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Shout Out / Last Child of Krypton

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Shout-outs found in Last Child of Krypton:

  • When Shinji stops Leliel from mind-raping Asuka and faces him, he says a single word:
  • As in many different versions of the Superman mythos, he makes his public debut by rescuing a falling aircraft.
  • And then Shinji tells Asuka the same thing Superman said Lois in the first movie.
  • Asuka is a Greek Amazon. Touji becomes a Green Lantern. Kaji is trained by Batman and Misato later wears Barbara Gordon's costume.
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  • In the end of the original fanfic, Shinji and the entirety of humanity flip Darkseid's famous Breaking Speech from Final Crisis back around on him.
    "Darkseid, hear me! Hear me! When I gaze into your black soul, it is with six billion eyes! When I pass judgment on your evil, it is with three billion hearts! When I raise my hand to oppose your will, it is with three billion fists! When I sing the song of creation, it is with three billion voices! Go back where you belong!"


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