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Welcome to the Shout-Out page for Pop Team Epic en Chileno. As if the series itself hadn't enough...

Chilean references:

  • The first you can see as reference is Popuko and Pipimi wearing folklore typical Chilean clothes for "huaso" (male) and "china" (female) characters, respectively.
  • Like the half of the titles between gags are phrases and quotes from Chilean memes and viral videos, just to start.
  • Plan Z, the Chilean Cult Classic TV program from The '90s, is referenced in some gags (like the band aid) as well in the description of some videos. And coming from the same creators a decade later, there're 31 Minutos references in some titles too. And about Chilean Media, Mi Perro Chocolo and Los Pulentos also appear here.
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  • Notable Flash Videos Roberto Manfinfla and the Chilean version of Migraine Boy made in the Turn of the Millennium also appear referenced in some videos. Notably the first gag from the episode 6 is the Roberto Manfinfla version of Hoshiiro Girldrop from anime's first episode.
  • The "Marilyn Monroe" scream is replaced by "Valentina Roth" (a famous but controversial Chilean TV gossip star.) The Girls ReDub replaced it again by "Kenita Larraín" (an even more controversial local TV star, also doubled for the eponymous character of the Chilean version of Meg Bundy from Married... with Children.)
  • Beer gag replaced the slogan of Japanese (M)Asahi for the local Escudo, and the ReDub version (0:48) changed it for the Cristal, another known local beer brand.
  • The "Eisai Haramasukoi" gag replaces this for the Chilean ghetto song "Washa Rica." As with "Marilyn Monroe" scream gag, the Girls ReDub changes it again for the first wave Reggaeton song "Papi Chulo", also considered as a ghetto song.

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