cracker is basically a combination of C&C's ion cannons: the Merlin portable ion cannon acting as its primary, and the standard orbital ion cannon as its secondary.
  • The Ramjet is named after the sniper rifle of the same name in Renegade.
  • Stachanov's entire gimmick is being a portable Obelisk of Light, using the same lasers, and its alt fire even being able to generate energy spheres that behave like Obelisks.


Gee, who would've thought?

  • The Quadvolgue is the natural evolution of the Super Shotgun. Instead of just two barrels, you have four.
  • The Petrovec plasma cannon is based off of the plasma gun from Doom 3.
  • Of all weapons, the Planet Cracker behaves the most like the OG BFG: powerful main projectile with the scattering damage tracers.
  • For the BFG from Doom 3, the Insta-Funeral alt behaves like it, combined with Painfully Slow Projectile.



  • Chton is unmistakably one half of a Devastator. The Stachanov also seems to be based off the Devastator sprite, only with the iconic collapsing barrel replaced with an energy core.
  • Beef Supreme is the RPG from the Duke Nukem 3D beta known as LameDuke.
  • Speaking of LameDuke, one weapon formerly in the mod known as the Libra also got its sprite from the beta's Energy Cannon.note 
  • The Gurumaster's sprite is a rip from the Enforcer Gun in Duke Nukem Forever.
  • The Insta-Funeral's sprite is a combination of the railgun from Shadow Warrior and Duke's Ripper chaingun.
  • The Union seems to be inspired off of the scrapped Assault Rifle from DNF, only instead of an American flag wrapped around the iron sights, it's a Soviet flag.


  • Certain energy weapons borrow sound effects from the Half-Life series, such as Pushka's energy orbs sounding like Dark Energy spheres.
  • The Hotrod's main firing mode shoots red-hot rebar at a long range, and can even be zoomed in.

Left 4 Dead


  • There is a powerup called the Half-Quad, which doubles your shotguns' damage and makes them emit the unmistakeable Quad Damage sound effect when fired.
  • Picking up a Megafancypantssphere has the same sound effect as a pentagram of protection.
  • The Insta-Funeral uses Q2's iconic railgun firing sound, albeit rapid-fired. Its secondary also replicates the BF G10k!
  • The Borsch's firing sound (and indeed, its firing modes is the same as the Dark Matter Cannon from Quake 4. The charging sound for the Gurumaster is also lifted from the same source.

Serious Sam

  • Alosha's second "melee" combo has him mime firing the SBC Cannon, with similar results. His hand gun attack also uses the same sound as Sam's revolvers, and he can also mime Sam's pump-action shotgun.
  • The infinite ammo satchels of Alosha is powered by TMAR (Techno-Magical Ammunition Replenisher), which also powers Sam's infinite pistols.
  • The Mutilator's main firing mode will shoot a blast of air that contains Beheaded Kamikazes. This attack is rapid-fire, so with just a few seconds your ears will be filled with that iconic scream.
  • As a matter of fact, many ammo and weapon pickup sounds come from the Serious Sam Series.

Shadow Warrior

  • As stated above, the Insta-Funeral is Shadow Warrior's Railgun mixed with Duke's chaingun.
  • The Gopnik is the Rocket Launcher, complete with Nuke mode!
  • The Comrade is the Riot Shotgun, only instead of being a four-at-a-time rotary shotgun, it's a gatling grenade launcher.


  • Countless, countless sound efffects are lifted from the Starcraft games, including explosions, laser blasts, gun firings, and other things. Seems PillowBlaster has a thing for RTS games...
  • The Yamato cannon of a Terran Battlecruiser has been packed into one of the mod's resident BF Gs. A twofold reference.
  • Power Overwhelming's name, and its pickup text ("We need focus... to ERADICATE!") are all quotes of the Protoss Archon.

Team Fortress 2

  • The Ullapool Caber makes its way into the game, albeit upgraded so that every one of its downsides is removed.note 
  • Quadvolgue's pickup text states "Sometimes, you just need way more gun!" Its gimmick also seems to be inspired by the Force-a-Nature.
  • One can deploy a dispenser with Power Overwhelming's tertiary fire mode, albeit with its label replaced with "BOOLETS". Did we mention that Power Overwhelming is a big-ass minigun?
  • Excalibat used to say "BONK!" when selected, before becoming the cursed mace we know it as today. Its current incarnation does seem to draw inspiration from the Eyelander.


  • The almighty Fusion Cannon makes its way into the game, as the Japanese-manufactured Yamato. Its secondary even replicates the Fusion Cannon's main firing mode, albeit with Painfully Slow Projectile written out of the equation.


  • Power Overwhelming's original design was that of the Minigun from the first Unreal, with its two overlapping tri-barrels.
  • The Hotrod's secondary and tertiary fire shoot a spray of flak and a shrapnel bomb, respectively, just like the Flak Cannon.
  • The Deathhead is literally the Redeemer; it uses the same model as it from Unreal Tournament, and even allows you to fire it guided or unguided.
  • Speaking of the Redeemer, the Quick-Nuke consumable borrows its sprite from the UT2004 version, and the missile launched even sounds like the Redeemer's in flight. Its actor is even labelled as "Redeemer".
  • Charging up the Mutilator's secondary, or loading up the Erasus's casinginator fire, has the same sound as charging the Impact Hammer.
  • The Violator's charging sound uses the Shield Gun's sound effect.

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