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The following is a list of Shout-Out made inside a mecha action game Project Nimbus.

Ace Combat

Armored Core

  • The whole 'humankind moving into the skies' plot is one big reference to Cradle.
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  • All BattleFrames (minus M1 Guardian) can perform quick-boost.
  • The Overbooster used by Andrei's S37 Custom is similar to the Vanguard Over Booster (V.O.B.) used by White Glint in Armored Core: For Answer.
  • During one of the missions, you go up against a pilot by the name of Strayed, who doesn't speak.

Gundam franchise


Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Comatose mission is eerie similar to Third Impact aftermath scene in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • When Hive-class aliens die in alien survival mode, they emit a cross-shaped beam of light.


  • Several BattleFrames are named after real-life fighter jets.
  • The storyline shares many similarities to Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, from shfiting POV, intro to missions right down to the fact that someone is provoking UCN and CFN into waging war against each other using similar methods to "No Russian".
  • "That's no warship. That's a BattleFrame!"
  • Each update during Early Access phase are named after Japanese World War 2 warships, which is likely a nod to KanColle that was popular at the time.
  • The player character in Skull Squadron sections has the call-sign Skull-1.
  • This wouldn't be the first time that an organization named MITHRIL had an advanced warship that launched Mechs into battle.
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  • During the mission in the Pentagon, one the US soldiers say, "Stop acting like that blue cat thing!"

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