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Shout Out / Infinity Crisis

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  • Constantine mentions that the Devil has left Hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles.
  • Constantine compares the Ancient One to "a prat of a fallen angel I used to know", and also mentions the time he cured himself of cancer by selling his soul to three lords of Hell.
  • When Malekith attacks the Avengers facility, Alex tells him to "head back to Rivendell, asshole".
  • When revealing that the souls of the dead are trapped in the Soul Stone, Loki tells the assembled heroes "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." (although it's unclear if he would know anything about human culture).
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  • Talking with Carol Danvers, Kara mentions a "Captain Marvel" on her world who's male.
  • Kara nonchalantly picks up Mjolnir and passes it to Jane without realizing that she's done anything noteworthy.
  • Secretary Ross makes arrangements for Zemo to be part of "Project Thunderbolts" to act against the Avengers if required.
  • In Gamma Relations, Jennifer Walters makes reference to "claims of teenagers running around with a pet dinosaur".
  • Powers and Marvels:
    • The confrontation between the Power Rangers and the Avengers ends in a similar matter to the confrontation with the Justice League in Justice League/Powers Rangers; where Kimberly was interrogated by Diana in the comic, here she is 'questioned' by Mister Fantastic and the Scarlet Witch.
    • The Power Rangers Earth is named Earth-1993 after the year the franchise made its debut.
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    • When the Rangers use an Iron Zord to fight Foom in Beijing, She-Hulk and Spider-Man both make a reference to "Joel, Mike and the Bots" watching.
  • Tomorrow's Guardians;
    • One of the Legends' past cases since the main storyline ended is referenced as having involved werewolves attacking Queen Victoria, and Peter Quill observes that he hates dinosaurs ever since a bad museum trip as a child. He also mentions how "we could have landed in the Old West".
    • Later on, Sara asks Snart not to tell "another prison break story".
    • When Gordon Malloy of the Orville compares the Kaylon attack to a new interpretation of Battlestar Galactica, Ray expresses his disbelief that they still know about that show this far into the future, and expresses similar incredulity when Gordon compares Isaac fighting with them to "the reprogrammed Arnold" from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
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    • When Mantis shows awareness of serious trouble on Moclus, it evokes images of Obi-Wan Kenobi sensing the destruction of Alderaan.
  • In In Hand and Foot, Jessica Jones gets exasperated at the bizarre creatures from the Turtles' Earth and snaps "what's next, a samurai rabbit?"
  • In Distant Cousins, Carol mentions a recent bad date she had with someone called Marcus, a reference to the controversial storyline in Avengers where she was essentially raped by the Scarlet Centurion.
    • In the same story, Carol is upset to learn that Cat Grant's nickname for her is Power Girl with Kara explaining there's already a Captain Marvel on this Earth and "it's a whole legal thing" referring to the infamous decades-long battle between DC and Marvel over the "Captain Marvel" name.
  • Sins, Sirens and Strife;
    • Ibac warns the other villains about letting Amora call all the shots, comparing her to Neve Campbell in Wild Things.
    • Hearing some of the tales about what happened to the expedition members who opened a particular tomb, characters observe that they've seen enough Indiana Jones to recognise a curse.
    • Characters observe that Sherlock Holmes' philosophy of "eliminating the impossible" is still a good approach, but it's harder to be sure what's actually impossible in a world with superhumans and magic.
  • Counterpart Conferences;
  • In Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans, Michael Moorcock is mentioned a couple of times. Appropriate as a multiverse is a regular theme of his work, and Infinity Crisis is about a group of heroes from various alternate realities working together.
    Tana Moon: I read 'The Final Programme'' once in college, alright?
  • In Tales of the Beyond, Jimmy Neutron mentions Blake's 7 by name, and the ship he designed is called the Silverwing (made more obvious by Carl mentioning bats shortly after the name is revealed).
    • Also in Tales of the Beyond, Black Cat (of Earth-92131) quotes Wyldstyle, which is lampshaded.
    Black Cat: Come with me if you want to not die.
    Terri Lee: ...did she seriously just quote The Lego Movie?
  • An Adventure of a Multiversal Crisis:
  • In Salvation Run, Nora's words suggest that Kyle Rayner is a Green Lantern in her future, and a billionaire named Ted Kord is another captive of the Skrulls.
  • The New Kids in Townsville:
  • In Brothers of Thunder, Skurge's final stand is an explicit reference to his death in Walt Simonson's Thor series.


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