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In general

  • One of the quit messages refer to the king of demons Asmodeus:
    "Um, Asmodeus dislikes his children trying to quit. Press Y to return to your tinkertoys."
  • The Shotgun's death message is "[Player] chewed on [Attacker]'s boomstick". The weapon itself seems to be based around a Remington 870, but with a shorter barrel.
  • The Double-Barreled Shotgun looks similiar to the real life Remington 1470. It could be also based on a Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • The boxes of Nailgun and Super Nailgun ammo have the Nine Inch Nails logo on them, which makes sense, since Trent Reznor composed the music for the game.
  • The Pentagram of Protection is the game's equivalent to the Invulnerability Sphere.
    • The Armor counter reads "666" when it is in use.
  • The Ring of Shadows powerup makes you invisible and hear eerie whispers.
  • The Biosuit, especially the sleeveless variant worn by Enforcers, greatly resembles Doomguy's armour, while the Laser Rifle wielded by said Enforcers looks relatively similar to the Plasma Gun from that series.
  • Upon activating Quad Damage, the Ranger's eyes bulge out of their sockets in way similar to Total Recall (1990).
  • The Ogre is inspired by Leatherface. His grenade launcher is even shaped like a hammer which is the second main weapon that Leatherface uses.
  • The Vore's alternate name is Shalrath, while the Scrag enemy was the Wizard.
  • The 2021 Remaster includes a bevy of new achievements, several of which have names with their own internal and external references:
    • "The Year Zero" Description , named after the expansions final level, references Nine Inch Nails' fifth studio album.
    • "Nevermore" Description  directly quotes The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe's eponymous poem.
    • "Into Sandy's City" Description  is named after the track that plays in MAP09 of Doom II.
    • "The Shambler Dance" Description , named after the strategy of baiting out a Shamblers melee attack to prevent it from performing its deadlier, hitscan lighting attack.
    • "Scourge Done Slick" Description  references Quake Done Quick, a series of collaborative speedruns and machinimas done in the original Quake.
    • "Rogue Ranger" Description  directly references the expansion pack's developer, Rogue Entertainment.
    • "Machinehead" Description  references the band of the same name.

Main game

  • Many of the levels and enemies are designed as Shout Outs to H. P. Lovecraft's works.
    • The runes you collect often assault Ranger's brain, much like Lovecraft's creatures were set to do.
    • The Fiend enemy is similar to the Ghast. Also from the Cthulhu Mythos is the Shambler enemy.
    • The Final Boss is called Shub-Niggurath.
    • E2M4 is named "The Ebon Fortress".
    • E3M2 is named "The Vaults of Zin".
    • Secret Level E4M8 is called "The Nameless City".
  • The secret Easter Egg room in "E2M3: The Crypt of Decay" features the Well of Wishes. The achievement obtained by doing so (called, of course, "Well of Wishes") contains a remastered image of the "Well of Wishes" level from Commander Keen Episode 4: Goodbye Galaxy!, complete with the Dopefish.
  • The Episode 1 boss is called Chthon. Fittingly, his name literally translates to "Earth" in ancient Greek and he's the Guardian of the Rune of Earth Magic.

Scourge of Armagon

  • If you're squashed by the giant Boulder in "HIP1M3: The Lost Mine" of Scourge of Armagon, the death text reads "Player You've been Jones'ed!".
  • Discovering and following an alternate path to a secret area in "HIP3M1: Tur Torment" displays the message "You're not supposed to be here!". Fittingly, the map was created by Richard "The Levelord" Gray, whose iconic level design on DN3D included messages like that. The achievement for locating this message in the 2021 remaster is even the phrase verbatim.
  • Secret Level "HIPDM1: The Edge of Oblivion" was inspired by Roger Dean's artwork. It was going to be named "YES!" as a tribute to Dean's favourite band, but the name was downvoted by the rest of Hipnotic.
  • The Mjolnir hammer is a reference to the Hammer of Thor.
  • The sound of the Laser Cannon firing closely resembles the firing sound of most blasters from the Star Wars series, especially the Imperial E-11 blaster rifle.
  • On some bookshelves, there is a book with the face on its cover. It looks just like the Necronomicon.

Dissolution of Eternity

  • The monsters who guard the Trial of Fire in "R2M3: Elemental Fury II" on Dissolution of Eternity are named Hephaestus.
  • The Wrath enemy (and, by proxy, the Overlord) is inspired by the Disciple of d'Sparil of Heretic, with a similar appearance, magic attack, levitation, and hazardous explosion when killed.

Dimensions of the Past

  • As mentioned above, the final level of the episode is called "The Year Zero".

Dimensions of the Machine

    Quake II 

In general

  • On the commentary for the Parasite in the manual:
    "The Parasite makes Cujo look like Lassie on Prozac."
  • The Super Shotgun appears to have been inspired by the NeoStead 2000.
  • The Railgun leaves a corkscrewing trail through the air exactly like those in the film Eraser
  • One of the enemies is called Iron Maiden.
  • Another enemy is called Icarus.

Main game

The Reckoning

  • A crashed drop pod in the "Outer Compound" level of The Reckoning is called Rampage, for the biggest game Xatrix Entertainment did up to that pointnote .
  • At the end of the "Industrial Facility" level, at the exit that leads to the "Refinery" level, there's a secret invulnerability which can only be accessed through rocket jumping and will vanish as the player reaches for it with the message "No prize for you Rocketman".
  • Multiplayer level XDM3 is called "Reservoir Stroggs".

Ground Zero

  • The pack introduces an improved version of the Icarus with extra health and a Power Shield called Daedalus.
  • The Tesla item is named after Nikola Tesla.
  • The Mid-Boss is an improved version of the Hornet with the added capability to summon Flyers. Its name? The Carrier.note 
  • Multiplayer map RDM5 is named "Stone Hinge", a pun on landmark Stonehenge.
  • Multiplayer map RDM8 is named "Styx and Stones", a pun combining both River Styx and the idiom "Sticks and stones".
  • Multiplayer map RDM11 is named "Dish It Out", after the "dish it out or take it" idiom.
  • Multiplayer map RDM12 is named "Fall from Grace", after the namesake idiom.
  • Multiplayer-only item Doppelganger creates a stationary decoy like the Holoduke.
  • The Plasma Beam has an M60-like shroud over the barrel, much like the Plasma Rifle in Doom. In function, it's essentially the Thunderbolt from Quake, firing a continuous hitscan beam.

    Quake III Arena 
See also the Mythology Gag page for the Id shout-outs.

In general

Main game

  • The first level from Tier 5, "Lost World", has a section of torn flesh held by metal bars in its ceiling, revealing a fanged mouth. The whole thing resembles the infamous Goatse Shock Site.
  • The second level from Tier 5, "Grim Dungeons", has a statue of Jesus with his crown of thorns.
  • The second level from Tier 6 is called "The Longest Yard".
  • The fourth level from Tier 6, "Apocalypse Void", has Murray in one of the sides of one of the platforms.
  • "Apocalypse Void" also features the Dust Puppy on the underside of the main platform. The egg is also present on "The Bouncy Map". It's absent in Live, though.
  • The final single-player level, "The Very End of You", is named after a line from "We're In This Together" by Nine Inch Nails.

Team Arena

Console ports (Revolution, Arena Arcade...)

  • The map "The House Of Decay" was rechristened as "Blue Monday" in both the Dreamcast version and Live.

Quake Live

  • Domination is present as a gamemode.
  • The achievement for knocking down enemies in Quake Arena Arcade is called "This Is Stroggos!"
  • The description for the map "Gantry" in the campaign of Quake Arena Arcade is [[Aliens "In space, everyone can hear you scream."

    Quake IV 
Any Shout-Out to Quake II is a Continuity Nod.

    Quake Champions 
See also the Mythology Gag page for the Id/Bethesda shout-outs.

  • Anarki has the following taunt:
    "I feel the Need for Speed. Road trip on the cyber-highway!"
  • An update gave Clutch the ability to dodge and dash mid-air.
  • Nyx has the looks of Kula Diamond.
    • Her "Cehma" costume brings up Vela to mind.
  • One of Ranger's Assist voice lines is "I've got no time to bleed".
  • Sorlag's "Sorg Spawn" accessory in the "Vanity" category has her, a lizard, carrying an egg on her back.
  • Visor's "Vanity" accessory "Tentacles" turns him into Brainiac, while the "Iron Mask" and "Scavenger" accessories, also from the "Vanity" category, brings Predator to mind. He also has an armor accessory which basically gives him Bane's Venom Tubes.
  • The award for a frag while on low health is called "Die Hard".
  • There are awards for getting the first frag, for killing 5 enemies without dying, and for a headshot with the Railgun called "First Blood", "Killing Spree" and "Headshot". It took 18 years, though.
  • The Doom II skin for the Super Shotgun has been given the name of the Boomstick.
  • The Quake IV Blaster skin for the starting Machinegun is called Citizen Kane.