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Mercenary Kings contains a metric ton of pop culture references, especially in its weapon flavor text


  • The radio conversations are straight from the Metal Gear series, more specifically Metal Gear Solid's "talking heads" Codec chatter.
  • King looks a lot like a gruffer, scruffier version of Metal Slug's Marco, down to the bandanna and backpack. Speaking of Metal Slug, there's also the "Mission Complete!" voiceover and the "Brass Snail" enemies, which even lampshade in their description the reference.
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  • The Pheasant is quite similar to a full-grown bird from Tiny Wings.
  • The Violence Kings come from Robertson's animation Kings of Power: 4 Billion%.
  • One of the ornaments that can be made by the Runway brothers is a pizza, described as "The teenaged turtle's favorite meal. Reunites all food groups!"
  • The Runway Bros. themselves are clearly "creepy psychic twin" Expies of Tim Gunn.
  • T-Bone the cook was a former soldier and has to be rescued in a mission named "Under Siege", after the Steven Seagal film wherein he plays a former Navy SEAL turned cook.
  • One of Empress' color schemes is very similar to Jill Valentine's.
  • One mission is titled "The Hurt Lockers."
  • When the cosmic Violence Kings are defeated they regress into fetuses floating in bubbles, much like the infamous ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Alpha's third tank is a full blown reference to Metal Wolf Chaos, down to the color scheme, the weapons, and how its gun racks open upwards in a circular shape.
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  • The final mission of the game is titled "Live and Let Die".

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