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Shout Out / Magician's Academy

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  • Hapshiel seems like a Shout-Out to Queen.
    • His costume is reminiscent of some weirder costumes Freddy Mercury was wearing.
    • His appearance is accompanied by music very similar to Queen's Flash Gordon theme - compare Hapshiel's theme and Flash
  • Some hilarious ones to Neon Genesis Evangelion in episode 5, and the ending sequence to that same episode was a shout out to the opening theme of The Rose of Versailles. This is truly serious.
  • The opening of episode 4 has a familar leitmotif and more realistic Art Shift.
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  • Balthia is smuggling capsule toys that aquire familiar colors whenever one is being held.
  • The animation of the transit between worlds pays homage to Stargate.
  • Tanarotte's first appearance is accompanied, for reasons unknown, by Nausicaa's song (complete with golden 'corn').
  • The first appearance of the Plasma Mode is basically a big shout out to the final attack in Tales of Vesperia.
  • In episode 4 Sakuma starts striking some very familiar poses.
  • In Episode 6 during the escape sequence we hear a theme that is just one note different from the theme of the Indiana Jones series.
  • Then there is the Final Transformer Galactical Elephangar whose Transformation Sequence that is just one big reference to GaoGaiGar.


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