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The Game:

  • Gnawnia is named after Narnia.
  • The Master of the Dojo mouse looks like what you'd get if Super Saiyan Goku wore Akuma's bead necklace and then got turned into a mouse.
  • The Twisted Fiend mouse is based off Gollum/Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings, in terms of appearance, the fish in its hand (which Gollum smacked against a rock), and the description mentioning something about his "precious".
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  • One of the Festive Gifts in 2010 was "an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love." If you use the "Look Again" command, they become diamonds. ("Larry's on a horse."!) Both are references to a famous and eminently quotable commercial for Old Spice.
  • The Egg Painter mouse is based off Mike Hiscott, a MouseHunt artist who drew all the eggs for Spring Egg Hunt 2011..
  • A book in the trap Zurreal's Folly is called "How To Tame Your Dragon. Next to it is another book called "Let The Hunt Begin", a MouseHunt fanfic.
  • The Nibbler and Crown Collector mouse are tributes to the now-defunct "The Nibbler" MouseHunt newsletter and the MouseHunt Century Club respectively.
  • The 2012 Valentine's Day "Forever Alone" mouse, and the S.A.D. Pamphlet it drops, is a nod to the popular "Forever Alone" meme. invoked
  • The description of the Magnet Base is a reference to the "F*cking Magnets, How Do They Work" meme.
    "Besides, even if they did know why they encountered these bases so often, they would never be able to understand how they work."
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  • Some of the Sandtail Desert mice like the Desert Nomad, Grubling Herder and Sand Pilgrim are references to Dune.
  • Part of the description for the Bark Mouse is an obvious reference to Fruit Ninja
    "Quiet and stealthy hunters have managed to catch him slicing dozens of fruits in half in mid-air. Rumour has it that he holds the high score for this particular activity among all his friends."
  • The "Steam-Nine" crafting item is an obvious reference to Ice-Nine from Cat's Cradle, except it turns ice into steam instead of water into Ice-Nine.
  • General Drheller is one to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, what with his taking a level in badass after Icewing tells him "Because you believe not in yourself, believe in me, who believes in you", and wielding a giant drill...
  • The Fifth Birthday Party event is one big Shout-Out. The Force Fighter Five is introduced, which basically consists of Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Speed Racer, Simon, and a Bishonen, all in mouse form.
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  • The Gelatinous Octahedron Mouse is based on the infamous Gelatinous Cube from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The Mutant Ninja mouse along with its backstory is a very obvious reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • One of the mice in the Sunken City is the Dread Pirate Mousert.
  • The Rune Shark Trap is pretty much a shark with a laser attached to its head.
  • The Aged Mouse is described as a super callous fragile mystic, plagued with halitosis.
  • The Magmatic Crystal Thief mouse has the same pose and weapon as Doc Brown in the old west.
  • The RR-8 mouse is a direct homage to BB-8.
  • The Double Black Diamond Racer mouse from the 2015 Great Winter Hunt event contains a reference to the uniforms of Kill la Kill.
  • The Sandmouse from the 2016 Halloween event has a design that references various depictions of the Sandman.
  • The Thunder Strike mouse's description contains multiple references to both AC/DC and their song, Thunderstruck.

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