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Shout Out / Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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While there are plenty of nods towards other Pokémon titles, there are some other pop culture references as well.

  • Home Alone gets a nod when Tim first steps into his dad's apartment, and the movie Angels with Filthy Souls is playing.
  • Pikachu asking Tim, "Are you going to turn me into a lampshade?" after looking at his room is refering to serial killer Ed Gein, the inspiration for the movie Psycho.
  • When Psyduck starts to panic, Pikachu starts saying, "Serenity now, serenity now" which is a nod towards Seinfeld.
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  • Pikachu calls Lucy's office "a coffin with pencils" - a pretty apt description of the only setting of one of actor Ryan Reynolds' past films, Buried.
  • During Mr. Mime's interrogation, Mr. Mime sits down on an invisible chair, then very deliberately uncrosses and recrosses his legs, similar to Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Fortunately, Mr. Mime is not anatomically correct.
    • Word of Godinvoked says Se7en was the inspiration for the Mr. Mime interrogation.


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