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Shout Out / Love To Live Live To Love

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This section will contain unmarked spoilers. Be it fanfic or anything else related. You have been warned.

SMT related

Persona General

  • Velvet Room, or anything relating to that.
  • School Emblem is the Tarot Cards face
  • Tarot Cards, anything relating to that.
  • Anything relating to butterflies.
  • Anything relating to Arcana, such as the school.
  • Castle of Bonds, referrers to how bonds are an important part of Persona.

Persona 1

Persona 2

Persona 3

Persona 4

  • Yosuke referencing how you can just "tap" Teddie an he will go down, is a shoutout to that exact option in the game.
  • Ch 3, cross-dressing beauty pageant.
  • Ch 3, anything that involves Chie and Yosuke's fighting, such as her kicking him, or him breaking her DVD.
  • Ch 3, Saki being sick, shout-out to her being "sick" in the game as well.

Persona Trinity Soul

  • The City

Persona The Magician



  • The term "inner-crocodile-masculinity" was coined by Super Jeenius on YouTube and refers to one's courage.
  • Yes, yes– But you would have to be half-mad to dream me up." –– The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland (2010/1)
  • Pig Latin: "Nix on the puns and slang." Haha, Teddie just got scolded for being, well, Teddie. Poor guy.
  • Chapter 3, Baka and Test


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