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Shout Out / Hunting the Unicorn

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The Shout-Out page for Hunting the Unicorn. Seeing as it's a Glee fanfic, lots of things are referenced.

  • The banner uses parts of "The Hunt of the Unicorn."
  • The shout-outs to Team StarKid and Harry Potter.
  • Blaine is half-Filipino, his eyes are tawny like Molly Grue's, and he twists his hands like Lir.
  • Kurt has a bad dream and tells Blaine, then asks him to sing to distract him from it. This is the turning point in Lir and Amalthea's relationship.
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  • Blaine's dreams are based off of the novel. In-universe, they're considered as weird as actual dreams.
  • "No power in the universe can stop us," "brain-pan," and the author uses "gorram" once. In "The Men-At-Arms" is the quote "He understands—he doesn't comprehend." And in The Red Bull, Blaine's taken to a hospital called "Blue Sun."
    • Simon Tam is Blaine's ER doctor.
  • Nick's last name is Grayson. His name is Nick Grayson. Lampshaded in The Butterfly.
    • Rossi and the Blue Sun staff also call him Nightwing.
  • The Warblers need a countertenor for most RENT songs, so they'll have to settle for Spring Awakening.
  • Tom and Jerry are Code Names for the dean and Greg.
  • Nick has a cousin called Sarah (not the same as Blaine's therapist), and her fiance is a British guy called Jareth. The BAU knows Jareth as the Erlking.
  • In Robin Hood, Nick mistakes Riker Lynch for Jeff.
    “Did you take some estrogen pills this morning?” Nick asks. “Because you're so pretty it's no wonder you were in that suicide porn movie.”
    "Nick, Suicide Girls is the softcore website," Jeff explains. "Suicide Dolls is an okay movie about girls trying to kill themselves. Besides, that was Riker Lynch and he had, like, two scenes."
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  • Nick's therapist is Sansa Stark. Who is technically Sansa Tyrell, and her marital status is news to everyone she knows.

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