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  • An inn in Gilded Vale is named "The Black Hound," which was the possible title of Baldur's Gate 3. You can even get the in-game namesake black hound as a pet.
  • A narrator encourages you to gather your party before venturing forth.
  • In Defiance Bay, you come across a child asking you to buy him a knife in exchange for a secret. One of the responses is "You can't have a dagger! You'll poke your eye out!"
  • The Goose and Fox inn is a reference to the gaming forum NeoGAF due to several members pooling enough money to reach the backer award of creating their own inn. Site founder Evilore contributed enough money for his likeness to be in the game as a portrait for creatable characters and is mentioned in-game as "Erol of Levi".
    • Similarly, the Wailing Banshee Inn refers to gaming website GameBanshee and you can find several RPGCodex references and usernames at "Club of Refined and Prestigious Gentlemen" room inside the Salty Mast.
  • In Sacrificial Bloodlines quest, you can shove baby Vela into your stash indefinitely, likely a nod to Throne of Bhaal's inventory baby. Having her in your inventory when you finish the game actually changes the ending narrative!
  • If you sided against Danna in At All Costs, an angry noble will confront you about killing his fiance. One possible response?
  • Much like the Mace of Disruption from Baldur's Gate II, St. Ydwen's Redeemer is a weapon enchanted with a spell that can instantly destroy Vessels upon a successful hit. Very useful when fighting undead, and just as useful when you're battling liches.
  • The "Heritage Hill" ambient track features a snippet that sounds very similar to Samson's Tale.

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